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ANSWERING ALL THE QUESTIONS FOR THE LIEBSTER AWARD // reflecting on my early blogging days ft. my rating system, favourite albums & tbr books

Say hello to a post I’ve left abandoned for 6 months.

But also thank you Caitlin @ Caitlin Althea and Lais @ The Bookish Skies, for nominating me, who are literal angels and I love them a lot. Honestly can’t believe that you people actually like me.

We’re doing both sets of questions today because I’m late as per usual. Nothing new here. Grab a snack because this might will be very long,  but I’ll try to keep my answers short and less rambly welp.

Anyways, they’ve left some questions to answer so that is what we shall be doing today.

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  2. Answer 11 questions that the blogger gives you
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What book do you think would make a great TV show? (Take note: not movie)

I did some research (by research I mean I just quickly googled it and scanned the page for approx 3 seconds) and I think(??) An Ember In The Ashes by Sabaa Tahir has been picked up for a movie. Which is obviously not what it should be because CLEARLY it’d make a spectacular tv show. This should happen. Please and thank you.

What did you find most shocking when you first started blogging?

I’ve lowkey blocked out that year of my life if we’re being honest.

I think I was shocked by just how large the book blogging community was. I didn’t think it was big as it was and considered myself the only one out there. Self-centred yes I know. I was terrible then and lowkey still am now. 

If you could go back to when you first started blogging, what would you do differently?

SO. MANY. THINGS. First of all, my blog design. Literally, WHAT was I thinking?!?! It was so ugly and I am shocked people actually read it because nope. Also, why didn’t I use a proper spell-checker?!?! I’ve picked up like a thousand mistakes *inhales deeply*

To be honest, there are so many things I would’ve done differently. I was fifteen when I started and was very immature. And it sorta haunts me to this day. I get anxiety about how I acted and I hope that everyone who followed me back then knows that I’ve grown up. I was just NOT myself and I think I was a bit of a try-hard. And ignorant and naive. I just,,, ugh wished I’d done better. This has gotten super deep but it’s been something on my mind recently so there we go.

What’s a book that most people dislike, but you love/like?

I am… not a critical reader and thereby very easy to please. So I tend to not pick up books that I’ve heard bad things about. There are some I haven’t read yet that some dislike that I think I’ll like but???

I guess we can go with Daisy Jones & The Six by Taylor Jenkins Reid as it has polarising reviews. But I LOVE that book so much. I love music, especially old music of that time period so it just ticked all the boxes.

from Instagram

Honourable mention: I also just thought of Save The Date by Morgan Matson, which is not my official answer, but I remember that I really enjoyed it back when I read it. It’s not like a fave or anything and I might hate it now but I had a good time back when I read it.

Do you have any bookish and/or blogging goals that you really want to accomplish?

YES!! I have been trying to grow my blog for… well, ever since I started. And I’ve been making my blog more me, more like the person that I am. I also literally just posted a whole list about checking up on goals and also some new ones, as well as my new year’s resolution posts.

Click the images:

What’s your favourite non-romance trope?

You know… I only read for the romance, so I can’t answer this.


Well sometimes. Oh, who am I kidding?

Okay no, I do actually have an answer. I LOVE the found family trope or just a group of friends who are super close. Ya know, jokes and banter. BRILLIANT!

Do you find people who almost always rate books 5 stars questionable?

I feel CALLED OUT by this question. Because this was ME for like 2 years wow. In my own defence, I didn’t have much taste welp. I used to back up my argument by saying that I knew my own taste and knew what I liked and disliked. Which is true. Partially. But also I just wasn’t picky. I am POSITIVE that quite a lot of the books that I read back then I wouldn’t like as much now. Some of them are still STELLAR but others… eh not so much.

This year especially, I’ve been trying to be more critical. I read for enjoyment and pleasure so am still not the best at rating low BUT I have been trying to rate lower if I don’t LOVE a book. I guess, my answer is kinda yes? I’d say it’s questionable if someone was rating all books 5 stars, even books by problematic authors or with problematic content and not recognising that.

