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A.D. Theories #PLLEndGame

The final episode of Pretty Little Liars is going to air in under 8 hours, and it’s strange to think that tomorrow they’ll be no more to watch and wonder about. I’m sad and excited at the same time for that. This show was the first show I was truly interested in and I can’t wait to see how it’s going to end. So, I thought I’d name a few A.D. fan theories (and one of my own that I don’t see often on the internet) that I think are possible. Let me know which of these theories you think is A.D.
A very common theory is the twin theory, which is that one of the main characters has a secret twin and that the twin has been either working for or is A.D. The most popular is the Twincer theory. People believe that Spencer has a twin. Spencer has been acting weird lately, with Wren at the airport and with Toby in the cabin. This theory is something that definitely could happen, seeing as this is PLL. I wouldn’t mind this happening, but everyone is suspecting this so I hope the show doesn’t go in this direction. Another theory is that Bethany is Spencer’s twin and she is not dead, because of a few reasons. Bethany was close to Charlotte when they were in Radley and if she is Mary Drake’s daughter that would mean Bethany and Charlotte would be sisters. I think this would be a cool twist because it is a known character and not a random twin who we don’t know anything about. Another cool theory is that Aria has a twin. People believe that the twin was in Radley and Eddie Lamb must have recognised Aria because he had seen her twin. Aria was also spotted in New Hampshire when the other Liars were getting arrested and Aria was never actually there, so who was it? The last twin theory is about Toby. The name Chris Cavanaugh (connecting to CeCe somehow??) was found on a registry at the blind school Jenna went to. It can’t be a coincidence that someone with the same last name as Toby was found on the show. But it could also be another family member like a father or cousin. All these theories could also be someone else masked to look like characters we think have twins, because Marlene did say there’d be a mask.
There is another theory that not many people don’t want to be true, which is that Melissa is A.D. She definitely has a sketchy past and we all know she’s an intelligent person. Melissa’s reappearance was when the Liars started hearing from A.D. Plus Melissa and Charlotte were seen talking in a flashback the day Ali went missing. I also think Lucas has a motive to be A.D. He creates games and was a close friend of Charlotte (Charles at the time) when they were young. Seeing as we know these characters they might be easier to look back at, instead of a person who we don’t know anything about (except Bethany who we do know).
I think that Nicole Gordan could be A.D. She randomly pops back into Rosewood and A.D. protected Aria. Nicole could have done to not hurt Ezra’s feelings. But my theory does have a few holes, so….
I am super excited for PLL tomorrow and hope you like my choice of theories. It’s hard to choose my final guess, although I do like the Bethany theory. We’ll have to wait and see. I will be doing a review of the finale, so stay tuned for that. If you want to you can tweet me some of your reactions when you watch the upcoming episode. Have a great day and you better prepare yourselves for the what we’re are very soon going to see.
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