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FAVOURITE MOVIES & TV SHOWS OF ALL TIME // you just need to trust my recommendations and go watch them okay

This post has been a long time coming. It’s been sitting as a draft for aeons and I’ve just never put the time into it. BUT you all know how much time I spend watching movies, less with tv shows but when I watch a show I become obsessed and do not stop.

So I’ve been meaning to put together this list, it won’t be as long as you’d think it would but it’s here nonetheless. Let’s go!
Fave movies of all time
We’ll start with the movies, now I couldn’t come up with 5, I don’t know why I keep trying to add it but I never can so only have four to share with you.
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Incredibles 2

The_Incredibles_2Now, this movie you probably know I cannot stop talking about since I went to see it last year. I wasn’t that into the franchise until I rewatched the first one just before the second was released and I was so blown away. I saw it twice in the theatre and have seen it multiple times at home afterwards. I just truly didn’t think I’d love it like I do let alone be as invested as I am. I just love it so much. I love the idea of the whole story, superhero families are just amazing. I love superheroes in general and I’ve seen many superhero movies but this one, is of course, my favourite. I love the characters and the dialogue. The animation is brilliant. It’s just,,, SO GOOD! WATCH IT NOW PLEASE!
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stardust movieYou have also heard me talk about this film. It’s adapted from a book by Neil Gaiman (which I’ve been dying to read 5ever) and the story is just so beautiful. I believe it is on Netflix, so you can go and watch it. It stars Claire Danes so if that doesn’t convince you to watch it I don’t know what will. But it’s basically about this fallen star and there are a few different plots surrounding it. Obviously, the legend surrounding fallen stars is that they grant eternal beauty so there are many many people who wish to obtain her, including the second main character. It’s just this beautiful love story (love to hate sorta) with magic and adventures and chaos and it’s so MARVELLOUS. I adore it with all my heart and I think it’s about time for a rewatch.
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flippedWow, I sound like a broken record because this is also a film that I’ve screeched from the rooftops about a bazillion times at this point. But this film is AMAZING and so underrated and I want more people to talk about it. It’s a lovely teen movie about being different from other people and embracing that and it truly is spectacular. I’ve sort of skimmed the book by which is by Wendelin van Draanen when I went down a *small* rabbit hole of obsession, as one does, and it’s very similar only a few changes. I still really need to buy it. I just,,, don’t want to say much else apart from that you need to go and watch it and then come cry with me about how brilliant it is. I created a whole review and tag a while back so if you want to check that out, well you should already be doing it. Ahaha no… actually I’m serious, click here! I’ve seen it like 20 times and love it more every time.
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The Breakfast Club

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If you know me at all you know that I’m obsessed with anything and everything from the 80s. If you’ve never heard of this film then I truly do now know where you’ve been because it’s iconic. It just encaptures everything of its era and it is just so good. The soundtrack is absolutely brilliant, and the characters are so dynamic and well-written. The script is great, the setting is so real. I just cannot praise it enough and if you have yet to watch it then please just do it. I’ve seen it multiple times at this point and each time I watch it I learn something new. SO GREAT!!!
Fave tv shows of all time(1)
Idk why I said I didn’t have many movies to talk about because thinking about it there aren’t that many more on this list. I’m just rambling now because I know you’re all here for my recommendations (don’t flatter yourself Ruby) so can we just get into it? I think we shall.
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Anne With An E

