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Review: PRETTY LITTLE LIARS Season 7 Episode 17

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Episode Name:
Driving Miss Crazy
Director: Oliver Goldstick
Writer: Francesca Rollins & Oliver Goldstick
Producer: I. Marlene King
Running time: 42 min
Release Date: 06/06/2017
Genre: Mystery, Drama & Crime
Star (Rating System)-1Star (Rating System)-1Star (Rating System)-1Star (Rating System)-1Half-Star (Rating System)-1

With Mona making inroads in the game, Emily reluctantly teams up with her to investigate. Ashley returns to Rosewood to check on Hanna after learning some frightening information and asks Caleb what his intentions are with her daughter. Meanwhile, Spencer’s family reels from A.D.’s latest taunt, leaving Spencer more confused than ever about who to trust. Ezra notices Aria’s change in attitude and fears he may have lost her; and A.D.’s machinations cause Aria to have a terrifying
This episode really was impressive. I was entertained throughout the entire episode and was sitting on the edge of my “seat” wondering what was going to happen and shocked when I found out. Twitter had also been giving us glimpses of what was going to happen, which made me very excited to find out if my theories were correct.
The episode started off with a dancing class. Aria was very nervous and uncomfortable and Ezra was trying to make an effort. It wasn’t working and Aria’s mind was too busy being distracted by the plans of A.D. since she joined the team.  Aria then gets video-called by A.D. and is being blackmailed (as usual) into ruining Spencer’s family. She does what is asked and delivers a voice message of Mary Drake talking to Peter (Spencer’s father). I mean Aria didn’t do much since the secret would have been revealed at some point anyway, but she’s still being insensitive.
Furey then comes knocking on Hanna’s door and suspects Caleb and her as new suspects for the Rollin’s case. The two look very guilty but are trying to hide that they didn’t destroy any evidence. This whole disaster brings Hanna’s mother to town and she believes that Hanna is a big part of the case. Which she is. But that doesn’t mean we want her arrested.
The Liars then finally decide they could use Mona’s help. She finds out which doctor performed Alison’s baby operation, alongside Emily. Mary Drake also appears in the episode and says her farewell to Spencer, after asking if she’d like to go with her to some other place besides Rosewood, to which Spencer refuses. With Furey on her back and her friends that need her, Spencer wouldn’t leave, which I was hoping she wouldn’t.
The Hastings also were packing to leave Rosewood, but Veronica cancels when she hears the recording of Mary Drake, that Aria dropped off. Peter does not think there is anything at all  he has done wrong by wanting at “getting rid” of Mary Drake or Jessica.
Throughout the episode we see Aria very anxious because she wants nobody to notice that she is working for A.D. so we get a musical number of her seeing her wedding in prison, to which Mona is lead singer. I had been wondering who was going to be doing the singing. To be honest I’d expected more but it was still fun to watch.
Then finally we get the long awaited engagement of Hanna and Caleb. Caleb says a really sweet speech to Hanna’s mother about why he is with Hanna and then proposes, and Hanna immediately says yes. We then see them in the tent, which holds a significance to S2 of their first time. I really enjoyed this scene because I’ve always liked to two of them together.
Overall this episode was adorable and was full of surprises. What did you think of it? I had a great time watching it and really enjoyed it, especially the engagement.
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