BEST AND ALSO MOST DISAPPOINTING MOVIES OF 2018 // (and late 2017 because I can)

Why my movie-related posts are always late idk it’s a mystery to me too.

Also, I really apologise for being so inactive with my posts. I’ve been really lacking creative ideas and thus haven’t had anything to upload. But I do have a few in the works and hopefully, I get back into the swing of things and come up with some posts… I’ve really just kind of been taking a break and not forcing myself to post anything.

Anywho, I hope this quenches your thirst of Ruby’s amazing and interesting posts.

One other thing, none of these are “backlist” movies except the late 2017 movie releases because 1)  I usually can never watch them when they come out since I don’t live near a cinema and that’d be expensive and 2) I did watch all these movies last year and needed to fill up my list.

Enough rambling, Ruby, just tell them about all the movies.

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I said in the title, these are just the most disappointing movies. Some may come as a shock to you and you may be thinking: but why they were so good? Well, I was underwhelmed, it’s not that they’re all terrible, I just had issues with them.
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7. Rip Tide

This movie. Netflix just kept recommending it to me and shoving it in my face, so one weird Saturday morning I caved and put it on. I had no idea what to expect, so I can’t say that I’m necessarily disappointed or let down. But it just wasn’t a good movie. The acting is not good, the story is bad, the love interest is bland. There are much better surfer movies. I don’t really know what else to say, it just wasn’t a good film.
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6. Sierra Burgess Is A Loser

Sierra_Burgess_Is_a_LoserThis was such a letdown. Pretty much everyone was tuning in to watch this movie because it sounded like it could be done really well and because of the amazingness To All The Boys and Stranger Things, we all had our hopes up since Noah Centineo and Shannon Purser starred in it. But it just disappointed me on so many levels. The messages it portrayed were just bad. The romance was not executed well. The way it handled certain topics was just not good and actually plain offensive. It could have been so much better and definitely let everyone down.
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5. Pitch Perfect 3

pitch perfect 3
I am ever so sad that this is on my list because I really used to love these films. But as you can guess, I didn’t like this one. I actually don’t even remember much. I even rewatched the first since I loved that movie but now… I just don’t. I even did some research and they’ve said that two of the characters are lesbian and I’m so disappointed because it’s not even canon. They give like 3 scenes leading to the fact that they’re lesbian, but one of the characters is part of a whole other ship. I don’t know, it’s all so weird. I just really didn’t love this movie, the plot was kinda dumb and I just,,, ahhhh!
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4. A Christmas Prince 1 & 2

Oh man, what a disaster these movies were. I was severely disappointed. They were just so bad. The second was the worst out of all of them. I just don’t get it. They’re the cheesiest movies ever. There’s no plot, the romance was terrible. The only thing I did like was the little sister princess and her crush. I hated Amber and the prince whose name I’ve already forgotten. The films were just both trainwrecks.
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3. Avengers Infinity War

Avengers_Infinity_War_posterOkay please don’t kill me. I’m sorry, I know this shouldn’t be here. And I didn’t want it to. But I think I’ve said it a few times now, I’m just really over the Avengers. I used to be a giant fan but my love has lessened. I think it’s because of the hype?? Don’t get me wrong, I love some of the characters but I overall am just over it. I didn’t LOVE the plot of this movie. It’s a bit confusing… and also the movie was way too long?!?! I adore Spiderman but I don’t have a giant love for many other characters. I was also not a huge fan of Thor: Ragnorak. It felt more like a forced comedy than a Marvel superhero film, which isn’t my cup of tea. I do want to watch the next one though and need to catch up on all the side films because I still haven’t done that.
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2. Jumanji: Welcome To The Jungle

I low-key hated this film. It really was not good in my opinion. I didn’t like any of the characters, I found them superficial and annoying. I think the plot is totally stupid and dumb. I just really didn’t like it. I feel they could have so much more with it, instead, it was this stupid video game movie with no connection at all to the original. I didn’t laugh at any of the jokes. I mildly liked Kevin Hart’s character but only because he’s funny, not because of his actual character. It was just so bad and really could have been so much better.
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1. The Kissing Booth

