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Has anyone else noticed that there are now so many books that are being created into tv shows? And how many tv shows are based on historical events? I’ve seen it a lot recently and thought it would be great to share with you and gain other’s thoughts.
There are so many books, especially book series, that are now popular tv shows, a well-known one being Game of Thrones. I’ve heard phenomenal things about this tv shows and it has such a huge fanbase. And the show brings awareness to that time of the world it is set in. An important part of human history. And isn’t clever how people bring attention to that part of our history. In my opinion, I think it’s great that there are now so many tv shows based on such important parts of the past.
Netflix now has a big chunk of historical tv shows to watch. The Crown, Reign, Vikings. These events are so important to many parts of history, and it’s awesome that they’ve found a way to tell these stories and targeted it in such a way that will attract viewers to learn this important information. Thousands and thousands of people across the world watch all sorts of TV and now they can learn history at the same time.
History is so important and there are so many who aren’t interested in learning it because they may find it boring and unentertaining. Now, TV can be fascinating and you find yourself wanting to learn more of the world’s rich stories. And there are so many to tell. And TV shows aren’t the only source of entertainment where one can learn history. Historical fiction novels based off real historical events are becoming more and more popular and captivating.
I personally find it awesome that there is so much history to learn in so many different places. It’s such an interesting topic and I’m so glad that we have all these opportunities to gain knowledge of the past. What are your thoughts on tv and even films being based off history? Do you like watching them? Let me know any of your thoughts in the comments below!
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  • amynikitawords

    Really great post, Ruby 🙂 I’m kinda torn on this topic; I feel like historical shows vary so much because it’s hard for some of them to be accurate, and they kind of have more pressure on them to be classy and very well done. Historical shows have a harder time of it, I think. Maybe cos people expect certian things from them, I don’t know.
    I watched The Crown a while back and was so disappointed 🙁 It wasn’t historically accurate, and overall it just didn’t wow me.

    • ruby-rae-reads

      Thank you! You see I never actually watched any of the shows so I wouldn’t know. I just thought it was clever to create the content knowing people would be somewhat entertained. Yet it is quite true what you say that they’re not always accurate probably to makes it more dramatic?

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