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The Biannual Bibliothon has ended. I don’t know why I didn’t post any of these, but I really wanted to do the challenges, so here they are:


I have done this one already so click the link: BLOGGER BOOK TAG – BIBIB JULY 2017


I recently read Geekerella by Ashley Poston so I’ll give you a spoiler-free thoughts now and a full post on ALL my thoughts soon.
I really liked this book. I gave it 4 stars. I loved the fairy-tale aspect and it was really entertaining. The dialogue was funny and I really enjoyed reading it. There are a few things that didn’t sit well but I will talk more about those in my spoiler review. I definitely recommend this book if you like cute romance and fairy-tale retellings.


City of Lost Souls – Sebastian Morgenstern
We are bound. My mother has granted me my wish. Jace now obeys me. It’s almost all I’ve ever wanted. We still need Clary. Without her, my life means nothing, she is my family. We are the only Morgensterns left. And once I stand with my family, I must do what I came for. I will rule. No-one can stand in my way. I will be unstoppable. They shall all get what they deserve. I will win. They shall see.


  • Oblivion by Jennifer L. Armentrout. I gave this book 3 – 3.5 stars. I actually really like the concept and plot of the book but I didn’t like some of the romance and dialogue. I felt the book sometimes dragged a lot. But I do plan on continuing with the series. I finished book #2 a few months ago.
  • Another book is Isla and the Happily Ever After by Stephanie Perkins. I love this series, and I actually really loved reading this book. I did not like the dialogue some of the time and I wasn’t in LOVE with the relationship in this book (but I still liked it) which is why I rated it as I did (3 – 3.5 stars). My favourite part of the book was seeing our other characters and getting a happy ending.


I’ve thought long and hard about this. And I’m pretty sure out of all the books I’ve read that Lara Jean (from the To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before trilogy by Jenny Han) is a character I really relate to. She likes to read and bake and so do I. But I also prefer playing it safe and keeping to my comfort zone. I would write down my all feelings if I had such a big crush on a boy. I’d try to protect my heart from being hurt but I’d struggle because I get really close to people I like and want to be friends with. I think that Lara Jean and I have more in common than I thought we did. As for the thing I’d change if I was in her situation, well, I would think to myself that people do hide their feelings and I don’t always know what they feel.


  1.  I don’t live very near to a bookstore so I like to add loads of books to my wish list and purchase most of them at once
  2. I buy too many books and now have a very long TBR
  3. When I love a book, I bring it everywhere even if I don’t land up reading it where ever I take it to
  4. My YouTube “recommended” is basically all filled up with bookish videos
  5. I was inspired to start my blog because of booktubers and bloggers I liked
  6. My favourite YA genres are fantasy (urban fantasy and high fantasy) and contemporary
  7. I like going to our local library to recommend books they should get
  8. I am very pleased when I see books at a discounted price that I want to read
  9. I spend a lot of time talking to myself whilst reading the book
  10. I generally like to binge book series and like having all of them before I start reading
  11. Twilight and The Hunger Games are the books that introduced me to the YA genre
  12. I like pretty book covers and their spines
  13. I usually ship the relationship the author intends us to ship
  14. I am a Gryffindor but I see traits in myself that the other houses represent
  15. I like taking online bookish quizzes
  16. I don’t like giving out books because people generally take too long to read them or they get damaged
  17. I’m disappointed and upset when I recommend a book and someone doesn’t love it as much as I did
  18. I love all of Cassandra Clare’s work
  19. I usually only cry in books when I get attached to certain characters
  20. Percy, Annabeth, Leo and their friends always make me laugh
  21. I want to be a filmmaker when I grow up and my dream is to create book-to-movie/tv adaptations
  22. I hope to someday write a book, I’m just don’t yet know what about
  23. The first book series I ever loved when I was about 11 was The Famous Five and The Secret Seven by Enid Blyton
  24. I have a blonde stripe in my hair that was inspired by Anna Oliphant because I wanted to stand out and be different
  25. I’m still waiting for 1. my Hogwarts Letter, 2. to stumble upon Pandemonium and meet the Shadowhunters and 3. to find Camp Half-Blood


Dear Ron,
Ron Weasley, despite you being a brother of many, you’re still wonderful. You befriended Harry Potter. You stand up for Hermione when she needed it most. You made us smile when we needed it most. You’re good at wizard’s chess. You’re always trying your best to be helpful. When you’re jealous, you tend to take a while to get over it, but when you do, we know you’re back to normal. You can’t help but want attention and you’re friends don’t always see that, but they eventually do. And even though you’re an idiot sometimes, thank you for being such a great friend.
From one of your many admirers,
P.S. thank you for being as funny and all-in-all as great as you are
That was long. I hope you had a snack. I really loved writing these fun challenges. Some of them were harder than expected but I had a great time. I hope you had an awesome week full of reading!
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