anne with an e season 2Now about two years ago I saw Netflix advertise this and I immediately wanted to watch it. I, of course, didn’t watch it until months later when one evening I just clicked on it, I was probably studying or something (please do not lecture me on my wise life decisions). And my oh my I was sucked in and OBSESSED! I know this show isn’t for everyone, I’ve heard some cannot get into it. But if you love tortured souls and cinematic beauty then I highly recommend you watch this one because it’s so phenomenally done. The cast is wonderful and the script is so good. I’m just patiently waiting for Season 3 news because I miss my children.
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friends tv posterThis isn’t new to you at all. I watch this show all the time, it’s my guilty pleasure. It’s a comedy meaning I know it can be slightly problematic, but it just had to be on this list. The humour in itself is unbeatable. I’ve watched most of the popular comedies and none of them measures up to being as funny as FRIENDS, because every episode is hilarious. The characters are what make the whole show, with all their quirks. My favourite characters are definitely Monica and Chandler. I mean you’ve probably seen at least a few episodes so I assume you know which characters I’m talking about. Just go and watch it okay, you’ll have a blast. My personal favourites episodes are in the later seasons but you’ll love it in the earlier ones all the same.
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shameless us posterOh my gosh, I ADORE this show so much I cannot describe it. I’m talking about the US show there is a UK one too with the same character names just different type of story) and I only recommend this to you if you don’t mind mature adult content because it’s quite intense, like very intense. But if you’re fine with all the PG restrictions, then please go I urge you to watch it because it is SPECTACULAR. It’s a drama about this messed up family that has all kinds of problems. This family, the Gallaghers, live on the south side of Chicago that deal with a lot of illegal activity and all sorts of other mayhem. My favourite part about it is how real they capture the family relationships, I especially love the care between all the siblings. There’s romance and chaos and much much more chaos and it’s all just so good. Highly highly recommend!
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Gilmore Girls

gilmore girls posterThis is another show that I have on repeat almost all the time. I completely fell in love with it when I watched it last year. I love how reminiscent it is of the era, of which I also have a soft spot for being the early 2000s. I love the characters and especially the script because WOW. It’s so well done and full of pop culture references and complex family relationships. I’m a sucker for drama (you already know this) and I watch it whenever I feel anxious or need comfort. It’s so cleverly made and put together. If you have been on the fence about it, I highly suggest you just go for it. Give it a few episodes and you’ll get used to the fast dialogue and I guarantee you’ll love it to shreds!

floral decoration 13Stranger Things

stranger things season 3Honestly saving the best till last. Okay, I actually can’t rate my faves, my children all receive equal love. Similar to what I say about GG, ST has this reminiscent vibe you cannot help but love. It’s set in the 80s (I mean, are you surprised I love it as much as I do because of this fact) and it’s sort of paranormal, kinda horror but not really because otherwise the scaredy cat that I am wouldn’t be able to watch it. It has amazing acting, most of the cast is like 12 years old and they all just deserve Oscar awards because the acting is so phenomenal I’m gobsmacked. It also has a brilliant soundtrack (this is now a key factor to get Ruby to like a something) and the characters!! Ahh, I adore them with my entire being and soul. I truly love each and every one of them so much that it hurts. I just don’t even know what you’re doing with your life if you haven’t yet seen it because ST been all over the internet for like 3 years. I’m patiently not so patiently waiting on the third season aka the day of my funeral. Kindly leave a kind word for me before my imminent demise.
Did any of you guess these? Yeah, you probably did because I talk about them all the time. I just love what I love okay. Anywho, if you don’t like the same books as I do, I at least do have good taste in film so if you need a recommendation, first watch these and then afterwards hit me up! Haha, that sounded odd but really do take me up on it.



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  • Kristina

    Yess !! Me and my parents love Anne with an E!!
    We’ve watched a few episodes here and there when we can catch it on tv 😅
    I however arent much of a film person… idk, after a while (usually by the middle of it, rofl) i get tired of it ..

  • amynikitawords

    Gah I need season 3 of Anne because Gilbert. That’s my reason 😉 Do you know if they’ve even started filming yet?
    Also you’ve made me want to re watch Stardust!! Ah such a good movie. Definitely gonna rewatch soon.

    • Ruby

      Same though… but you know me 😂 yeah they have(!!!!!). Ohmygosh I did the same for me, literally got half way through last night and need to finish it <3

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