The_Kissing_BoothOh my god, THIS MOVIE. It is so bad I can’t even. The whole world it feels like was watching this movie and everyone was loving it. But I hated this movie. I know, that’s a big statement. I just see no redeeming qualities. I liked none of the characters, the plot was cheesy and boring and the romance was so bad. It portrays some really bad and unhealthy tropes. It just,,, ahh why does Netflix keep promoting these bad movies when there are so many other good ones they can make you watch. This movie just… wasn’t good. I’d tell you’d understand if you watch it but I just don’t recommend this movie so maybe don’t do that to yourself.
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That list hurt so let’s move on to some of the best movies. This’ll probably be a bit repetitive for some of you because I talk about these all the time but you know, who cares?
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7. Paddington 2

paddington 2
This little movie. The story is such a gem. I adore them. I read the books when I was a kid and the live-action movies are such a treat ahh I love them. I love the cast and the humour and London. I love the adorableness of Paddington because he’s the best. It’s just so good and heartwarming and I love it and just go and watch it because you won’t regret.
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6. Love, Simon

love simon
Ahh, this movie. It deserves all the love because it is spectacular. I love Simon’s story. And I loved this adaptation. It’s just so wonderful. The casting was perfect and the set was perfect. They did a great job with staying mostly true to the story (there were a few changes I didn’t like but it didn’t taint my enjoyment too much). The romance was amazing, I love my babies. This movie is just so good.
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5. Crazy Rich Asians

I swear I’m not trying to say the same thing about every movie. I had such a great time with this movie. I went to go see it by myself at the cinemas and it was splendid. I just loved it. I loved the characters and the storyline. I loved all the setting and the romances. It’s just such a great movie. I loved the cinematography and the cast. I have heard no news but I definitely hope that there will be a sequel!
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4. Mamma Mia 2

mamma mia 2
Ahhh this film. It is amazing and I cried. If you didn’t know, it takes a lot to make me cry but I was SOBBING in the theatres. I adore the first one and I LOVED this one. I loved the cast and all the music. It’s just all spectacular and I couldn’t be happier. They did such a great job. I love Lily James and I loved Donna’s storyline. Ahh wow, I just have nothing but praise for this movie. It’s spectacular and if you haven’t seen it PLEASE DO YOURSELF A FAVOUR AND CHANGE THAT.
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3. To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before

I mean, did anyone doubt that this would be here. Now Netflix here is the definition of a good movie to promote. Most of you have probably seen it or at least heard about it because the entire world blew up, that’s how good it was. It was such a perfect adaptation and I’m over the moon excited about the sequel. The cast and set are amazing. I loved all the changes they made, it has no faults. I adore the soundtrack. I just love it with my whole heart and have seen it 78653424 times, that’s how amazing it is! P-E-R-F-E-C-T-I-O-N!!!!
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2. Call Me By Your Name

call me by your nameOH MY GOD, I ADORE THIS MOVIE! Okay now technically even though I did see it last year, my love grew a million times because I saw it twice in a row just recently but you know this is my blog so I don’t care. THIS FREAKING FILM IS A MASTERPIECE AND I LOVE IT SO MUCH. The story and characters are beautiful. The setting is stunning. The romance is heartbreaking. It’s just the definition of perfection and I love it with my whole heart. It does contain mature content so be wary of that before you watch it. But it’s just so beautiful and I,,, The cast is amazing and the soundtrack is brilliant. AHH, I LOVE IT!!!
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1. Incredibles 2

The_Incredibles_2Oh my, Ruby is this a joke. We had no idea this was your favourite movie of the year?!?! Ahah I know I’m extremely funny. I mean, come on, we all knew this would be here. This is legit one of my top 5 movies of all time. Because it’s amazing and I love it. Now, if you haven’t seen The Incredibles, well, what are you even doing here and what exactly are you doing your life. Are you scared of animation or something? Well, get over it because there’s no need to be. I just adore this story. I love the plot and the superpowers. I saw it twice in cinemas that’s how obsessed I am. It’s just so amazing and I loved it and want to watch it over and over and over again!



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  • DyAngel

    Freaking finally!!! I hated The Kissing Booth too. It was so unrealistic and the characters annoyed me to death!!
    And I fully agree…I need a Crazy Rich Asians sequel! That movie was so good!!

  • Laura W

    Yes yes yes to Incredibles 2! I could NOT get over Jack Jack and his powers and his general cuteness. Also, 100% agree with Rip Tide. Netflix was also really pushing that one for me and it sounded like a good romantic contemporary for a late night and oh boy was I wrong. Like you said, it was just completely bland and totally predictable. I still have to watch A Christmas Prince 2 but I’m fully expecting it to be one of those movies I watch with friends just to laugh at and complain about.
    Laura @BlueEyeBooks

    • Ruby

      Incredibles is THE BEST, I love all the characters 😂 Ahh Riptide was just…????? Watch Christmas Prince only because of the younger sister.

  • dbsguidetothegalaxy

    I thought everyone put too much hype on Infinity War and my friend who was watching it with me (she having watched it before) had to keep pausing it to explain the different stones to me. I think I had to watch it another time to actually like it.
    I loved Crazy Rich Asians! Definitely a movie you can rewatch again and again! And yes to Mamma Mia!

  • palegoldpages

    okay i am soooo not a movie person BUT i loved this post so much! love seeing people going against the tide – when all i see is positive reviews for something it’s refreshing to see someone actually being objective and realistic about it. Kudos Ruby i love your review posts <3

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