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I was sitting around one day and realised that it had been 5ever since I did one of these posts so here we are today…

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Twilight: New Moon

A friend and I just really wanted to re-experience these movies and for some reason chose my least favourite one #noregrets. This was just a trip down memory lane and even though these movies are kinda horrible and the story is hecka problematic, I still loved rewatching. And the soundtrack is top-notch!!

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Avengers: Infinity War

Why did I even watch this movie? I’m just left with a gazillion questions!! First off I missed the first 20 minutes when my siblings were watching it and I just landed up finishing it and THAT ENDING. I still need to watch the more recent extra movies like Guardians 2, Black Panther and Doctor Strange (I will before the next movie). I feel like this movie has made everyone freak but I’m like um they’re tricking us all. I’m not going to spoil anything but I KNOW there’s more. Anyways, I really loved this movie and really need to get on the other ones.
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Mean Girls 2

So one boring Saturday morning, I was just scrolling through Netflix and stumbled upon this. I wasn’t expecting anything amazing, I actually thought it would be terrible and that I’d hate it and switch it off 10 minutes in. BUT I was sucked in?? And couldn’t stop watching. You’d be surprised, but it’s a solid movie. It isn’t an award-winning wow movie of course, but it’s okay.
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The Notebook

A bit of a storytime. The first time I watched this, I DID NOT get the hype. But recently I thought because I’ve been having a change of thoughts about movies I thought I didn’t like, that I’d give it another go. And I appreciated it WAY MORE. I wouldn’t say that I’m obsessed, that I absolutely adored it but I really had a great time. I loved the depth of the characters and the era it’s set in. I really landed up enjoying it more.
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The Vow

After me and my friend had watched The Notebook we had the great idea to watch this movie. Um, why do I make stupid decisions?? This movie makes me feel man. It’s so frustrating. Again, it’s not my favourite movie but I really loved it. I now just love Channing Tatum 5ever and just THE ENDING OMG!!!!!
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Pride & Prejudice

Classics generally aren’t my genre, but I’ve really been wanting to experience them. And what else than one of the most famous. Plus, I LOVE Keira Knightley. So I watched it. And I love Keira and liked the story, but I found I didn’t like many of the other characters, especially Mr Darcy. But I really liked the setting and the themes it discusses are important but otherwise not really my thing.
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17 Again

I was literally just scrolling through Netflix, not intending to watch anything but clicked on this and got sucked. It was a rewatch and I really love Zac Efron and this movie is just a delight. It’s not the most spectacular movie but I really had an awesome time. I love Leslie Mann and Matthew Perry. The kids were a bit weird but I really loved it.
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The Boy In The Striped Pyjamas

If you didn’t know, I take History at school. And my teacher recommended this to me. So one day I just decided to put it on, totally out of the blue. And boy oh boy is it intense. All war stories obviously are and they always spread a light on me. I really love Aza Butterfield and was like whoah look how small he was. But the movie is so shocking and I just,,,
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Sierra Burgess Is A Loser

I was so freaking excited about this movie. I  thought it would be amazing after To All The Boys. But I just?!?!?!?! I don’t understand Netflix sometimes, and how they recommend the bad rom coms when there are way better ones. I love Shannon Purser and Noah Centineo and they could’ve come up with a much healthier story. I truly don’t understand how they market this and Kissing Booth more, it boggles me. At first, it was okay but the ending was so messy. I do love Shannon’s voice though. It just… so many conflicted feelings.
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Superman Returns

This movie has always been one of my favourites from when I was younger, it’s always been in my house and I’ve seen it many a time. So a friend and I decided to watch since she never has. And I love Superman and his storyline in this movie. I used to love Lois Lane but I was a bit annoyed with her. It’s a great movie and I just have a new obsession with superheroes.

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Strike! (All I Wanna Do)

Someone on Instagram recommended this movie to me. And it’s from the 80s and starred Kirsten Dunst and it’s feminist. So I was down. But I did not expect what I’d be getting myself into. It’s so cool?? And inspiring?? But also super quirky and can you tell I don’t know what I think about it… I definitely recommend because it’s really good.
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It was about time that I got on this movie. I’ve seen it everywhere but it never sounded like my thing. I did like it but I don’t love it as much as others. I don’t really like the main character but I did enjoy her development and Paul Rudd was also really cool. I liked their relationship at times but not as others. I have super conflicting feelings.
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Hotel Transylvania 2

