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Review: PRETTY LITTLE LIARS Season 7 Episode 13

PLL posterEpisode Name: Hold Your Piece
Director:  Marta Cunningham
Writer: Bryan M. Holdman
Producer: I. Marlene King
Running time: 42 min
Release Date: 02/05/2017
Genre: Mystery, Drama & Crime
Star (Rating System)-1Star (Rating System)-1Star (Rating System)-1Star (Rating System)-1
Hanna is sure Jenna is to blame for a recent professional setback and is forced to bring Caleb up to speed on current events. Aria and Emily team up to investigate Sydney for more information about Jenna and her connection to A.D. Spencer grows closer to Detective Furey, while Aria struggles with her current situation with Ezra. Hanna’s turn at the game is more intense than she bargained for and leads to shocking consequences.
This episode was quite enjoyable. We’re inching, slowly but surely, to the BIG reveal in the series finale, which is under 2 months away. Can you believe it? I can’t. We learn that Sydney really has been helping Jenna and the Liars suspect she might’ve shot Spencer. This is possible, but when have things ever been this straight-forward on PLL? Yvonne also wakes up, and she and Toby have the smallest yet very cute hospital wedding. Unfortunately, she doesn’t stay long, because she unexpectedly dies. I’m a big Spoby shipper, but I can’t decide whether it’s right that they now have a chance considering the circumstances. And it was so sweet when Spencer comforted Toby after Yvonne’s death.  I also like Detective Furey a little more now. He was so nice to Spencer (but I don’t agree with that kiss). Nicole shows up to see Aria? I wonder what she wants to say. I’ll have to wait and see. I felt really bad for Hanna in this episode. She almost had her shot at a  job she has a talent for, but sadly had to leave. And for a few seconds, I almost thought that beloved Caleb was going to die, but luckily he survived. I would’ve not been satisfied if he was no longer on the show, would you? Leave a comment. I’m also really liking hacker Aria, as I felt she had a really suiting use in the episode.
Overall, I am very satisfied with this episode, and am looking forward to next week’s one. The episode was balanced with the information it gave and the more questions it brought up.
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