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AUGUST RECAP // all the awesome books and exam update

Look at me actually being semi-consistent with this posting thing! Wow, I know a MIRACLE tbh..

But um by some other miracle I also read a decent amount of books? As you have probably heard by now because I talk about it all the time, I’m busy with exams this year. But I read some really good books during this time, all of which I loved so that’s a plus??

Anyway, let us just get into the actual post.

Monthly Recap - wrap up

Paper Girls Volume 1 by Brian K. Vaughn & other artists {★★★★½}: I’ve been getting into graphic novels this year and as soon as I heard what this was about, well I obviously I needed to read it. So it was described as similar to Stranger Things and set in the 80s which is like a formula for success?! And I, of course, loved it as you can tell by my rating. This book delivered because it was heaps of fun. I came for the ST vibes and the ST vibes is what was delivered. It was super weird and the story was strange but it hit all the right buttons?! I loved the art style and colour palette. There’s a group of kids that get involved in paranormal activities. They love walkie-talkies. It was a great time and I really need to get the second volume because I MUST know what happens next!

The Darkest Legacy by Alexandra Bracken {★★★★★}: Yes we ignore the fact that it took me this long to actually read this book i.e. ONE YEAR. I’m a terrible fan, reader and, in general, person (well that’s debatable). This also isn’t news but I’m Liam Stewart trash and would cut my heart out for this dumbass. Well, maybe not because I’m not that stupid?? But the point is, I love him. I’m also superpower trash. Not new either. I also just really love Alex, in general, she’s a lovely human – not that I’ve met her or anything, she just seems awesome. But I just have a soft spot for this world, I love the characters. I loved coming back to them (even though I only read the original trilogy last year) and meeting all the new characters. And even though my boy Liam only showed up way later, it was still a great time. I also now need some more because there was low-key a cliffhanger?? like sort of?? It was unfair and need like another chapter please and thank you.

Radio Silence by Alice Oseman {★★★★★}: People I finally read this book. I know I DID IT! And what a splendid time it was. Firstly we applaud Alice for this awesome little contemporary world she’s created because I’m like sort of obsessed that all her books sort of interconnect (that’s a word right??). Secondly, we applause how amazing that platonic boy/girl relationship is because YES. I mean, there was a lot of drama toward the end which got a tad too much and these children needed some sense knocked into them, but we loved it anyway. I loved the anxiety rep. As mentioned, I loved the friendship, Aled and Frances were my faves. Especially Aled who is a cinnamon roll that needed a big hug. I loved all the pop culture and the teen portrayal was brilliant. I also really want to go listen to Universe City. Just WOW. It deserves all its praise and now I must go and read EVERYTHING Alice has written!

Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell {★★★★½}: Are the heaps of unread books on my bookshelf glaring at me right now? Why yes they are. Idk what took over me but I decided I needed to reread this book? Just on a whim and way out of the blue.  I read it WAY back in the day, I might have even done a review on my blog? Don’t go and look it up, I guarantee 1000% level cringe-ness. But we love Rainbow Rowell and I was ADDICTED to this book because I low-key forgot like basically everything. Yes, I have one brain cell. I like ADORE Carry On, so it was super awesome to go back and read all the alternate versions of the story. I really loved Cath and related to her a lot. Rainbow’s writing style is one of my faves. The reason I knocked off half a star was because I did have a few minor issues. Like I loved Levi but sometimes he needed to be pinched or something haHA. But I’m super glad I decided to reread it as I’m all in Wayward Son mode and my body is READY for that book.

Monthly Recap - tbr

Okay, so I almost completed the last one (not really stop lying to yourself). I actually have read a book this month already (and LOVED LOVED LOVED LOVED it) so I have hope? Probably shouldn’t put this much pressure on myself though because I’m a failure when it comes to TBRs, what can I sayyyy?!?!

  • Nevermoor: The Trials of Morrigan Crow by Jessica Townsend
  • A Torch Against The Night by Sabaa Tahir
  • The Bane Chronicles by Cassandra Clare & others

Monthly Recap - Online Stuff

Okay so legit the only thing I can think of that happened was that I surpassed 1300 Instagram followers? But the algorithm is hating me at the moment and I keep losing followers and then gaining them again? Ahh, the universe loves karma.

I don’t know if I mentioned this but I joined my friend’s like guest blogger list, which just means that I occasionally do posts over on this blog @ Mr Pink Ink. I should’ve mentioned this last recap but whoops

That GIF is way too accurate!

If you click on these images, they’ll send you through to the posts I did 🙂

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Gay Books You Need To Read For Pride ft. some on my tbr

Top 5 reads of 2019 [pink blots]

Monthly Recap - favourite posts

Okay so I only posted one other post last month but in cased you missed it, you can click on this image.


Monthly Recap - life updates

I am currently just over halfway through my prelim exams and they’re going well? I think? Almost done!

I feel like all I talk about is this but like my life is truly super boring. My anxiety has been okay I guess? I haven’t had any bad attacks, just general anxiousness??



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