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Hey, there lovely people.

This is a little bit of a different post than what I usually do BUT my favourite folks over at Bargain Books SA asked me to talk about this here on my blog so here I am <3

If you didn’t know and you’re not from the Cape Town & South Africa area, Bargain Books (which is a local national book store) hosts the epic warehouse sale. I’ve mentioned it a couple of times in some of my recaps and book hauls but never given you ALL the details. But today’s post is going to be dedicated to talking about the awesomeness of this book sale.

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L I N K S:

If you wanted to follow them on social media, which you should so you don’t miss out on any important information.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BargainbooksSA/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/bargainbookssa/

Twitter:  https://twitter.com/BargainBooksSA

Warehouse Sale Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/warehousebooksale_bb/

You can also click here if you were looking for the link to the Facebook event!

D A T E:


I was invited to the exclusive early access pre-sale event which was on the 13th of September which so fun so a huge thanks to Bargain Books and the Warehouse Sale for inviting me! I basically just got the opportunity to go around the warehouse with some of my favourite people and we go to show you what was available this round of the sale. I had the absolute best time as always. Even did a little video which you can peep on my Instagram (which is apparently just THE place to be!!)

I’m also going to link all of my friend’s socials if you wanted to check out what they found and just to show them all the love! There are also TONS of giveaways to go and enter eeekk!!

But the official is on the 24th of September 2019 starting from 09:00 until 17:00 pm so you have ALL DAY to shop till you drop (!!).

W H E R E:

So, unfortunately, the sale is only happening in Cape Town but if you do live in Cape Town here is the address and the Google Maps location 🙂

The Bargain Books Warehouse Book Sale

10 Mymoena Crescent

Athlone Indusria 2

Cape Town

On Google Maps

P R I C E S:

Okay I haven’t had the chance to talk about how awesome the prices are and the best reason to go. Books are super expensive basically everywhere, which is why I love going to this sale.

  • Children’s activity books are R20
  • Kids picture flats are R40
  • Paperbacks are R60
  • Trade paperbacks are R80
  • Hardbacks are R100
  • Box sets are R100 off the listed price only at the sale


There are just so many amazing titles to find at this sale. Generally, warehouse sales can be a drag because they just sell titles nobody ever buys. But not this one. There are always some great finds and some you may have never heard of.

Please do go and check out my Instagram because I’ve featured SO MANY of the books I’ve found there. Here are just some of the photos

C O F F E E:

Book shopping is exhausting people! Especially at the warehouse because I guarentee your legs will feel like mush haha. But you know who WILL be there??

The awesome Brew Etc truck will be at the Warehouse Sale!! YAY!!

You can click here to go to their Instagram. They really have some great coffee.


Bargain Books has specifically asked me to talk about the special they have on box sets which I mentioned earlier. If you go to the sale, they are all R100 off their original price which is super awesome. They are TONS to choose from, here are some of my favourite ones available that I thought you guys would be interested in!


Kids boxsets BBWS

young adult:

YA boxsets BBWS


I have found some of the most awesome books at these sales. Have I read most of them?  No. What other answer were you expecting haha? But truly, I’ve found some amazing titles at the sale.

Just took at these *screams in fangirl excitement*

What did I tell you?!


I truly always look forward to this event. I get to see all my friends and meet people. Bargain Books are such awesome folks to work with and are always supportive and let you be as creative as you want. I love gasping at the titles I didn’t expect to see on the piles which happens many a time. It is so much fun and I always come back with way too many books (obviously) but it’s worth it. The prices as I mentioned are amazing which is why I can get so many books.

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The Warehouse Sale is such a lovely event to attend and I always have the absolute best time. All you Cape Town bookworms needed to be there if you can. Hopefully, we can also meet because I love meeting new friends.








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