But I also lowkey hate the rating system because it’s so subjective for me and I can’t be trusted.

Is 3 stars a good or bad rating?

For me, it’s a good rating. Ages ago, I used to consider it a book I really disliked but I’ve definitely decided that there’s nothing wrong giving 2 stars, so now I use 2 stars for those types of books. 3 stars, or the books I’ve rated 3 stars, are books I’ve enjoyed but just aren’t for me slash I didn’t LOVE all the elements. If that makes sense??

Probably not. I GIVE UP.

What’s your opinion on gifs in blog posts?

Wait a second… who doesn’t like them?? Because I DO. I like to use them in reviews especially, it spruces posts up a bit, makes it more fun. AND makes it less chunky, divides the sections. Or at least, that’s what I like to do with them.

I shall hunt you down, why you talking down on gifs??

What’s a book that you’ve been meaning to read for forever, yet still haven’t picked up?

… here are the first 3 on my 2020 tbr, amongst about 100 others. YAY ME.

If you could read any book for the first time again, what would it be?

Why… am I struggling to think of an answer? Okay wait, I KNOW.

I would LOVE to read Six of Crows for the first time again. I had such a strange experience (not in a bad way, just different) with book two and I would like to marathon them back to back with a fresh mind, and also with the show casting in mind.


Your favourite Beatle?

I LOVE The Beatles, they’re music is crazy, but so good. So I mean I have to go with John Lennon because a) I don’t really know much of their solo music or who else has gone solo welp and b) Imagine is a really great song.

If you could have dinner with three people, living or dead, who would they be?

Okay, I’m assuming we’re not talking fictional characters, so I’ll go with Anne Frank, Michelle Obama and also Jennifer Aniston (idk why).

Your favourite typically British name?

I LOVE the names Elizabeth, Victoria, Oliver and Alexander hehe. Such a great question Lais omg.

Rank the next apps: Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and YouTube and explain why.

  1. Instagram: my ultimate favourite app. Idk exactly why but I ADORE that platform.
  2. Youtube: I watch YT like all the time, it’s so easy to put on in the background and listen to people talk.
  3. Pinterest: I don’t go on all that often but I love the interface and all the pretty pictures and fanart you can find on there.
  4. Twitter: I’m putting this last because I’m lowkey terrified of it and I sometimes disappear off there whoops. I’m kinda shy and idk, it’s just not my fave. I’m mainly there for the memes and videos oh well.

Your favourite Original Netflix and why?

There is only one answer and if you didn’t guess mine then…







Like way too much. And I,,, I’ve talked it to death but it’s like my favourite show of all time and I need not say anymore.

me and st being soulmates

What do you think would be your favourite subject if you attended Hogwarts?

I’m terrible and didn’t know Lais tagged me to do this until recently, so I may as well just preface this and say that I do not support JKR, as if I have not done so on here yet. She’s disgusting for using her platform as a way to harm trans people.

My answer would be Charms. But I have a very sour HP taste in my mouth at the moment. The series means a lot to a lot of us, and I do have fond memories of when I first read this series. But I’ve been distancing myself from this series for a while now and this whole disgusting message has just,,, ew JKR. It is shameful and disgusting.

A funny story from high school?

Oh wow, I have so many. I was such a weirdo and everybody used to laugh at me. Not like those cheesy teen movie laughs, but like, we’d laugh at myself together lmao.

For those who don’t know, I went to a very very very very small high school so everyone was quite… close, you know. And I remember this one time something happened to my school shoes (we wore uniforms at my school) and I came in one day in ankle boots. And EVERYBODY looked at me funny and commented on it like I didn’t know that I was wearing the boots. I probably told the story about what happened to my shoes 100 times. Idk why that story popped into my head. There are probably many others but my mind is apparently blank today.

Top three favourite music albums of the last decade?

I,,, have a very varied taste in music. I listen to a lot of old music, so this selection is more of a list of modern music that I tolerate love.

