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ANASTASIA // Russian history, princesses, thoughts + tag

So I’ve been in the biggest Disney princess mood lately. Don’t ask me why… i’m just a dork okay? AND I HAVE A LOT OF FEELINGS, hence this post. Anastasia isn’t really a Disney princess but she is a historical one which I’ll get into later. Anywayssss let’s go!

Story and plot Review graphics
I take history as a subject at school and we’ve been doing The Russian Revolution. I went into this movie having forgotten all about it. We’ve had the dvd (!!) and I’ve seen it before and had a vague overview of it. Anyway off topic and I’m rambling now… I didn’t know all that much. Then I start watching it and it’s literally what I’ve been doing at school which is SUPER awesome. I also researched it and there was a theory of a lost princess named Anastasia.
About the plot: it all flowed very nicely. It was captivating and not at all boring. It’s funny and entertaining. I haven’t mentioned iit yet: GO AND WATCH if you haven’t!
Character review graphics-2

  • Rasputin (the villain): He’s your typical bad guy. He’s just so evil and determined which is want you want in a villain.
  • Bartok (weird creature thingy): He’s that comic relief who isn’t all bad and I just loved what his character did to the story.
  • Vladimir (friend): He didn’t really do much for the story. I liked him and he was important at the end.
  • Empress Marie (grandmother): She’s like the main “push” of the story. She’s why everything happens.
  • Dimitri: He’s one of my two favourites. Like I love him. Such a great character. Say hi to the adorable dance loving idiot.

  • Anastasia: I frickking loved her. Like Anastasia is such a great main character. I loved the songs and the relationship she has with the other main characters.

General thoughts Review graphics

  • the banter was spot on. these two <3

  • I love the music
  • it’s beautiful
  • love to hate tropes are my new fave thing
  • I love Dimitri & Anastasia
  • such an amazing movie GO WATCH IT NOW



This tag was created by Caden @ A Thousand Books To Read and I wasn’t tagged… neither do I have anyone to tag because I don’t know who’ve seen it. If you want to di it though, consider youself tagged*

*yeah I know I’m constantly doing tags (instagran) but the WORST at tagging people


1) JOURNEY TO THE PAST (a book that reminds you of your childhood)

Okay so young childhood, I used to listen to the audiobooks of Eugenia Lavender which were loads of fun, at the time. In “middle school” it was The Famous Five
floral decoration 13

2) ONCE UPON A DECEMBER (your favorite holiday read)

It depends on my mood. I love contemporary but I usually have more time for fantasy and the like. But I’m gonna be basic and say Harry Potter? Even though I don’t really ever read them during the holidays, just watch the movies
floral decoration 13

3) IN THE DARK OF THE NIGHT (your favorite book villain)

I love anti-villains so does it count if I say Warner (Shatter Me) and Kaz (Six of Crows)? Or maybe Sebastian Morgenstern?
floral decoration 13

4) LEARN TO DO IT (the book you have learned the most from)

Eliza & Her Monsters by Francesca Zappia
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5) PARIS HOLDS THE KEY TO YOUR HEART (your favorite book set in Paris)

What else am I going to apart from Anna & The French Kiss? I mean what did you expect!



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