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NOMINATIONS FOR THE FOURTH ANNUAL BOOK BLOGGER AWARDS // my favourite book bloggers who you should be following! ft. all the squealing & making up lost time

I have absolutely NO idea why I didn’t do this last year so this is long overdue. But we’re also here to spread the love and shower all the amazing bloggers with love because they deserve it. And I feel like I’m making up for lost time ya know?

Truly what was I even doing this time last year that I didn’t participate? And the years before that. Memory, who is she?

I have been slowly picking up the blogging game and especially as of late trying to blog hop as much as possible. Because I’m terrible at it. But we’re getting there. So quite a few of my nominations I’ve only recently found and/or interacted with. None of these lovely bloggers needs my shoutout but I want to do it anyway.

Also, before we get into it, let’s just credit the brilliant hosts: May and Marie, who are amazing and I love and admire them a lot. Big thanks for putting in all the effort you two! Let’s just proceed on with the nominations < 3

Also before we get into, wanted to give a big thank you to anybody who has nominated me and that you’d even consider me. I truly feel very honoured and appreciate it!!

Let us now go forth.


Best Pre-Teen/Teen Book Blogger (13-19)

Kerys @ Everlasting Library

Kerys is one of my absolute favourite blogger humans. Like ever. And I consider her a close friend. Her blog is so funny and a joy to read. I can always trust her recommendations and reading her posts always brings a smile to my face. She’s been gone for a while but is back YAY! There was no other option than to not have her name here.

Honourable mention:

Jo @ A Dragon of Words

My bestest friend doesn’t want me to talk about her but I COULDN’T not but let’s just say she’s the best and I adore everything she puts out. That is all

Best Adult Book Blogger (20+)

Read By Tiffany

Tiffany @ Read by Tiffany

Tiffany… is just also one of my absolute favourites. This post is going to be very repetitive welp. But truly, she just started a Booktube and Tiff basically slays at everything and I’m just,,, such a huge admirer. She’s a college-going student yet still manages to post regular blog posts, videos and Instagram photos and they’re all phenomenal. TEACH ME YOUR WAYS TIFF < 3


Young Adult

Taasia @ Librae Paints Pages

I literally adore ALL of Taasia’s content, she reads such great books and our taste is so similar. And I just KNOW I can hop on over to her blog for good recommendations!! So much effort goes into all of her posts and they’re always tons of fun to read.


Maha @ Sunshine n Books

I’ve only recently discovered Maha and all her content and I,,, am so obsessed?? First of all, her photos are all so stunning!! But also she’s the nicest ever and posts such great romance recs. As well as K-drama recs! And we love to see it and I instantly knew I had to put Maha here.


Best Book Reviews

Paper Fury

Cait @ Paper Fury

By some miracle, Cait accepted my friend request on Goodreads and anytime I’m interested in a book, her review pops up and I literally sometimes just truly go off that when I’m deciding whether or not I want to read. I’m usually instantly sold. I LOVE Cait’s reviews, they’re always so inventive and most of all FUNNY. Cait just has a way with wit and her reviews are just *chefs kiss* I ASPIRE FOR THE TALENT!!

Best Book Recommendations

Marie @ Drizzle & Hurricane

Marie and I have such similar taste, as well as a rating system and I often notice we rate books exactly the same without even realising it. So I just know I can trust her recommendations and always go away from them wanting to read ALL. THE. BOOKS. Her reviews are also always so well thought out and structured and I THRIVE to be so organised. Both Marie and her sister Nyx are just agh THE BEST.

Best Discussion Posts

Olivia @ Purely Olivia

I’ve also only recently started reading Olivia’s post but um,,, I LOVE THEM SO MUCH!! I’m so terrible at discussion posts sometimes because my interest can dwindle and I can’t read the whole post (not because it’s bad or anything, it’s purely a me thing), but I just want to read Olivia’s every word. She’s so well-spoken yet easy to read and we have a lot of the same opinions as well as taste in books. Such a star!!

