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BINGE-WORTHY BOOK RECOMMENDATIONS FOR WHILE YOU’RE STUCK AT HOME // distracting yourself part 2: need an action-packed adventure or angsty romance? take your pick

The world is in shambles, but at least we have books to keep us company.

Okay no I know it’s not funny because it’s a stressful time right so I hope you’re doing okay. That you’re staying safe and healthy. And also, if you’re not reading then that’s also fine because same.

But I thought I’d do a lil recommendations post of books that I found are great to binge, that’s what we’re all doing right? I should just let you know though, that if Ruby can DEVOUR a book really quickly, anyone can tbh. Truly. So this list will be very easy to get through hehe *wink wink*

➳ There’s a part one of this series where I talk ROMANCE MOVIES!! So if you missed that, click HERE <3

Warcross by Marie Lu

This duology folks!! It’s a futuristic sci-fi story set like 20 years in the future or something. Not entirely sure so don’t quote me on that. It’s got virtual reality and this video game called Warcross, which is like an action-adventure type game. Super cool. I’m bad at explaining, I apologise. Anyways, this book is so addictive. Our main character, Emika Chen, is super awesome, SHE’S GOT RAINBOW HAIR!! And thereby reached the ultimate goddess tier. The writing is really easy to read and the world is just SO COOL. That is the best way I can describe it. I’m a woman of the words I know.

The characters are also so great. Emika is badass and spunky. She’s what they call a bounty hunter, so she does some maybe illegal things. And her Warcross teammates are THE BEST!! It’s just a great time people and you can for sure devour them. The second book is also great. Highly recommend ’em.


Stalking Jack The Ripper by Kerri Maniscalco

Oooh, this one is fun. In my opinion, not the most amazing series out there, but it is super well-loved so I guess that’s on you to decide. Anyways, this is a historical fiction mystery series, set in Victorian London (one of my favourite time periods). It follows these two characters, Audrey Rose and Thomas, who are trying to uncover who Jack The Ripper is, well the first book is. Each book follows a different mystery

It’s just very easy to fall into, you don’t have to think too hard. I like the characters, the writing is fine, nothing special but still good. It’s got GREAT banter, which is always a fun time. I very much disliked the third book and I have yet to get to the finale (hopefully soon) but yeah. This is just a fun distraction, I think.

Give it a try? Idk.


An Ember In The Ashes by Sabaa Tahir

We’re going to ignore the fact that I haven’t continued with this series so you can stop glaring at me. I am in fact PETRIFIED to read the sequel. Which is my only excuse okay. Moving on. I do plan on just rereading the first book and then the rest of the series later this year in preparation for the conclusion.

This freaking series IS SO FREAKING AMAZING!! And Ruby here has only read book one and still consider it a favourite. That’s how good it is. I just remember being so engulfed, I read Ember SO FAST. The writing is just *chef’s kiss* and the world is so amazing. It’s inspired by the Roman Empire, so it’s pretty brutal, but still just WHOAH. And boy oh boy are the characters spectacular. It’s why I’ve been petrified. Because Sabaa is MEAN to them and my little-bittle heart is NOT PREPARED. But this year I WILL catch up because I just need to stop putting it off.



Serpent and Dove by Shelby Mahurin

This book may be trash but is that not PERFECT for right now?! It is. And I read this thicc book in like three days. Basically you could read it in like one and a half then HA. I should stop being self-deprecating…

Anyways, this is a historical fiction fantasy set in France in the late 1700s (or 1800s I can’t remember) and it’s got romance and witches and witch-hunters. And it’s great. As I said, it’s not the most amazing ever, there are some problematic elements and I didn’t LOVE everything about it. But I had SO MUCH fun. It’s freaking HILARIOUS!! Like SO FUNNY. The romance is great to ship and I really loved the world and magic system.

Very excited for the sequel to come. Click here for my spoiler-free review!!



The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins

You may have read this book, I do know that. But you also may be of the few who hasn’t so we’re just going to go with it. Also, take note that this series will either be THE BEST or WORST to read right now so beware?? Whoops. I never said I was a pro at recommendations.

Also I just recently binge reread earlier this year and it was GREAT. Also, peep this photoshoot I did with my bestest friends Amy and Meredith (who’s the photographer hehe).

This series will FOR SURE distract you from the world. It may also be scary but also at least there’s no disease that made the world turn to crap welp. So what’ve we got? A terrible government who are demented and kinda need brain transplants. There’s a game where teenagers are forced to fight to the death for entertainment. But then there’s rebellion and also amazing characters. Plus PLOT which is fantastic. Everything you could ever need amirite.

