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Gilmore Girls // thoughts & tags

So I, uh, finished Gilmore Girls and have a LOT of feelings. So what better excuse is it to do a tag?! But before I get into the questions, I’m going to a kind of review, I mean why not? I have a LOT of feelings and I don’t know what to do with them. Hence this post
General thoughts Review graphics

  • Lorelai and Luke are my fave
  • I love Lorelai’s wit omg
  • The story and plot are superb and I love it
  • The pop culture references and knowledge you get from this show is GREAT
  • I really love that Rory is a reader #relateable
  • All the characters are so unique
  • The coffee appreciation is SO BIG
  • I love the score!!
  • It’s such an enjoyable and fun binge
  • This show man, it plays with your emotions



So there are two tags I found and thought why not do both?! I don’t know the creators of these tags, nor was I tagged to do either but I’m going to do it anyway.
If you’re a fellow Gilmore Girls fan and would like to do these tags feel free to do so and say I tagged you.

1. Lorelai: A character with a witty or sarcastic sense of humor

Percy Jackson!!

2. Rory: Favorite classic

Anne of Green Gables

3. Luke: A book you secretly love, but are afraid to admit

Hmmm don’t really have on

4. Lane: A musical character

Jem Carstairs (also I honestly can’t think of another)

5. Dean: Your first book love (character or book you first loved)


6. Sookie: A book you’ve devoured

Six of Crows

7. Jess: A book you love, that gets the most hate

What else could I get but Twilight?! Although I don’t LOVE it as much as I used to.

8. Miss Patty: A book that was ruined by the hype

Wonder Woman Warbringer

9. Emily Gilmore: An expensive book

Harry Potter illustrated editions

10. Paris: An uptight character

I’m currently rereading City of Bones and I must say Alec is a little uptight…
Onto the second tag:

1. I JUST GOT HIT BY A DEER – character having the worst day ever

2. STARS HOLLOW – wildly eccentric cast

The Raven Boys is so whimsical and argghh I love it so much

3. COFFEE – a book you’re addicted to

I’m obsessed with Percy Jackson okay! I haven’t read them in a while actually but they’re SO GOOD

4. SOMEONE DEVIL EGGED BY CAR?! – great act of revenge

Kaz is literally a genius

5. MR. MEDINA – an illicit affair

Julian and Emma!!!!

6. KIM’S ANTIQUES – a world you’d be afraid to enter

I’m not afraid really just that its high fantasy: Throne of Glass

7. HARVARD VS. YALE – character who needs to make a life-changing decision

I’m not sure??

8. LUKE’S DINER – a comfort read

Anna & The French Kiss

9. AM I CRYING OR LAUGHING? – a book that messed with your emotions

Six of Crows!!

10. EMILY – the HBIC (Head Bitch in Charge)

I haven’t read them yet but I have watched the show but Daenrys Targaryen? I’m not sure actually??

11. LORELAI AND RORY – favorite family dynamic

The Blackthorne family is AWESOME

12. I PUSHED HIM IN THE LAKE! – a book you’d throw in a lake

Diary of a Wimpy Kid because I honestly don’t like those books… too immature for me

13. 1000 YELLOW DAISIES – favorite romance

Clace! And Bluesey! And how many can you make me choose?!!

14. JESS – an unpopular opinion

Hmm I guess I don’t really like sci-fi? Is that unpopular? I don’t know?

15. FIRST SNOW – snowy or holiday read

Harry Potter

16. HEP ALIEN – book centered around music

I honestly haven’t read a book centered around music (yet!!)

17. HE’D BETTER HAVE A MOTORCYCLE! – your book crush

Eliza & Her Monsters

18. IT’S REPETITIVE AND REDUNDANT – a book that could have been shorter

The One Memory Of Flora Banks

19. KIRK – the weirdest book you’ve ever read

Haven’t read one yet

20. IT’S A LIFESTYLE. IT’S A RELIGION – that one book that means more to you than any other

I’m going to a cliché and say Harry Potter
If you haven’t seen Gilmore Girls yet you definitely need to. It’s such a fun drama with that extra twist and it’s like early 2000’s which is so fun to watch. Plus there IS SO MUCH BOOK-LOVER APPRECIATION which is cool. It’s just so good!!


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