RAMBLING ABOUT THE HUNGER GAMES BEFORE THE PREQUEL IS OUT // less than a week ft. the best book, why gale is a piece of cardboard & much excitement!!

Is this post useless? Yes. But am I doing it anyway? Indeed.

I’m sorry you unfortunate souls who a) don’t care and b) haven’t read the masterpiece that is The Hunger Games trilogy.

But also if you haven’t been around then you wouldn’t know that I did a reread of this series back in February and had like the best time of my life. And idk I wanted to do this semi-countdown (was trying to get this up a few days ago but alas uni work). As I said this post may be pointless? I don’t care, it’s my post okay.

I have no idea how this post is going to pan out so I wish you luck on this rollercoaster alongside both myself and also these books because WOW.

Also CAUTION: this post does have some spoilers, not many, and most are minor but be cautious.


See now even I’m regretting doing this because I have no idea where to start. Love that for me.

Maybe we should start off with how ahead of its time this trilogy is. I mean we all knew that but reading them in 2020 woweeeee *insert exclamation point*

First off, I guess I just wanted to comment on the actual writing, because if we’re being completely honest, it isn’t mind-blowing. The way they’re written is another discussion!!  I think the writing vastly improved in after book one but I was blown away in book one. Everything else is obviously superb, but I noticed that specifically with the first book, the writing was just fine. Katniss as a narrator is what makes the book compelling. Anybody else feel that?

The premise is… amazing. The Games are obviously not good or morally right, but the fact that someone thought of this idea like blows my mind. Round of applause, ladies and gentlefolk.

Characters? Amazing. Katniss, Peeta, Finnick, Johanna, Prim, Cinna, Effie. Ughh so great. Plus they make you root for the story. Suzanne Collins wrote them so well, they’re all so well-developed and feel very real. I just love them okay. It’s enough. I want to be their friends too, even though no thanks at the same time. It’s a scary life.

I truly struggle to find words and coherently describe why I love them so much ahh! Is genius not enough? The plot is excellent! The build-up and the way the story unfolds happens in such a perfect way.

Prescribed literature? Why this book can be considered a modern classic.

As a new university student, and having to actually pay attention to aspects of literature that scholars study, I’ve realised how actually truly genius this trilogy is. Not that I didn’t know that before, but I’ve begun to notice all the actual messages beneath the surface-level story.

Topics like propaganda culture, anti-violence and anti-war themes, authoritarian and totalitarian governments. There’s, of course, the fact that entertainment and media consumption is dehumanising and goes against human rights, the topic of sponsorships and the influence they have on people’s behaviours. We also can study human instinct and survival, a more obvious message. Suzanne Collins deserves a round of applause for not only writing a story that people genuinely love and enjoy but also has packed it full of these so very important messages that are studied on a scholarly level. We didn’t deserve this.

(hi hello I love that my playlist shuffled to Atlas by Coldplay which is on the CF soundtrack as I write this. It must be a sign!!)

There’s so much more to unpack, I shan’t do it right now because essays already consume my life ugh. I am linking this blog post and a youtube video from creators that opened up some insight on these that I thought were really well done < 3


I’m hoping you’re still here because this post may still be useless welp send help.

Anyways, I just wanted to squelch about how Catching Fire is basically the best book ever written? And you can’t argue with that. I just,,, have endless praise. After my reread, I’ve given it an official spot on my “favourite books of all time list”. I was dumb to not know that previously, but oh well better late than never.

So the reason I think it’s amazing? It’s just the S-T-A-K-E-S!! It’s the direct continuation of, in my opinion, a smaller plot that becomes this large animal that everybody is trying to deal with. And then the fact that Katniss and Peeta are forced to go back into the arena, which is ya know, not fun. Yet it’s what makes the books good, the actual atmosphere that the second games create, amps up at the entire plot.

And then the movie?? Is just as epic. Not everyone loves them, but in my most humble opinion, it’s one of THE BEST adaptations. It’s rated 90% on Rotten Tomatoes for a reason people. The set is amazing, the plot and action scenes are done superbly. I love the cast, the movies are what introduced me to the series so they’re very nostalgic for me. It has the same feel and atmosphere is basically spot on.

I say basically because they changed some things and left some scenes out, but everything that needed to be there was. I mean I would’ve loved chapter 17 to be there, which contains Katniss and Peeta on the roof but that’s just me because I love them whoops. They also left out the scene at the beginning where she falls out of the tree, which is a small moment, but again don’t think was essential to be there or anything. Not everything can be in an adaptation, which is fine.

I just,,, wow love this film. It’s officially gained a spot on my favourites list because of course!! I knew it had to be there, but after this reread I just KNOW. It’s just oof *chef’s kiss* we love to see it.