*runs away*

Tweet Cute by Emma Lord

Omg, I freaking ADORE THIS BOOK TO PIECES!! And it’s such a PERFECT book to read right now. So if you came from my previous movie recommendations post and have since watched You’ve Got Mail, then you’ve found your book recommendation. I am AN ACTUAL GENIUS. It’s like a game up in here!

This book is just SO WONDERFUL. The writing is witty and fabulous. It’s cheesy and the romance is just YES fantastic. Emma Lord is such a cool human bean. This book has baking and anonymous online texting. Slight enemies-to-lovers is also thrown in there. I mean a RECIPE for success. You can also totally binge this one. It’s just so brilliant and truly one of the best teen rom-com books I’ve read, as a teen myself : )

Click here for my lil book review < 3


The Cruel Prince by Holly Black

If you’ve been holding off on this series then NOW’S YOUR CHANCE! Because boy is it a treat to binge. First off, you can for sure distract yourself with this because it’s about living in the world of faeries.

The writing is just wow beautiful and also quirky at the same time. If that makes sense. The world is rich and the fae is scary. It’s the characters that make it great. They’re all like evil. But also amazing and we love them? Did I mention there’s romance? Not yet huh. Because that’s the best part of the books.

Yeah so ENEMIES-TO-LOVERS gloriousness. It’s so freaking delicious omg. It’s not the most healthy but it is sure yummy. I LOVED the last book, The Queen of Nothing, it was one of my favourite reads of last year. AHHHH WE LOVE!!

Click here for a review of basically a series review xx enjoy.


One of Us Is Next by Karen M. McManus

I just recently read this one and had such a fun time. This one is for sure my favourite of Karen M McManus’s work. I did really enjoy One of Us Is Lying, unfortunately, Two Can Keep A Secret fell flat for me. But I’m not kidding when I say that this is one of the few MYSTERY books that I genuinely enjoyed because of the mystery plotline. It isn’t my favourite genre and I rarely actually like the mystery element of the book so I’m glad I did this one.

Karen’s writing is super easy to read and follow. I LOVE her characters. I was on the edge of my seat. I liked the game part of the book too. I think she does great dialogue and description. I also LOVED seeing Nate and Bronwyn from book one because they’re my forever faves, great romance people. Just all around really good.

Click here for a spoiler-free book review.


Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo

Also a book you’ve most likely read but whatever, reread it okay.

Really. Go and reread it.

Folks this series has a HEIST. Which just yES.

But also Leigh Bardugo is amazing and a queen. Her writing is phenomenal. Her fantasy world is amazing. It’s inspired by Rotterdam I think. And the characters? ALSO PHENOMENAL. You just need to read these books. You won’t regret it I promise.

I can’t make them sound any better, can’t do it justice. I’d just be embarrassing myself and I don’t need to do any more of that today folks.


Red, White and Royal Blue by Casey McQuiston

Wow is this book a glory to behold. If you haven’t read it yet, I don’t know how you’ve avoided it. But if you have, also just reread it. I don’t make the rules here friends.

It’s also set in 2020. Which is um cool. It’s a better version of 2020 lemme tell you.

Also, it’s gay. You don’t need to know much more.

I’ll tell you more anyways. So basically the US is now run by a woman and there’s an enemies-to-lovers(??) romance between the First Son of the president and the Prince of England. I hesitate to say enemies-to-lovers because, in my opinion, they don’t remain enemies long enough for it to be that much of a hate-to-love. But it’s wonderful and queer and also my favourite book of last year. I don’t need to say anymore because I won’t be able to do this masterpiece justice. Go read it k bye.

Oh and read my review here *heart eyes*


The Illuminae Files by Jay Kristoff & Amie Kaufman

Also, a trilogy that I binged when we were on vacation last year. It was WOW A FREAKING WILD RIDE. Which is why I’m here. Right now. Telling you to read it. Right now.

No, but seriously it’s great. It’s a sci-fi book, set in space yes. But trust me, if you hate space books then after you’ve read this I swear your opinion will change. That’s what happened to me. It’s told in a multi-media format, like video footage transcripts, IMs, etc. And it’s this sort of mystery since it’s about this corporation who attacks a planet and the refugees flee to the neighbouring space ships. The first book is about a couple who’ve just broken up but land up talking to each other from different ships (they lonely) and try to uncover who attacked their home. Yeah, it’s pretty awesome. Plus it’s so FUNNY and incredibly action-packed. My anxiety was ruined is all you need to know. Oh and ROMANCE YES. These books broke me. Oh well.

Also have reviews up for each book: book 1, book 2 & book 3 eyyy!!

And there we have it. I truly hope that these recommendations were of some help. I mean I LOVED all these books, so hopefully, you will too.

Again, hope your staying safe and at home if you can. My country is under lockdown which is stressful. Yep.

Anyways sending love and strength your way if you need it.



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