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MARCH RECAP // back home, getting my mojo back and to a better April

Hello, there my friends, how are we all holding up?

Boy is the entire freaking world glad that MARCH IS OVER!! Thank the high heavens.

Anyways, I’m attempting to get my recap up early so that I can share my APRIL TBR on time. But without further ado, let’s get into it.

One of Us Is Next by Karen M. McManus {½}: it is a true sadness that I only read ONE book last month, and that it only took me half a day to do so. But it’s fine. I really loved this book, which is a huge shock and also a pleasant surprise. But yeah, I had SO MUCH fun with it and thought that it was really well done. I was super invested in the mystery and really liked the main characters. I thought the plot was well done and the writing was easy to read. It was a tad slow at the beginning but otherwise, there aren’t any complaints. I actually already a whole review of this one up if you’d like to check it out – click here. Thanks to Penguin Random House SA for sending a copy my way!!


My list here is quite small, especially considering that I plan to read a ton of books this month to catch up on my Goodreads goal. Since Topping The TBR has started up again, I also have that to look forward to this month.

You’ve probably already heard of this and are most likely also participating in the O.W.L.S. READATHON. But I have FOMO and also want to do it so I don’t get left out even though I kinda suck at readathons.

I’m going super simple though, as my profession is just Journalist/Writer (which HA I’m doing IRL anyways). And then I thought it’d be fun to do the Magical Shop Management seminar. Basically my TBR is super easy. See:

History of Magic – book with witches/witch hunts:

Chain of Gold by Cassandra Clare

Muggle Studies – book from a perspective of a muggle (contemporary):

Meet Me At Midnight by Jessica Pennington

Arithmancy – read something outside your favourite genre:

The Devouring Gray by Christine Lynn Herman

Making my TBR any bigger would just be setting myself up for failure. Just know I do have a longer list in my head, which I shall try my hardest to stick. That isn’t saying much though whoops.


Wow, I just realised I may have hauled some of these in my recent and late recap so whoops. Some of those books I received in March. Double whoops.

Omg, so Pan Macmillan SPOILED me by sending me an ARC copy of Only Mostly Devastated by Sophie Gonzales, which is out now, just not in my country yet. It’s one of my most anticipated releases and I’m definitely wanting to read it this month too. They also sent me this beautiful FINISHED copy The Highland Falcon Thief by M.G. Leonard and Sam Sedgman, which I also have an ARC of. This is a middle grade which sounds super good and I’m very excited to get to it.

And then I randomly won a giveaway hosted by Exclusive Books, a local SA bookstore, and won a freaking SIGNED HARDCOVER of Children of Virtue and Vengeance by Tomi Adeyemi!!! AHHH *proceeds to scream* It has orange sprayed edges and is now officially one of my favourite books that I own now. Big thanks to EB!!




Folks, I was super boring last month because I basically only rewatched FRIENDS or rom-coms. So yeah, very boring.

I did, however, discover a new favourite artist namely CONAN GRAY OMG!! I freaking LOVE him so much, especially Kid Krow. The man is only 20 and I feel unaccomplished HA.

And that’s about it. I basically covered everything in my last recap. South Africa is currently in lockdown which is… weird?? And nobody knows what to do with their life anymore.





  • Lais @ The Bookish Skies

    ha, i also remember reading one of us is lying in half a day so it doesn’t surprise me at all to hear you devoured the sequel! i am looking forward to picking this one up, but i’ll probably wait until i can get my hands on a physical copy, because it’s definitely one i think i’d like to re-read in the future. i’m glad you enjoyed it so much!
    i am really happy to hear you’re joining o.w.l.s as well. the devouring gray is another book i really want to read and i’ll be looking forward to hearing your thoughts on it!
    only mostly devastated was such an amazing read. i really think you’ll love it! the cast of characters is not perfect, but i found them to be very realistic and the romance was so adorable, but with the perfect hint of angst.
    AND YES FOR CONAN GRAYYYY!!! i’ve been listening to him for a while now and he’s so great! his music is amazing and i love his new album too. what’s your favorite song? mine is probably little league, but i love heather as well.
    hope you have a great april! stay safe 💛

  • Ruby Rae Reads

    Omg Lais I’m so sorry, I never saw this comment!! Ily

    Eeeppp I hope you enjoy the sequel, and I’m so keen to hear what you have to say. Also omg if you haven’t read The Devouring Gray yet maybe we should plan a buddy read?? Idk?? You down?

    Wow also love that you commented on OMD, and I,,, didn’t love it welp. IM SORRY.

    CONAN CONAN CONAN I LOVE HIM SO SO SO MUCH!! Like literally have his music on all the time and my obsession is totally healthy… welp. I LOVE Checkmate. Like a lot.

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