I have SUCH fond memories of listening to Ghost Stories by Coldplay and When The Sun Goes Down by Selena Gomez. I had them both f them on CD (!!) and they shaped a lot of my music taste. And then there was no doubt about having Melodrama by Lorde on here which is AMAZING.

Honourable mentions:

  • A Head Full of Dreams by Coldplay
  • Expectations by Hayley Kiyoko
  • Kid Krow by Conan Gray
  • Pure Heroine by Lorde
  • Folklore by Taylor Swift
  • Atlas: Space by Sleeping At Last

Autobuy authors?

Definitely V.E. Schwab, Tahereh Mafi, Sabaa Tahir and Cassandra Clare for me.

Favourite thing to do when in quarantine?

I’ve been doing a lot of content creation whilst at home, which kinda counts?? Maybe?? Okay no but some other hobbies of mine are:

  • Playing the piano
  • I do some baking, not much
  • I’ve also been going on runs a bit

Also, while we’re here WEAR YOUR MASKS!! ABOVE YOUR NOSE!! That is all.

Let’s suppose the following scenario: we can prepare for the near apocalypse, so we decide to save the best works by humanity so that if aliens find earth, they’ll know who we are and what we did. What would you save?


I lowkey wanna yell like all my favourite books so let’s go with that to make this post more bookish.

  • Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins
  • Clockwork Prince by Cassandra Clare
  • Eliza & Her Monsters by Francesca Zappia
  • Blue Lily Lily Blue by Maggie Stiefvater

There are of course lots of others. Like movies. But this post is already too long so I’ll leave it there.

Did you make it till the end? Pat yourself on the back, you deserve it.

This is a life lesson for me to not put off doing these for ages that I gather two sets of questions to answer welp. Going to skip the random facts for now because my brain is dead and idk if I can come up with 11 right now.

Tagging some friends. And again lazy today so if you want to answer the questions, please consider yourself nominated because I love you all:

Click for my questions

1. What is one of your fondest childhood memories?
2. What is your first five-star of the year? If you have one.
3. What is your favourite music genre?
4. What are your top 3 favourite tv shows?
5. What are your top 3 favourite movies?
5. Do you like to reread? What are some books you’d like to reread?
6. What is your lowest rated book?
7. Can you play any instruments? Which ones? If not, is there an instrument you’d like to learn?
8. Do you have any hobbies besides music?
9. Who are your favourite music artists?
10. Where are your dream vacation destinations? Which places would you like to visit?
11. What advice would you give to your younger self?




  • erin from rinsreads

    Okay but can I come to your dinner w Michelle Obama?? Also I totally agree w Stranger Things being the one and only relevant Netflix show and if we don’t get a season 4 in the next year I thiiiink I might have to throw a tantrum!

    Also huge claps to you for going on runs during quarantine, I’ve been doing way too much baking and way too little running (what can ya do) but I admire people who have actually gotten out of their house and exercised!!

    Ooooh I’m so excited to see what you think of Shadow & Bone!! I hope you love them, especially since they’re set in the Grishaverse and we get some of those same ~vibes~ from SoC!!

    Love this post!! 🥰

    • Ruby Rae Reads

      I am right with you on that tantrum omgggg I NEEDED IT YESTERDAY!! And yes ofc you’re invited to my imaginary dinner heheh

      It’s not much, I actually haven’t gone in a while, but I’m lucky and its quite easy to run where I live. Also my family makes me go with them lmao

      Yesss I just NEED to read them.

      Thank you xoxo

  • Clo @ Cuppa Clo

    Ah found family is definitely one of my favourite non romance tropes, there’s something about it that just makes me all warm and happy inside xD The banter, the jokes and just the overall feel of that trope is just *chefs kiss* Ooop I struggle with GIFs haha, I appreciate other people using them but me using them? I am hopeless with GIFs and don’t use them in blog posts, it’s hard enough for me to use them on social media.