Let’s chat about Gale…

I just CANNOT with this man. Look, I KNOW he had to be there to save Katniss’s family and then District 12. And that he was useful for approximately 1/4 of Mockingjay but still. I just… *shakes fists*. I tweeted out the other day for all you Team Gale folk come and explain to me while you like him PLEASE. Believe me, I’ve tried, but I just ALWAYS get annoyed. I’m not bashing Suzanne Collins because he is a very necessary character (plus I love her so way too much) but aghhh *blood boils & teeth grind*

Maybe I’m biased because I like Peeta more. Actually I am biased because I LOVE that boy. BUT STILL.

Is this argument useless? Yes, it is. But you know, I have to confess. He’s just always jealous and, in comparison to Peeta.. well? Peeta is patient and forgiving and very not jealous. He’s the only one who’s gone through what Katniss has in the Games. And those are ya know traumatising. And I,,, we could be here for a while HA.

Also, I mean like the end of Mockingjay kinda proves my point? Actually even before that, with District 2. Just no no no no. I don ‘t like it. There was a small moment in book two but I honestly can’t remember it now whoops. My sympathy moment soon retreated and we went back to ‘Please for the love of Panem STOP’

Have I proved my point?

Actually no if you are a Gale-lover, GO YOU. I would genuinely like to know why. I’m in no way saying you’re wrong even though I kinda am. I should stop now? Yeah okay.

Why I loved Mockingjay

I know a lot of people dislike this book and have said like it’s the worst in the series? But I personally don’t agree. I mean I understand why: it’s slow and feels really different. But that’s because it was meant to and its the exact reason why I love it!!

But also like, in what other way could it have been done? In my eyes, there was no other way for the book to unfold. There had to be Katniss doing propaganda and then the way the war happened was fitting. There couldn’t be another Games, so like genius that there was technically one. Props to Finnick for pointing it out to us.

You get me?

The Prequel

Title: The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes
Series: The Hunger Games book #0
Author: Suzanne Collins
Page count: 540
Date published: 19 May 2020
Genre: Young Adult dystopian


It is the morning of the reaping that will kick off the 10th annual Hunger Games. In the Capitol, 18-year-old Coriolanus Snow is preparing for his one shot at glory as a mentor in the Games. The once-mighty house of Snow has fallen on hard times, its fate hanging on the slender chance that Coriolanus will be able to out charm, outwit, and outmaneuver his fellow students to mentor the winning tribute.

The odds are against him. He’s been given the humiliating assignment of mentoring the female tribute from District 12, the lowest of the low. Their fates are now completely intertwined – every choice Coriolanus makes could lead to favour or failure, triumph or ruin. Inside the arena, it will be a fight to the death. Outside the arena, Coriolanus starts to feel for his doomed tribute… and must weigh his need to follow the rules against his desire to survive no matter what it takes.

We can ignore the fairly ugly cover and title. Again, I get it, they’re fitting, the cover matches the original set and the title. Well I don’t know about the title. Scholastic went wrong and didn’t need to use the very basic YA name formula. Come on folks, you have a very large budget and could’ve done better.

But that aside, again, everybody’s HATING on the synopsis?? And… I see it, but I also think we should have a little faith in Suzanne Collins!! She’s not going to let us fall in love with Snow who she killed for a reason? This is a villain origin story, which has been done before and has it EVER made you love (for being good people) with them? No. They always land up being the villain. And I’ve never sympathised with them? Like we all know Voldemort’s backstory, and we still hate him? So why is this different?

I’m just glad we’re getting another book. I would’ve liked a Mags book, yes, but Imma still be trash and read this. Plus I’m lowkey very intrigued to see how Suzanne tells the story of the Games from another perspective. It’s also told in the third person which is very different from our Katniss perspective.

Again we’ll see. I’m INCREDIBLY excited and I have HIGH hopes that this book will slap and think it could be a favourite of the year? Trying not to raise my hopes too high but I have FAITH in Suzanne Collins, who could be the saviour of 2020.


I think that’s it for today. I think I’m done. I have too many feelings I know.

I hope this was readable? It’s super out of my comfort zone. I’m just lowkey ranting so I hope at least somebody cares and agrees. Wow okay, I’m going to leave now. I’m excited about the prequel.

currently me:





  • ~Kerys

    I have too many incoherent thoughts but:
    – ewww gale. anyone who prefers gale to peeta?! Are?! you?! okay?!
    – I can’t wait for the new book! I would have like a Haymitch CG backstory or literally anyone else but I really hope it’s good!
    – is it a crime if I haven’t actually watched any of the movies ??

    Loved this post so much and i really want to reread the series now!

