I'M WRITING A BOOK! // ft. the rising author tag(ish)

I actually have an idea for a novel and I AM SO EXCITED YOU HAVE NO IDEA!

I was struck with a story to write and I’ve bee waiting SO LONG for it to come. I have characters and a sort of story (not a plot yet though) and I just need to get writing. I’ve never actually written something for myself that isn’t for school so I’m super nervous and hoping it’ll turn it out well. I actually just need to get my act together and start outlining and actually get a story that is readable instead of just obsessing about the characters but this is all new to me so taking it slow here.
Anyways since I have no idea what to talk about I’d thought I’d do a lil’ tag that looked cool. I wasn’t tagged by anyone and don’t know who to tag so please feel free to do it if you want to. Also, I noticed that there were multiple versions of this tag and I just compiled a list of some of the ones I wanted to answer so this isn’t the actual way to do this tag #sorrynotsorry


So I don’t confuse you, I’ll give you a brief description of the story: It’s about a girl who feels like she doesn’t fit so decides to move to Switzerland and live with her aunt and she then meets a boy who happens to be the son of the president/prime minister/ambassador (not sure which yet) who also feels out of place sometimes and they just discover and grow into themselves.

What was the worst thing you ever wrote?

I recently had to write a story and the “prompt” was a pciture of a moon so I literally turned these animals into humans for a night, they had no actual names just ones like RABBIT. The animals went into a town, came back chuffed with their night and woke up as animals again?? I truly did not know what that was, but I hated the other topics and had to write something of 400 words… WHAT IS THIS? I don’t even remember what I called it. YES PLEASE CRINGE AT THIS. DAMN SCHOOL ESSAY PROMPTS!

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Can you do other things while writing? (e.g. eating, listening to music, etc.)

Seeing as I actually haven’t started writing it yet I’m not sure yet. I do blog with music and occasionally snack but we shall see. I’ll probably spend unnecessary time making playlists.

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If your book was made into a movie, what would it be like?

Ahh yes, I think my book would be such a great movie. Its a contemporary (obviously) and I’ve been non-stop watching chick flicks so it’d obviously be adorable. Its kind of like The Prince & Me, She’s All That and scenery of Heidi.

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Do you include food in your books?

Okay, the answer is definitely YES. One of the main characters (Sam) is obsessed with croissants so that says something. Who doesn’t like food? Because my book sure does.

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I stole this from aris but very accurate plus its friends

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Do you let other people read your writing?

Obviously, my teachers have to but once I have a few chapters of this book, I think I’ll let some of my friends read it so I at least know it’s not horrible but I will most likely be VERY scared. I let people read my blog which is nerve-wracking as it is so you can imagine.

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What is the very first story you remember writing/have record of?

I literally wrote a story about myself on the farm I live on and drew pictures on actual paper which I stapled together. It has a cover and my name as an author. Quality content, am I right?? It probably still exists but I will save you from the cringe-ness.

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What’s your favourite thing to write about?

I’m really excited to start writing about the relationships between the characters and how they interact because I know it’s going to be fireworks!!

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Do you outline, or make the story up as you go?

I feel I need to have it planned so that I know what scenes to write. I have short summaries of scenes/chapters. I have to know what to write about and have a plan or it’d be chaos.

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How do you name your characters?

I actually just spent the afternoon coming up with names for family members.One of the main characte’s siblings all have nature-related names and I just looked through books and websites. But I generally know the personality I want for the character so just I look through names until I see one that fits right. It’s such a weird feeling to know fictional characters on this level.
I haven’t actually started writing it so I’m sorry my answers were a little boring. Also a lot of the questions were for those who have written multiple books which I have not so this was kinda weird but I hope my book intrigues you 🙂

me right now

I actually need to put the effort into researching, get a plot and write it. I’m just never in that brainstorming mood. It makes no sense because I love my characters and I want to get the story out. STOP MAKING EXCUSES RUBY!



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