Best Blog Aesthetic

Chapters of May

Anika @ Chapters of May

I found Anika’s blog through Instagram like a month or so ago and let me tell you every time I go and visit both her bookstagram and blog, my mouth starts to drool. I ALWAYS love to stop on her posts and admire THE PHOTOGRAPHY!! And her blog is also just *insert heart eyes*. Everything about it is stunning and I also love all her recommendations! Always leave feeling very bad at design, but also wanting to go read every book she talked about. I think that’s a good sign?

Best Blogging/Writing Voice

Ilsa @ A Whisper of Ink

Ilsa is… like my OG. If you’re reading this then I think you were the first teen blogger I found and then LOVED. She also for some reason liked my blog… idk why I was terrible back then. Truly. I had this terrible design and I wasn’t that great at formatting or writing, but Ilsa would always comment on my post uwu.

Anyways, that’s not the point here, I’m getting all sentimental. I loved the way Ilsa spoke then and I love it now, her voice is so distinct and I always am delighted reading any of her blog posts, whether it be a rave review or a hate review (lmao), discussion, list, whatever it may be, so I HAD to put Ilsa here. I’ve always admired like everything she does xoxo


Most Helpful

Caitlin @ Caitlin Althea

Ahh, Caitlin, I adore her!!! I want to insert more exclamation points but I also need to get right down to business so. Caitlin has TONS of amazing advice about blogging, literally covering so many different topics like blog hopping, design, keeping an audience and anything and everything in between. We’re talking about her again later but I INSTANTLY knew Caitlin had to take the spot here.

Most Supportive AND Most Friendliest Member of the Community

spreading positivity.

Lais @ The Bookish Lais

Aside from the fact that Lais is one of my favourite humans and I ADORE her blog, her reviews, photos (PSST MAKE A BOOKSTAGRAM!!) and voice, she’s also just the nicest and always commenting on my posts, no matter how boring they are welp. And HI I LOVE YOU! Truly, all her comments make me smile and they’re always so well put together and I appreciate them.

Honourable mentions:

Another Book in the Wall

  • Kelly @ Another In A Book In The Wall who has lovely posts and is always helpful and answered the many questions I’ve had for her. She’s been gone a while but has recently started coming back and I can’t wait for more posts. MORE PLEASE!

  • Tiffany @ String of Pages is a blogger I’ve only recently found but ah love her SO MUCH. We have such a fun chatting and talking books! Pssstt lets be friends eeek.

Most Engaged in the Community

May @ Forever and Everly

Hello again May hehe. Omg so we HAD to put you here because idk how you do it, but May is forever putting out content and you can tell a lot of effort into blog posts. As well replying to all her comments, on the blog and Instagram (which I also love) and she’s literally active everywhere. With blog tours and ARCS and just askajsha *throws celebratory balloons*. May’s amazing and the best!! Which you already knew and she doesn’t need me telling her < 3

Most Creative

Nimika @ Word Haven

So we have a few nominations for this category. I literally only recently just stumbled upon Nimika’s blog and it literally feels like we’ve been friends forever. And her post ideas are just SO FUN and brilliantly thought out. She interviewed a YA character and made a brilliant post about YA couples which I may have teared up reading a lil. Not an exaggeration. And I am SO OBSESSED!

Xandra @ Starry Sky Books

I LOVE Xandra’s posts. They’re always so unique and engaging. I love hearing all she has to say. I love her review style and her discussion posts too. Just ALL of the content is always so brilliant!

First of all, I LOVE her blog’s theme and all the cute graphics everywhere! Second of all I’m like obsessed with all of the posts and know that I’ll never be disappointed when I read of her posts. Xandra, you’re so great. I love literally everything Xandra talks about and how open and easy she is to read. And I love all the interactions we’ ve had and just, ah Xandra is so nice.

