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APRIL RECAP // I read 11 books and may have watched a new show so I must be a new person

Yes, that is the best clickbait title I have ever come up with.

Hi hello, this is me, yet again, trying and of course, heavily failing, to be on time with recaps. Emphasis on failing. I also didn’t have any other posts planned and it was about time I uploaded a recap. So here we are today. I have a very eventful thought process I know.

I guess just welcome to my chaotic brain??

I should stop now? Let’s just get into the many books I read.

Meet Me At Midnight by Jessica Pennington {}: er my gosh did I super duper love this book. It was just so much freaking fun and I thoroughly enjoyed the few days we got to spend together. First of all, are you not already intrigued by this cover? Because that was what made me want to read it. Secondly, I have a whole blog post review up so I’m going to send you over there for more thoughts because we have a lot of books to talk about today – click here!! What did I love about this book? I loved the banter and the summer/lake setting. I loved the semi enemies-to-lovers element of the story. I loved our my new cinnamon roll child that is Asher, our male love interest. The only thing that knocked off a star was the drama at the end, an aspect I always dislike in books. Otherwise, it was lovely <3 Thanks to TorTeen for the eARC.

Imagine Me by Tahereh Mafi {½}: folks I was impatient okay. I couldn’t wait and I had FOMO. So I indulged myself. And it was a great time. I read this book in like one sitting. Swear I did not put it down. And I KNOW this series isn’t the best. This is by far not the best in the series and I don’t think they’re perfect. But I am I thoroughly invested? Yes, I am. Did I have a fun time? Yes. That’s it. That’s all you need to know. This finale left some unanswered questions, yes, but I still really enjoyed it. Especially one scene towards the end. Still rereading it to this day. What can I say for myself? Truly nothing. I’m just a whole mess and Warnette trash welp.

Get a Life, Chloe Brown by Talia Hibbert {★☆☆}: this book was… something else. Welp. I am so sorry to everyone who, like, adored this book. Don’t get me wrong, I still liked it, but unfortunately what made it good didn’t make up for the aspects that didn’t sit well with me. I also have A WHOLE blog post with all the thoughts in it and I can explain it better there. can i though?? In short, I loved the representation and writing. But didn’t love the chemistry between the characters nor did I go in expecting there to be smut, which isn’t an issue, but there was the use of c-, p- and t- words which made me feel really uncomfortable. So yeah there’s that. Still enjoyable just not my favourite. Thanks to for the ALC and click here for my review.



I went on a spree and read a whole bunch of graphic novels so I thought I’d just mention them all here.

Cat’s Cafe by Matt Tarpley {}: this book was so freaking adorable I LOVED IT. The illustrations were lovely. The messages throughout this book were so great, they talked a lot about anxiety and making friends. All that good, relatable stuff. I loved the colours and all the animals. Just an all-around good time. Out May 26th and thanks to Andrews McMeel Publishers for the eARC.

Happily Ever After & Everything In Between by Debbie Tung {★☆☆}: This book was… strange. I liked the idea, in theory. But I thought the execution and format just didn’t work. I liked the cute aspect of the married couple and the ‘introvert things’ they did, but each page was like a spread of one decision and then it ended and moved onto a new topic. So it was just choppy and didn’t have any solid storyline. It was enjoyable but just didn’t bring much else to the table. Out June 2nd – granted by Andrews McMeel Publishing.

Hans Christian Andersen: The Journey of His Life by Heinz Zanich & Maja Kastelic {★☆☆}: I feel sort of the same with this one. I was at first really excited about this one because I didn’t know all that much about Hans Christian Andersen’s life. But oh my this book was so flipping short. So I went in wanting to learn something but it just didn’t deliver at all. I thought the story was cute and I really loved the colours and the art style. But otherwise, the book was just pretty bland and it didn’t deliver anything. Out September 1st – granted by NorthSouth Books.

The Little Mermaid by Hans Christian Andersen & illustrated by Bernadette Watts {★½☆}: hi hello my favourite Disney princess movie is The Little Mermaid. So I might’ve squealed when I saw this was available to read. But I also knew that the original tale is different from the movie – I’m pretty sure I’ve now read the original now because there were a lot of words in this for what looked like a children’s book. And it was good, I liked it. I love the language of that time period. But the illustrations were so weird?? It’s like they tried to make this story for kids in picture book format but the story itself is not suitable and is very dense. And also the illustrations just didn’t fit, they were out of context and it wasn’t like an ‘illustrated’ novel. It was just as if there were random pictures in there. Weird, I know. I still liked it, it was just not what I was expecting from this book at all. Out September 1st – granted by NorthSouth Books.

Fairytale of London by Cassandra Clare {}: I am absolute trash and may have reread this story too many times. It’s beautiful, amazing and I just,,, am not over myself. Please cry with me.

Chain of Gold by Cassandra Clare {TBA}: i am in pain after reading this book. I also don’t know what I want to say just yet. I know I loved it. But I also am in the process of rereading it. I think it also just feels so surreal and I genuinely feel as if I haven’t read this book yet. And I know I loved all of it, the characters and the plot were fantastic. But ughhh my heart hurts. So reread shall happen!!!