    • Ruby Rae Reads

      My heart just ALWAYS melts for the rag tag group of idiots who make idiotic decisions yet found solace in one another. Idk if this reflects badly on me but oh well haha

      I TOTALLY understand. I’m not the most creative, I try to use them in a way that explains an emotion/feeling and then also explain why lmao

  • Jessica C Writes

    This was so fun to read!! First off, I’m guilty of never doing tags on time, so don’t stress about it ahahah! I agree with Daisy Jones- it’s one of my favorite books of all time, but so many people dislike it. I think it’s much more suited for people who like character driven stories, which I LOVE. Also, Lorde 👀 the TASTE.

    • Ruby Rae Reads

      I am freaking GLAD I’m not the only one eeeep. I wanna say not the only failure but that’s rude and you’re def probs better at tags then me hehe.

      YES DAISY!!! Love to see it. Totally agree with you, it doesn’t have much of a plot and you REALLY need to be into their story to like it, which is why its a hit and miss for some.

      You can count on me to have superior music taste *wink wink*

  • tasya @ the literary huntress

    You have great answers! I love gifs too, they’re so fun, keep the writing from being too dense, and they convey emotions really well 😀 Elizabeth and Victoria are also my favorite british names, I think it has something to do with how common they are in classics/historical fiction and that they are names of amazing queens! 👑

    • Ruby Rae Reads

      Why thank you! YES so glad you agree with me on the gifs, they’re so useful and can make a maybe boring post look a bit more lively hehe. But also I think you’ve pinpointed exactly why I love those names. I also love they’re nicknames so?? Is that weird?? Idk

  • Kay @ Hammock of Books

    Gifs in blog posts are where it’s at! ahh my blog was low-key cringe and the “aesthetic” (can I call it that??) was aWFUL you’re not alone lol we’re always growing. Yes for quarantine baking and I would die of happiness and shock if I met Michelle Obama <3 great post!

    • Ruby Rae Reads

      Kay I think we may be the same person? If it’s scientifically possible I don’t know but I’m calling it

      I am freaking glad I’m not the only one who wants to DIE at how terrible my blog looked. Yours is stunning now though btw xx

      Omg what about tea (wow i sound very british there) WITH Michelle where we eat the cakes I spend way too much time working on?

  • Caitlin @ Caitlin Althea

    ah, thank you for doing this award even though i nominated you a while ago 🥺 YES, to jkr being trash. ugh, there’s no defending her or separating her from harry potter. just 🤢🤢🤢 i don’t think you need to be more critical at all!! it’s so great that you enjoy many books (god i wish that were me). the only time i get annoyed with someone who always rates books 5 stars is when they refuse to acknowledge problematic content. also, same, my blog and personality were hideous when i first started blogging lmao. i had no sense of aesthetic and i was so weird to everyone on twitter 😭 i cringe so much thinking about it :((

    • Ruby Rae Reads

      Caitlin, I have only myself to blame and also have a terrible memory and forgot I had this in drafts. But also THANK YOU for all the great questions, I really had to think and USE my brain. A concept?

      I,,, yeah I def agree. Like I still have that special place but now whenever I think about the books (the movies are a bit different I think??) I just feel icky and uncomfortable. So it’s put me off. And I also just FEEL for the trans people who have been so harmed and just no we don’t like that.

      I have really been trying to be more aware and knowledgeable of problematic authors and content in books before I read them. In the past, I have not have been as good at this and had fallen into the trap of being a “fan” but like now I try to be wary and I’d like to be as supportive of the people who have been harmed, you know? But I also don’t like whenever someone has been harmed by certain content so I don’t want to support it anyways. But yeah, if you don’t at least realise that it is problematic and point out that you know certain parts are, then there’s something wrong. This has turned into a very long response wow.

