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Review: THE THROUBLE WITH FLYING // adorable book by a south african author

trouble with flying

Title: The Trouble With Flying
Series: Trouble Series book #1
Author: Rachel Morgan
Page count: 254
Date published: 20 June 2014
Genre: New Adult contemporary

Thank you to Rachel, the author, for sending me your book!

Rating: (4 out of 5 stars)
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Sarah doesn’t talk to strangers. It’s awkward, stressful, and there’s the uncontrollable blushing to worry about. When she boards a plane to fly home after an overseas holiday, she plans to stick her nose in a book and ignore everyone around her. Aiden’s terrified of flying, and it’s his first time on a plane. If he can distract himself by talking non-stop for the entire flight, he will. Too bad for Sarah he’s sitting right next to her. Against all Sarah’s expectations, she ends up enjoying Aiden’s company. They laugh, argue, concoct stories about other passengers, and accidentally hold hands during the turbulence. When the time comes to say goodbye, Sarah can’t help the crazy thought that she shouldn’t let Aiden go. Then he kisses her. And then he’s gone. With her world turning upside down in more ways than one, Sarah has to make a decision: stick with the safe, predictable life that’s been mapped out for her, or find the courage to go after what she truly wants. 

I had so much fun with this book!

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  • The writing is super easy to read
  • I loved the setting of the book and how the main characters met
  • Aiden is a sweetie
  • Ahh the days when you meet a serious ass you’d like to punch in the face
  • The introvert representation was spot on
  • I loved how I could just immerse myself in this book and be totally sucked into the story
  • There were, of course, some really cheesy, roll-eyes scenes but I didn’t mind them too much
  • I already miss the story?? Can I have more??

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  • Simone & Elize: these two cracked me up because I KNOW PEOPLE LIKE THEM, so funny!!
  • Sophie: she really is just a great young sister and I really liked her
  • Matt: oh my god I want to strangle this guy, he’s so rude I HATE HIM. It’s been a while since I’ve disliked someone SO MUCH.
  • Aiden: omg he’s the cutest. I love how much he talks and he’s just adorable
  • Sarah: tbh she was a bit stupid at times, but I really related to her introverted thoughts and overall I really liked her.

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Wow, I have A LOT TO SAY.

At first, it was really light-hearted and I wasn’t too invested, I didn’t get the character development. BUT when we got to the layover scene, I was super into it. I loved the friendship that was forming.
At this point, we’re 100 pages in and I was under the impression this book took place over a whole flight, but it wasn’t. When we arrived in South Africa and I was sold.
I HAD NO clue who this Matt guy was. I was starting to wonder if we would ever know. But the second we met him, I already disliked him. Like, wtf, I thought you were in a fight and then nothing happened?? Red lights already flashing. I was pissed Sarah just went along with it but anyways.
I really love Sarah’s nerd friends. I loved their pool scene and how they interacted.
The birthday party!! I was waiting for Aiden to reappear, and then I kind of caught on that somehow he’d be there. I was LAUGHING SO HARD when he appeared and Sarah drops her glass (sidenote again at how horrible matt is with his comment, i hate you bye). SO FUNNY! Just the whole weekend!!
The hike was my absolute favourite part of the book. I loved it. I love the mountain view scene, and the rain and the tree scene. ALL PERFECTION. Thanks to Aiden for telling our neighbourhood jerk Matt for being horrible but what else is new?
The witty banter Aiden always threw at Sarah WAS THE BEST!!
ALSO when Aiden asks Matt where Sarah lives just to make him jealous made my day. Can you tell I hated Matt ?? Like even his little story about why he liked Sarah made me want to vomit. Like why do you like this guy?? Anyways, I thought the aquarium scene was really well done. When Aiden got up at the restaurant was also just amazing. THANK YOU!!
Thank the lord when she FINALLY broke up with the jerk. He deserved more. The guy has anger and possession issues, I HATE HIM SO DAMN MUCH.
I loved that she actually wrote a book. And congrats to her on deciding to write a book in like 10 days. And to standing up and reading to so many people. I admire that girl
I loved how Aiden actually came to the reading. I had a hunch he somehow would and I love that whole scene. The bit about the “happily ever afters” was a bit cheesy though.

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I really just enjoyed this book! I loved the characters and the setting. The writing was easy to ready and it’s super short. I overall had a grand, old time!



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