Where have I been you say? Writing exams *sighs*. Sorry I haven’t been so active, but today let’s all gush over our favourite ships.

  1. My all time favourite and the first I ever really loved is Clace (Clary + Jace from The Mortal Instruments). Jace is bae and I was just living this ship. I still do love it and always enjoy seeing them in other Shadowhunter books.
  2. Now, before Clace (and that kind of romance) I loved Percabeth (Percy + Annabeth from Percy Jackson books). Percy was (and still is) hilarious. I will go down with this ship. They were just so cute and I love them dearly.
  3. Any other Anna and Etienne shippers? (Do they even have a ship name??)  I loved them from the start. Anna & The French Kiss is my all time favourite contemporary. I just love them so much.
  4. From the early days of YA and most probably also say this: Edward and Bella (again, no ship name?) from Twilight. I’m sure we’ve all been there. I thought they were perfect for each other.
  5. I think their ship name is Everlark (Katniss + Peeta from The Hunger Games). Again, I was in love with Peeta and obviously wanted what was best for him. Katniss is badass, so why not?
  6. Back when I was reading Divergent, Tris and Four were some faves. Although I don’t love the books as much now as I used to, they were a big reason as to why I was reading them at the time.
  7. Now, we can’t have a favourite ships post without mentioning Romione (Ron + Hermione from Harry Potter). Look, I love Hinny (Harry + Ginny), but I don’t consider them an all time favourite (it’s hard to explain). I honestly enjoyed Ron and Hermione’s relationship and I adore Ron (even though he’s kind of an idiot sometimes *cough* Yule ball and horcrux *cough*), I really loved them.
  8. Herongraystairs (Will + Tessa + Jem from The Infernal Devices) forevvveerrrr because I cannot choose. Will is bae and funny. Jem is bae and adorable. They’re both my precious lovelies. Don’t make me choose!
  9. Peter and Lara Jean from To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before are adorable. I highly recommend these books and once you’re done you can check out my series review – click here.
  10. A new favourite is Wallace and Eliza from Eliza & Her Monsters. I adored them. I also have a review of this book, click here


  1.  My favourite tv show ship EVER is Mondler (Monica + Chandler from Friends). That is their ship name, right? Anyways, I love them to pieces. Chandler is bae and I adore him. If you haven’t watched this show yet I do not know what you’ve been doing with your life.
  2. I feel like I haven’t talked about Pretty Little Liars for a while now (I reviewed most of the final season if you’d like to check them, go ahead), but Spoby is my favourite and I also love Haleb.
  3. A new favourite is Anne and Gilbert from Anne With An E (which is a Netflix series adaptation of Anne of Green Gables). I loved Anne’s personality and Gilbert is both gorgeous and sweet, so what more could you want? Just go and watch the show, you won’t regret it.
  4. I love Chair (Chuck + Blair from Gossip Girl), they’re meant to be and I ship them hard.
  5. I also love me some Bughead (Betty + Jughead from Riverdale) but I wouldn’t consider it an all time fave just because I haven’t been shipping them for long enough, but I still really enjoy them,
  6. I cannot not talk about Gallavich (Ian + Mickey from Shameless U.S.). I will go down with this ship and I highly recommend this show if you don’t mind explicit content.
  7. UPDATE FROM FUTURE ME: Mileven (Mike + Eleven from Stranger Things) is your new favourite ship. I started watching this show a few days after posting this and I am now in love. This show man! It’s so good. These little actors are amazing and I ship Mileven hard.

Now, I actually cannot think of any more in particular but please let me know if you ship any of  the couples I’ve mentioned and also are there any other ships you love that I haven’t talked about? I’m excited to see your ships.
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