      I just want to go back like 3 years AND SHAKE MYSELF SILLY TBH. Ew it was so bad. Glad I’m not alone in the anxiety of all that welp

  • Anika May

    I remember the size of the book community surprising me too, for some reason I thought it was going to be me and like 100 people haha! Great answers, it’s always interesting to learn a little more about the blogger behind the blog 🙂

    Anika |

  • TheOneWhoReadIt

    WOW I have so many things to say! First of all, YES An Ember in the Ashes would be a FANTASTIC TV show! Okay so I am reading Crooked Kingdom for the first time and I really hope it lives up to the hype! AHAH Vicious has been on my TBR for YEARS now. I used to LOVE When the Sun Goes Down, but I am not a huge fan of Selena’s recent albums so there’s that. I think my favorite albums are Unbroken and Demi by Demi Lovato, folklore by Taylor Swift, Atlas by Sleeping at Last, Death of a Bachelor by Panic! at the Disco, Divide by Ed Sheeran, Doom Days by Bastille and so many others that I can’t remember right now (does the Hamilton soundtrack count too?). Great post!

    • Ruby Rae Reads

      Thank you so much for your lovely comment xx

      I need this Ember show like RIGHT NOW. I’m literally currently rereading it and just,,, ahh so good.

      Ah yay hope you do enjoy CK, its such a fantastic duology. But yeah, really want to re-experience it : )

      I think I def agree on Selena, I haven’t been that interested in listening to her new music. I do need to make the time because I have liked the singles I’ve listened to❤️ some really great artists there though!!

  • Olivia @ Purely Olivia

    Ahh I loved reading your answers for this, Ruby!! Thank you so much for the tag- I am actually horrible at doing tags so if I accidentally also leave this for six months I am very sorry- but I LOVE your questions and thank you very much for thinking of me!!🥺

    I totally agree with your rating philosophies!! To be honest, I don’t trust any of my ratings from anywhere except 2020 because they are most definitely, 100% inflated. This year I started saving 5 star reviews for books that absolutely blew me away. I’m also the same with 3 star ratings being good- if I rate a book 3 stars, I enjoyed it, just chances are I won’t reread it and there were a few things I didn’t love about it.

    Stranger Things…your love for it gives me life. :):)

    The way you would save Blue Lily Lily Blue in an apocalypse, your TASTE!! I love it. I would probably save The Raven King if I had to pick one from TRC but BLLB is a close second.

    Again, thank you so much for the tag!! This post is lovely.❤️

    • Ruby Rae Reads

      Ah Olivia you are ACTUALLY the best!! All the love for youuuuu ❤️❤️ looking forward to read about all your faves bc apparently thats all I wanna know hehe

      YES!! Like PLEASE ignore 2017-2018 ratings. 2019 was a bit better but not quite. We have very similar ops on ratings and our systems btw. Glad to know I’m not alone on this subjective island of stupid stars lmao

      I will ALWAYS scream at the top of my lungs about that show oof I need medical attention

      Omg I AM DYING. Thank you for appreciating my taste, although I would ~actually~ sacrifice myself in place of Bluesey if we’re being realistic. Also I DONT KNOW MY TRC RANKING ANYMORE. So instead of deciding I just went with 2017-me’s choice. Although probs not a good idea considering our previous discussions welp 🙊

  • El

    I loved this post! 💞
    I definitely agree with rating all books highly at the start – I just hadn’t developed the critical bookish part of my brain (and now I can’t seem to not find a problem 😅)
    3 stars is good for me; normally I enjoyed it in the moment but it’s not super memorable 🤷‍♀️

    I just brought shadow & bone & I can’t wait for my copy! But honestly it’ll probably still be a couple of months until I read it 😂

    • Ruby Rae Reads

      Thank you!! Ahh yes EXACTLY. I also think that over time I just discovered what I like and dislike. Ah I am SO GLAD I’m not the only who hasn’t read S&B yet *nervously sweats* hehe

  • Marie

    Ahhh I loved reading this so much! I think An Ember in the Ashes would make a great tv show, I agree, but… it’d be one I’d watch while hiding under my bed covers because I’m scared hahaha.
    Honestly, I think we all regret our first blog design, I don’t know what I was thinking with mine either, it looked all over the place and yet….. 😂😂 AND YES to daisy jones ahhhhhhhhhhh I adore this book so muchh <3

  • Lais @ The Bookish Skies

    i was so surprised going through these questions even though i was the one to ask them, lmaoooo.

