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FLIPPED: new fave movie // original tag, review + excited emotions

So as you can see this is my new favourite movie. I indeed did watch it twice in the span of 3 days and also would be my 3rd rewatch. So like if you haven’t seen this yet, now you know that you NEED to. We’ll get into why in a bit but like GO AND WATCH THIS MOVIE!!!!

Okay I’m done screaming (probably not). Brace yourselves, prepare yourselves and ready your laptop/phone/tablet whatever you can watch this movie on.



  1. well I told you to
  2. It’s adorable
  3. the story is relatable
  4. did i mention it’s adorable
  5. it’s told in such a unique way
  6. Juli is me
  7. I love it? is that enough of a reason??

okay so now that’s out of the way, i wanna tell you more
Story and plot Review graphics
I haven’t really told you what it’s about (do I really need to though?) but for those of you who don’t trust my opion, here’s a synopsis:
When they meet in second grade, Juli Baker falls instantly in love with her neighbor, Bryce Loski. Bryce, however, does not feel the spark. From that day forward, he  tries hard to keep brash and unpredictable Juli  at bay. After six years, she begins to feel that she was wrong about him being the love of her life. Unfortunately, that is just about the time that Bryce begins to think he was wrong about Juli, too.
And here’s the trailer

This movie is just so entertaining. Obviously otherwise why would I watch it twice in one week?? Also, it is based on a book and I can safely say that after I skim read it that it is a very good adaptation so if you want then you can read it too. It’s supeerr short so… This movie is frickking adorable and relatebale and makes you smile all over. Yes even you heartless monsters out there. It’s just so amazing and beautiful and I can’t even.
Character review graphics-2

  • Twins: I related so much to the music part. I sing?? Like a little and I liked hearing about recording and all that jazz
  • Mr Loski: he’s a horrible father and i honestly hate him
  • Chet: I loved his character. he’s such an important character for the story
  • Bryce: do not fret if he’s annoying at the start. Hold you horses because he’s the sweetest. My sweet and inexperinced child just needed to see the right path. He’s generally just the sweetest muffin and deserved what he got but also I want to give all the hugs

  • Juli: she slays everyone and I relate so much. Doesn’t fit in is quirky. Like she’s awesome and such an awesome character. Her entire family is great and there’s also some mental illness representation which is always great. Omg she’s amazing WATCH THE MOVIE

Spoilers ahead blog graphic-1
Bryce’s father is literally the most horrible person alive. He’s so mean!!
I really loved the family dynamic between Juli’s family. They’re so supportive and I love it. The brother’s music career is very inspiring to me and I just love how they all encourage each other
I also really loved what Chet did for Juli and what he saw in her. And then showed Bryce what he saw. Honestly this entire story is not only beautiful but heartwarming
So Bryce is a idiot in the beginning. Like throwing away the eggs and dating that other random girl whose name I forget (which is obviously a sign that he actually liked her #typicalboymove). The ending scene was adorable. (yes I was so obsessed that I needed more and even read fanfic, if you wanted to know). As I said, he deserved what he fot. I wanted to punch the dumbass at the beginning but he gets over himself… stupid adorbale little idiot.
Juli is literally awesome. She loves and pretects trees. She’s determined and headstrong. Eventually makes up her mind and becomes independant. She’s everything I wanted to be at that age. She literally slays everyone and I love her?



I couldn’t find a tag so I just made one… ahahah yes I am that obsessed. Do it if you want and go and watch the movie so you can.

1) What’s a book that you disliked but now love?

This may sound weird but I was scared I’d hate Throne of Glass. I wasn’t getting into it but landed up enjoying so much more than I thought
floral decoration 13

2) What’s a book you thought was amazing but then had second thoughts?

For a hot second, about 2 years ago, I questioned my love of Harry Potter but then I came to my sense. A sad and tragic story, I know.
floral decoration 13

3) Who’s your favourite quirky character?

Blue Sargent, of course!
floral decoration 13

4) Who’s your favourite conflicted character?

I love Kaz Brekkar but I aso feel Ron Weasley is very conflicted
floral decoration 13

5) A character you’d like to have a picnic with?

Can I eat Liam Stewart please? Because I love him and he’s a complete sweetheart!!
floral decoration 13

6) Idiot friend character whose head you’d like to rip off?

Aza’s friend from Turtles All The Way Down is so annoying and stupid so let’s go with her.
floral decoration 13

7) Favourite mental illness book?

I love Eliza & Her Monsters if you didn’t already know. But like I talk about it all the time so you probably have
floral decoration 13

8) Favourite older friendly character?

Magnus Bane (ahaha I know I’m hilarious)
floral decoration 13

9) Parent/guardian who you hate?

Warner’s father
floral decoration 13

10) Favourite happy ending?

The Deathly Hallows ending was amazing and also Always & Forver, Lara Jean
Review graphics - quotes
I mean how can I not add this section so you may know the beauty <33

But in my heart I knew the old Bryce was toast. There was no going back. Not to Garrett or Shelly or Miranda or any of the other people who wouldn’t understand. Juli was different, but after all these years that didn’t bother me anymore.
I liked it.
I liked her – Bryce Loski


But in my heart I knew that just like the new grass, I wasn’t strong enough yet to be walked on – Juli Baker


I’ll ride my bike all the stinkin’ way to school for the rest of eternity if it means being with her – Bryce Loski


What he did to my heart was sheer, inexplicable, magic – Juli Baker


I had flipped. – Bryce Loski


Did writing this post make me want to watch this a 4th time? Why yes it did. Should I watch it again? Probably not. Will I do it anyway? Probably.

yes i am predictable af



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