Honourable mention:

  • Sophie @ Me & Ink is also SO KIND and nice and I love reading her comments. Her posts are so creative and she’s always talking about all types of fun things like movies and of course books! Which I love and adore.

Best Social Media Influencer

Clara @ The Bookworm of Notre Dame

I,,, wow so much admiration for Clara also. Her Instagram is STUNNING and I always feel calmed by her words. I love her aesthetic and stories and just everything. Her upload schedule is amazing because she’s like ALWAYS posting and I,,, wow just admire her. I love all her recommendations and how she’s always raving about her fave books. LOVE HER!! And she’s doing Booktube more full-time too, as well as having such great blog posts that are so creative and easy to read, but so enjoyable. Always a delight and brings a smile to my face.

Best Personality

Lu @ Lu Reads

Lu you already KNOW you’re my fave. Lu is my OG and I,,, adore her. We’ve been friends for ages, and Lu still somehow manages to talk to me even though I’m incredibly annoying lmao. No, but truly. Lu is just MY IDOL tbh. I not only trust like all her recommendations but whenever we chat we always just land up screaming about books in jumbled and incoherent sentences. And Lu’s recently come back to blogging and just aghhhh SO MUCH LOVE!!!

Rhi @ Marshmallow & Harmonies

I JUST recently found Rhi’s blog and aghhh WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN? No its’ me but STILL! The reason I’m nominating her here is that: first of all) THE BLOG NAME IS FREAKING ICONIC! It’s more than creative. Secondly, Rhi has such a lovely assembly of posts, from reviews to tags to discussions and does them each superbly. And I love it all and had to put you here xoxo

Honourable mention:

  • Emma @ Emma Reads Too Much has recently come back to blogging and I LOVE HER POSTS! We have such similar taste and she’s always kind and lovely *air hugs*. I’ve always loved her content but her voice is so distinct and I LOVE reading all her posts.

Best at Promoting Diverse Books

Fadwa @ Word Wonders

I IMMEDIATELY knew that I was going to nominate Fadwa for this category, no doubt about it. I’m sure she’s probably already been nominated and also won this category before but whatever FADWA DESERVES IT! Not only do I LOVE all her recommendations and want to read all the books she talks about and know that her opinion is genuine and trustworthy, they’re also just all so informative and uplifting of marginalised communities, which is SO important.

She’s started a series on her blog called Colour The Shelves which is dedicated to uplifting authors of colour through interviews and other fun things. I overall love Fadwa’s content, especially her Boooktube, and all the amazing books she talks about. I also omg did a guest post for her ages ago, don’t read it because I was cringe and idk why Fadwa ever allowed me, but yeah, LOVE FADWA <3

Best New Book Blogger

Rose @ White Rose Stories

Rose is one of my lovely fellow South African friends and also known as my book twin because we have like almost the exact same birthday and live super close to one another (we still need to meet ahhh!!). Anyways, besides the point,  she started her blog this year and its SO GREAT! Rose is ALWAYS uploading these lovely posts and I truly struggle to keep up hehe. But I LOVE her content and her aesthetic is lovely. Such a brilliant book blog.

Best Overall Book Blogger

Caitlin @ Caitlin Althea

Couldn’t NOT nominate my favourite Caitlin who I could’ve literally nominated for EVERY category. literally just typed character instead wow idk what I’m doing.  Anyways, I ADORE Caitlin so much and she’s literally like my new favourite person ever and has been nothing but amazing and kind to me. SO SO SO glad that we can be friends and you deserve all the love for all the amazing content you put out. Truly so great and unique, she does posts that I would never have dreamed of doing and does them flawlessly too. I adore EVERY. SINGLE. POST. And I’m never disappointed and always leave smiling and feeling very jealous. But in a good way? if that’s a thing. AND WE LOVE TO SEE IT *insert a million eyes*

And that’s it for today. I HIGHLY encourage you to check out these amazing people because [clenches fists] they’re so amazing and deserve all the love for their amazing posts and all the work put into them.





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