The third movie just came out and I really wanted to watch it, and I couldn’t remember a thing from this one so I rewatched it. And I liked it less than I thought. It was entertaining but was kind of dragging and the characters were a bit boring. I didn’t like Johnny that much and the humour wasn’t really my thing. There were a couple really funny moments but yeah wasn’t as huge a fan as I’d hoped. I really would like to see what happens in number three.
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One day I was just sitting at my desk and this movie popped into my head. I knew it was a bad movie but I just had this urge to watch a terrible movie. And that I did, folks. And I had the best time. The boys were hot, the plot was bad and I just loved every second of this. There were, of course, times where I internally cringed but then also when I had the thought of skimming the books to find out what would happen because of the CLIFFHANGER. I was intrigued back when it came out and when I had questionable taste, and I went into the cinema alone since no-one could see it with me. And when I watched it again, all the nostalgia came back to me, so I’d say this experience was a success.
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The Breakfast Club

It was about time for a rewatch. So I did. You probably know this one of my all-time favourite movies, like my literal fave of all time. I forgot how intense it was. I also didn’t include it with my top favourites just because I’ve talked about it a million times but I love it and it truly is a movie of the generation.
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This is also an all-time favourite movie. It was recently added to Netflix and I made a friend watch it and she reminded me how much I loved it. So I watched it. I must say, I recognised a few plot holes but it’s still an amazing and beautiful story and I love it. Go watch it now on Netflix!!
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One Sunday, I had the biggest urge to watch this movie. No reason at all except that I just wanted a cheesy, bad romance. And it delivered. I thought Christopher was stupid and he reminded me of Justin Bieber. But I liked Jessica. The plot was okay and I was entertained but as I said, it is what it delivered. I think the plot progressed nicely and I really was invested in the story. Thanks, Disney…!
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How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days

I watched this on a whim and couldn’t stop? It’s super cheesy LIKE SUPER CHEESY!! I quite liked it. It’s not my favourite rom-com but I loved Kate Hudson and it was quite fun.
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Vampire Academy

I’ve been meaning to but I never read past the first book so I thought this might get me back into it. It does. I really love the story. I love Rose and that actress. The plot twist is really good. I love the school setting and I forgot my baby Cameron Monaghan was in it. I’ve just been into these teen movies?? Idk I just really had a great time watching this. I especially liked Christian. I should read the books.


X-Men (1 – 3)

I have this newfound love for superpowers and people with special abilities. And I adore these movies. They’re so clever and I LOVE them. Storm and Mystique and Scott. I love them all. I watched the original three but I plan on watching the others too because they’re also excellent. I’m going to have a grand old time.
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Pirates of the Caribbean (1 – 3)

I was in such a pirate mood and you know I love Keira Knightley. I hadn’t seen them in a while. I also had this siren book I was reading so I was living my best life. They aren’t the best movies ever made. Also, I didn’t connect the dots that these are actually Disney movies, even though I’ve been on the Pirates boat ride in Disneyland. I had a great time. I love Will, and Elizabeth (at times). It’s just a swashbuckling time ha I’m great with this aren’t I. I’m considering watching 4 and 5 but I hear they’re bad. But I do know that some of the original cast return so I’m still debating.
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The Fault In Our Stars

This movie man. I watched and read the book back when it came out, but didn’t like it at all. I low-key hated it. But recently I’ve been appreciating things in a new way. Plus I had to read the book for school. So one evening I thought I’d watch it again to motivate myself to finish the book and I WAS BALLING MY EYES OUT. I’m not an easy cryer but I was full on crying, which means something. I love this story now and appreciate it so much more!!!
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Crazy Rich Asians

I’m sure you’ve heard the buzz around this movie. I was super excited. I didn’t read the book and don’t think I will since it’s not my genre, but I loved this movie. It’s as excellent as everyone is saying it is and deserves all the hype. It’s so good. I went to see it by myself and just had the best me time. Obviously, you need to experience it for yourself if you haven’t!
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The Hunger Games (1 – 4)

A friend and I really wanted to re-live these movies. They’re amazing of course. I ADORE THESE MOVIES WITH ALL MY HEART. I’m just going to gush about them now. It brought back so many young Ruby fangirl moments omfg. I forgot how much I loved them. The first one is amazing, the second just blows everyone out of their socks. The third is just WOW. And the fourth is low-key amazing. The ending montage just makes my heart explode. Ya’ll can guess how much I loved Peeta back in the day. I love these movies with all my heart okay… they’re just a piece of cinematic art. The acting and fighting are amazing. They’re perfection and we couldn’t ask for a better adaptation.



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