    • Ruby Rae Reads

      omg kerys!!! IM DYING!!! Yes ew to them

      For sure agree with you. I’m more down for characters that we like backstories but I’m excited nonetheless

      Yes it is a crime. WATCH THEM OMG THEY’RE SPECTACULAR. I’m genuinely shocked tbh…

      Tysm <3 was slightly nervous about this post *hides*

  • Lais @ The Bookish Skies

    i am so incredibly late to this post that by now ballads of snakes and songbirds has already been released! i haven’t heard the most flattering stuff about it, though, which is sad, but hopefully you’ll enjoy it!
    i really don’t feel the same way about this series now as i once did. i actually have always found katniss a very difficult narrator to follow. i don’t know if it’s because i found her deeply unlikeable, but i also think this series would’ve been stronger if we were following 3rd person. it would’ve been a great chance to explore the capitol and what was going on in the other districts. that’s probably why i ended up liking the movies a lot more than the books – because it allowed us to explore outside of what just katniss was experiencing.
    i agree, though, that i can totally see the hunger games series being studied in classrooms in the future. i know a lot of people argue that it is just another dystopian, in the same vein as george orwell’s, but i think the “metalanguage” is what makes this series so interesting! if you think about how, after the first movie was released, people were more worried about team gale or team peeta rather than the themes the series was discussing: that was a lot of what’s happening in the books as well! even if it wasn’t intentional for the author to do that, i think it makes this series even more interesting to be studied.
    i really love the catching fire movie as well. i think the best part about it is how it allows us to see other tributes and what happens to them once they win the games. i just found the second half of the book to be quite confusing, and i never totally understood the way the arena worked as a clock, not gonna lie, lol.
    i actually really liked gale when i first read this series, hahahah. but then again, i don’t know how i’d feel about him if i re-read these books today. but Since You Asked, i think it’s okay if i go in a tiny rant about why i like him, hahah. i really liked how strong and protective he was, and also the fact he never lost hope. at the beginning of book one, when he says he’d have kids, if he didn’t live there. he had it even harder than katniss growing up because he had to take care of all his siblings and even in the midst of all that, he still could see enough silver linings that made him want to have kids. the only reason why he wouldn’t have them is because he wouldn’t want them to worry or fear about the games. i also think it’s nice that he volunteers to save peeta from the capitol in mockingjay and how he saves so much of district 12 and still beats himself up for not doing enough. in my opinion, i think his character was done dirty by the end of the series so that he couldn’t be a “choice” anymore, but idk!
    this was still a super entertaining post! i am sorry that my comment turned out to be a whole freaking essay, though!

    • Ruby Rae Reads

      Lais you freaking always leave the best comments, thank you!!

      I know ahh, although I’ve also seen 5 star reviews, so it seems to be pretty mixed. I think Imma love it, I have FAITH in Suzanne haha. Hopefully going to get to it soon, most likely in about a week or so. I’M SO EXCITED!!!!

      Oh wow third person?!? See now I feel the complete opposite. But I’m definitely with you on the movies adding more the world, it’s why I love them so much. You really do need to reread them, you’d be surprised, because I think you could change your mind hehehe

      YES OMG YOU NAILED IT!! The metalanguage was so important. I’m just truly in awe about how there was you know Team Peeta vs Gale AND how they were such important themes weaved throughout. Why can’t ALL classics be like that welp.

      dude truly rereread/rewatch them, the clock makes sense i promise. ugh its such genius.

      Okay okay I can understand. Still didn’t think there needed to be a romance though. And I will admit, I do admire him in some ways. It’s just,,, he despised the ‘enemy’ so much and had no compassion. He was literally willing to blow up District 2 even though there were innocent people in there. Ew no thanks. I liked how he was protective, but not always because there were other ways where he could’ve been protective you know?

      Also wow was literally just going to thank you for your essay (great minds think alike *wink wink*)

  • Emily

    Omg I relate to this post so much!! I first read the series when I was like 11. Fast forward seven years and I had to re-read them for a university course. And can I just say that I had the absolute best time?! Not only did I love re-visiting them, but learning about them in a scholarly sense was so fascinating. We definitely talked about some of the strong themes you mentioned, such as media consumption, propaganda, and different political spectrums. This had only been my second time reading the books, so it was amazing how many new things I learnt that I wouldn’t have picked up on when I was a kid.

    Also, yes, Catching Fire is a masterpiece. We get Finnick, we get Mags, we get Johanna, we get Peeta being amazing. I cannot believe that when I first read the series I was team Gale. I think I just liked Liam Hemsworth lol. But now I see that he was so trash. Definitely obsessed with Katniss a little too much and needed to just let her go. In fact for my course I wrote a whole essay on how he was the embodiment of toxic masculinity lol. Oh how the tables have turned.

    I really enjoyed this post! You just earned yourself a new follower 😀

    • Ruby Rae Reads

      Um first of all, THANK YOU for this lovely comment. And secondly I WOULD DIE if I had to read it for uni because omg YES?!?! You can bet I’d analyse every word haha. Most passionate essay they’d ever see.

      I… have seen a lot of people say that they only like Gale for Liam Hemsworth. Which yay for you but eh I was never that obsessed and I watched the movies first and was irritated with him from the never beginning haha.


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