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So I, uh, don’t actually have as many movies to talk about as I usually do?? I usually am very overwhelmed with the amount I add to the list… I must be ill or something. Anyways, I’m just going to get into it.

I hate intros tbh, what are they??


Pitch Perfect

I’ve said this a million times in these reviews, but I’ve been giving movies I thought I loved/disliked in the past another shot and I am thoroughly surprised at how my opinion changes. I watched this when it was popular years ago, and LOVED IT. I was so obsessed but now I really have come to notice it’s flaws and issues. I didn’t not like it, but I found some lines very offensive and had issues with the characters. I really love the performances, that’s one thing that will always impress me. I really don’t know how to word this properly: I feel topics like mental health and sexuality weren’t dealt with properly. The characters definitely have mental health problems and they were kind of sidestepped and not addressed properly. Idk how to say it without being confusing, I just felt like all these characters had mental issues and every other character wasn’t acknowledging that. The same goes for the gay and plus-size jokes. I just really didn’t like how that was dealt with. This is too long, I apologise. But otherwise, I liked Becca and Jesse, not so much anyone else except Benji.
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I really wanted to watch this movie again for some reason. I felt nostalgic so I did. I don’t know what to say. I remember why I loved it so much and it took me back like 4 years which was cool. Again, I noticed some things. This really comes to show how my taste has changed. I really loved a lot of it but other parts fell flat. It definitely is an excellent adaptation (with a great soundtrack), but it was also slow at places and some plot points didn’t add up. The acting also had flaws. But overall, I really had a great time and felt so nostalgic which was great.
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The Christmas Prince 1 & 2

Wow, what a movie. I mean, it only gets as good as this. These movies were terrible. I don’t get it. I thought I’d enjoy them but now I’m just questioning EVERYTHING. I thought the first one was better, I low-key hated the second. It was so far-fetched and the romance was terrible, it had no development. The plot was okay and I didn’t like Amber (which is a terrible name for her btw) or the prince. The saving grace of these movies was the little sister, I especially loved her and then her crush in the second movie. Otherwise, I didn’t like anything else. I didn’t like most of the cast in the second movie, the wedding planners were horrible. I really didn’t like these movies, I kept watching for the little sister really.
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Cruel Intentions

I am confused???????? I decided to watch it since my all time favourite song Bitter Sweet Symphony is in it and I was in an obsession phase. And I actually don’t know how I feel. It gave me Gossip Girl vibes actually. I didn’t like the romance, it had no development. The evil sister was, well, evil. And I was NOT expecting that ending. I shut my laptop and was like WAIT WHAT??? I just don’t know. It’s not a good movie at all but it just keeps popping into my head?? I’m conflicted.
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Love Actually

This movie gives you so many good feelings?? It definitely isn’t perfect. But I love the spirit of it. I love the Britsih-ness of it. And the time period it was in. I feel sometimes with these holiday special type movies that I’m not invested in all the different character groups (??) but I really was interested in all of these ones. It’s a really great Christmas movie and it’s one I’ll watch each year.
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Do you spot the trend?? I was super excited about this movie. I didn’t really have an interest in the book but really wanted to watch it since it was coming to Netflix. I love Jennifer Aniston and after the mess of Sierra Burgess, I had high hopes. Now it’s not to say this was bad. I just feel that now looking back, I don’t really love it. It was very slow, extremely slow at points, and sometimes I was really not engaged. I liked the message that it brought and the characters were really enjoyable. I felt the drag queen storyline didn’t quite fit in and the actual pageant was anti-climactic? I don’t know what to feel, to be honest.
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Valentine’s Day

You’re probably like what, why are you watching this in December? Well, my friend, I rewatched He’s Just Not That Into You twice in like three days and I felt empty. So I decided to watch this two months early, my life is definitely not a mess. I must say, I really liked it. I thought it was a solid movie. I liked all of the storylines, especially the Taylor-Taylor one – I thought that was hilarious. It was fine. I have nothing else to add really.
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The Polar Express

Why has my movie game been so off lately? I was not as impressed with this movie as I thought I would be. It fell really flat for me. I had to really push myself to keep watching, it was SO BORING at times. The only thing I liked was the score and even with that, I felt they played the same song over and over again. I don’t know, I was just so overwhelmed by it.
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Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindewald

I went into this movie knowing that it could be terrible, which I recommend you do if you haven’t seen it yet. Now, I LOVED the first one and was so sad this one was getting bad reviews. And because I didn’t expect much, I didn’t leave the theatre terribly disappointed. I thought that it was good. It really felt like a gap movie, something to fill a whole. There were so many plot holes. It inconsistent and it didn’t stay true to what all the other Harry Potter movies have set up. I loved Newt and Tina so much! And the ending left me really shocked, I HAVE SO MANY QUESTIONS.
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Fantastic Four

Ya’ll know I have a thing for superheroes, I used to watch these all the time as a kid. And here is yet another scenario where I didn’t like it as much, what a shocker. The plot was kind of slow, the villain was mediocre and I actually didn’t like the characters, which is unusual for me. I despised Susan, I thought she was so freaking annoying. The romance was therefore not good. I thought Ben and Johnny were okay. The only part I actually liked was the superpower aspect, I liked the parts when they were using their powers. Otherwise, it was really meh.


What a lovely little gem of a movie. It’s so great. I love Will Ferrel as the elf, he’s so funny. I was chuckling so many times. I loved the family aspect of the story. It’s all just so comical. I loved it.
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Star Wars Episode 1,2,4,5,6

in chronological order

I thought I wasn’t a fan of these movies, because I don’t generally like sci-fi, but obviously, that’s not true. Now, I’ve mentioned this a few times but the script is kinda terrible, there’s nothing special about the acting. But it’s so addictive. I watched the original trilogy in one go. I haven’t finished the ‘Episode’ when Anican becomes Darth Vader (episode 3) yet. I’ve been putting it off. I definitely like the originals more. I just had a great time and am actually more keen on sci-fi.



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