Anne of Green Gables by L.M. Montgomery {}: I am so glad I’ve finally read this book eek!! I’ve wanted to read it in its entirety for AGES now, so I finally one evening did so and ahh such a marvellous time. I read along with the audiobook, narrated by Rachel McAdams, which was freaking amazing and I loved doing that. I just love this story. I loved the writing and the whole vibe you get from that era. The language is just amazing. I love Anne as the main character. She’s just so great and makes me crack up. Freaking love Gilbert also, I mean of course. I just love everything this book stands for and all its messages. Perfection x1000

The Flatshare by Beth O’Leary {}: see now this is the adult romance that I wanted and what I was looking for. But also wow did I love this book. It was just,,, so refreshing for me. I haven’t read many adult books, so I mean it’s, not a shock when they deal with more mature topics, but you know, it’s different. I just thoroughly loved this book. I loved the writing and the way it was told. I loved the main characters and their chemistry. The romance was perfect. I loved the side characters and the subsequent sub-plotlines. The book was just so well-rounded. The characters were all really well fleshed out. I loved how the author incorporated Tiffy’s backstory (TW: of course not the actual fact that she was emotionally abused but you get it) because I’ve never read about that before. Ugh, I just loved this book and am so glad I read it. For sure going to try out more from this genre now. Review to come.


Omg, look-see, I completed the OWLS!! Like I read books that I was supposed to. Except for one but I still completed the prompt. It must be a miracle. Or the apocalypse. Whoops, I’m sorry. Here are the books I want to read.

  • An Ember In The Ashes by Sabaa Tahir
  • Chain of Gold by Cassandra Clare
  • The Raven Boys by Maggie Stiefvater
  • Only Mostly Devastated by Sophie Gonzalez
  • The Love That Split The World by Emily Henry
  • The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern
  • The Devouring Gray by Christine Lynn Herman
  • Frankly In Love by David Yoon
  • The Extraordinaries by TJ Klune
  • Harry Potter & The Order of The Phoenix by JK Rowling

I’ve been listening to a ton of music lately. Music that is usually not my preferred genre. But omg I DISCOVERED CONAN GRAY AND YES!! I freaking love his music. I like how it’ really new and different. But I also feel incredibly unsuccessful because we’re like the same age and yeah you know. I swear I’m not trying to be basic here, you can’t deny the man isn’t talented. And relatable. Love both his EP and Kid Krow (iconic album art btw).

I also more recently have been loving Benee. She’s so great and truly all of her songs are so good?? Doesn’t get enough credit.

But oohh I’m sure you’re wondering about the tv show. Well yes, I did indeed cave and binge High School Musical: The Musical: The Series. Yes wow. I was just like, I should give it another shot and I started watching it with the intention of just watching a few episodes. But they all end on freaking cliffhangers, so I say ‘yeah I’ll just watch like 10 minutes of the next episode’ and by the time I’ve done that the episode is basically over. They’re not long enough ahhh. Anyways, it was actually okay. Not groundbreaking or anything, but really fun. I liked all the music and what they did with it. The script was… something else. I also desperately wanted to give the dumbo that is Ricky a freaking hug. Somebody, please! Anyways, yes I actually watched a new show. Another miracle.

It is the apocalypse friends. Because I’m currently watching a different show (we’ll chat about it next month hehe).

Not much to update on really. I’ve been doing all my uni work at home. Which I actually quite like. My sleep schedule is all messed up though because I don’t have to be up early in the mornings so I’m a rebel and sleep late. University work has been keeping me busy, we don’t have live classes which isn’t great for my procrastination but oh well.

Anyways. Not much else is happening.

Apart from me feeling weird for reasons that I have no idea what they are. WHAT IS LIFE ANYMORE?




  • Lais @ The Bookish Skies

    11 books, this is amazingggg!
    meet me at midnight has such an adorable cover, honestly. i feel like readathons constantly have a prompt for books set around water, so i’ll keep an eye out for this one whenever i stumble upon this prompt again.
    all these graphic novels look adorable AF. i thought the concept of happily ever after was really interesting, but i’m bummed the format didn’t necessarily work for the story as well.
    i am already in love with your TBR. only mostly devastated was one of my favorite reads of this year, and i think you’ll love it.
    AND CONAN GRAY!!! AND HSMTMTS!!!!#*!#(! omg ruby. conan gray is the best. i’ve bene following him for a while and it always makes me so happy to see people finding out about him and listening to his stuff. recently, taylor swift gave him a shoutout in social media and i cried like it was me, hahah. his music is incredibly relatable and i think he captures the voice of our generation so well.
    i also pretty much watched high school musical the musical the series in one sitting. it was too addictive! hahah, i am really glad you watched it. even though the show has its issues (why so many close ups), i am still in love with it. especially the soundtrack! wondering is probably my favorite track. let me know if you have a favorite if you’ve listened to it.
    hope you’re having a great may so far! 💛

    • Ruby Rae Reads

      Lais omg your comments always make my day <3 <3 <3

      Oh yes MMAM is a perfect readathon read, you can easily get lost in it and it goes super fast.

      ahhh I'm SO excited to get to Only Mostly Devastated, I read a couple of pages a few days ago and I could already tell it'd be something I'd enjoy..

      I definitely do have an unhealthy obsession with Conan Gray whoops. It's fine, I'm fine. (also yes saw the swift shoutout SO AMAZING!!)

      Yeah, I'm with you on HSMTMTS, I don't love a lot of aspects, especially the format, I'm not a fan of outtakes *nervous laughter* but I LOVED the music too. I was shocked at how good the original songs were. I did, however, pick up on autotune which didn't sound great but apart from that, it was a fun time 🙂 I think my favourite was Wondering, that one actually gave me chills the first time, and then Just For A Moment. Of the originals, my fave HSM songs aren't in this movie, only Breaking Free haha.

      Right back at ya!! xxx you're the best

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