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Review: SHADOWHUNTERS Season 2 Episode 13

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Episode Name: Those of Demon Blood
Director: Michael Goi
Writer: Zac Hug
Running time: 43 min
Release Date: 19/06/2017
Genre: Fantasy
Star (Rating System)-1Star (Rating System)-1Star (Rating System)-1
After several Shadowhunters are killed, the Institute takes controversial methods to avoid a revolt of the Downworlds.
I don’t exactly know how to explain my feelings on this episode. The episode felt strange to me, but I still enjoyed watching it. Know what I mean? The things that happened in the episode are not in the books, so it felt odd, but it was still well done. They did a good job with the episode, but seeing as I’ve read the books, it felt out of place.
The start of the episode was funny. Round of applause to Alberto who plays Simon (next week’s promo trailer has some really good lines from him, which Iim going LOVE watching). And I take back the thing I said last week, because it seems more than likely that the talk between Luke and Simon, denies what I thought happened (unless Simon was just saying that, but he was acting like his usual awkward self so I don’t think he was lying).
So, Inquisitor Imogen has got to leave for Idris and has put her grandson, Jace, in charge. This bit didn’t sit well with me because she hasn’t known him for that long (even if we know he’s trustworthy) and a leader shouldn’t make decisions based on their own personal faith. Jace also doesn’t have much experience with leadership, in the show (I would be fine if it happened at this time in the books, but he doesn’t have any proper leading skills in the show because there are so many shadowhunters working at the Institute anyway). He eventually gets ahead of himself, which I feel happens a lot in YA, when characters make poor decisions when given too many privileges. He starts not thinking like he usually would and “follows the rules” which is unlike the Jace we know, who does what he wants when he wants. I personally didn’t mind this part of the episode, but as I said, it happens way too often in YA.
Now, I really thought that Sebastian and Valentine would be behind the killings, but they weren’t and the reveal of Jace’s kind of ex was disappointing. The scene where Clary kills Kaelie, I feel she shouldn’t have done, even if Kaelie was dangerous, because this act could anger the Downworld. So, didn’t like that part. I was also really scared that Max was going to die, back when I thought that Sebastian was behind the killings (but he wasn’t even in this episode at all?). Izzy and Raphael had some good scenes, working together, which I liked
But the final scene, which I totally do not think they should have included, and only realised after I watched it, was the ending “hook-up” scene, between Jace and Maia. Now, there is a hot (and iconic) Clace scene in the alleyway in CoFA, which is now ruined. I actually love that book kiss and do not like that they’ve ruined it with Maia (who in my opinion is very annoying in the show). I don’t mind the actual hook-up but would’ve preferred it not in an alley. But, I am hopeful for the Clace scene in Seelie Court next week that they seem to be showing in the promo.
Anyway, the episode was well done, but a lot of book content was ruined, which is why I rated it as I did. What are your thoughts?
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