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Review: SHADOWHUNTERS Season 2 Episode 12

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Episode Name: You Are Not Your Own
Director: Billie Woodruff
Writer: Jamie Gorenberg
Running time: 43 min
Release Date: 12/06/2017
Genre: Fantasy
Star (Rating System)-1Star (Rating System)-1Star (Rating System)-1Star (Rating System)-1Half-Star (Rating System)-1
As Valentine and Magnus try to escape the prison, Jace deals with a new identity, and the Shadowhunters face a possible uprising of the Downworld.

This episode was great. It was executed so well and was so well done. The acting was great and the plot was interesting, and overall  I was really impressed.
The episode starts with Climon. I saw this scene in the promo and was hoping it wouldn’t happen, but unfortunately, it did. Clary and Simon took it to THAT level, which will make it awkward once they break up in the future, to allow her to be with Jace. Clary is also meant to lose it to Jace in CoHF, but now that’s ruined. Did not like this scene, at all.
Another big part of the episode is Sebastian. He’s acting like the good guy and Will Tudor is doing a great job. Sebastian was looking trustworthy and reliable. He says some great lines that are hinting at his character from the books (I won’t spoil you). Sebastian was invited to the Institute by Izzy and has been helping the gang defeat Azazel, and neither Clary nor Izzy suspects him to have any other motives. Although Jace and Alec don’t completely believe him.
Speaking of Alec, he has no idea what to believe about this body-switch between Valentine and Magnus (can this even happen?). Although I’ve never heard of the situation, I quite enjoyed watching it. Alan van Sprang was so amazing whilst playing Magnus. His Magnus-like hand movements were perfect and his crying was the cherry-on-top. Alan and Harry Shum Jr. did a great job with all of those scenes.
So, we find out who Jace’s real parents are in this episode: the Herondales. The way it played out was a little bit of a letdown. It didn’t quite add up, in my opinion. But it was about time we knew, and the scene between Imogen and him was sweet. Plus, Jace has some wicked fighting moves, which I’m impressed with.
The other thing I really liked was Kat’s performance when Sebastian was trying to help with getting her rune powers back. She did a really good job portraying what Clary was going through, in that scene. And then we are shown the real Sebastian, later on when he asks Clary out (again, I won’t spoil the books for you).
I really loved this episode. I gave it 4 and a half stars because some of the stuff was just really random and didn’t add up, like the body-switch, even though I did enjoy watching those scenes. Plus, the Climon scene put me off. The episode was really good and I was very much entertained. What did you think?
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