    BUT can i say that i am still constantly surprised by how big the book blogging community is? i always think i’ve seen most blogs out there just to find out that there are probably hundreds i have yet to find! with the book blog awards + the twitter discourse about how “relevant” book bloggers are, i’ve found out so many people and it’s been pretty awesome!

    i don’t know much of any beatles’ solo careers either, but i really like john lennon’s “mother” and i constantly sing it whenever i need to call my mom from another room LOL. but i’d say my favorite is paul mccartney. i think he’s really badass to this day.

    i think i’d also answer michelle obama as someone i’d love to have dinner with! i read becoming last year and watched the netflix documentary too and she’s just such an interesting figure! i relate a lot to her in some areas, like how she very strongly believes in the way young people can change the world but also how she can be a pessimist about some things.

    i’ve been rewatching stranger things with my mom this year and 🥺🥺🥺 i miss season one when they were all BABIES. can’t get over how grown up they all are now ):

    your uniform story was kinda funny, i always think it’s so random how people point out things as if you didn’t, you know, owe a Mirror?

    i love you decided to save books! i was thinking of like cereal while i typed the question, but yeah books would definitely be better, hahahah.

    thank you sosso much for answering my questions!!!!

    • Ruby Rae Reads

      Omg Lais thank you for this amazing comment, you’re the absolute best!!

      YES same! I’ve been loving new blogs and making friends all over the world. I forgot how amazing blogging and blog hopping can be and I’ve literally been having the best time recently 😉

      Ah omg okay Imma check out Mother, I probs know it but I always love finding new music to listen to.

      Ahh I SO badly want to read Becoming and then also get to the documentary. She’s just wow such an inspiring woman.

      STRANGER THINGSSSSSSS YESSSSS!!!!!!!! Ah ME TOO. I rewatched a few eps of season 1 and they’re just,,, so tiny. And I love the show a whole lot.

      Right? Like yes I did see my appearance and I did choose it myself thank you very much lmao

      I should’ve added chocolate to my list oh wow. I had a stupid moment.

      Love you tons and THANK YOU for all the lovely questions xoxoxo

  • Nimika @ wordhaven

    omg AEITA would make such a classy show. the vibe, the tension, the high stakes, the ROMANCE. i get so excited whenever i think of any book to show adaptations like please i just want to WORK for stuff like that. OOH, also, have you seen those short trailers of AEITA on yt?? they’re v old but oh the VIBE.

    i was 16 when i first started blogging and,,, it was a mess 🙂 my blog wasn’t even supposed to be a book blog? i just wanted a place where i can keep all of my writing pieces in one place. i think a year later, i actually started reading more book blogs and thought about occasionally making a few “book related posts” and they were. the. worst. i totally getchu on blocking out the first year of blogging lol.

    what you said about your rating system is so interesting b/c same??? i’m definitely more of a criritical reader now than i used to be. objectively, i can have no complaints about a book but if it doesn’t FEEL like a 5 star to me then i’d relegate it 4 stars. 3 stars is for books that i have enjoyed personally but also i acknowledge that a lot of elements are objectively pretty eh so it can’t with 4 star books. it’s complicated but makes sense to me?? #justbloggertingz✨

    ok but you like sleeping at last??? atlas?? taste. absolute god-tier taste. when i tell you i still cry listening to neptune & saturn 🙂

    thank u for the tag, this was a brilliant post to read and you take CARE, ma’am

    • Ruby Rae Reads

      MOVE OVER GOT, EMBER IS COMING FOR BLOOD. Lmao but seriously how amazing would it be??? I NEED it.

      I was,,, 15 when I started. And wow a TIME. And not a good one. I didn’t know the concept of featured images, font size or even bold-ing for that matter. It was a hard life. You don’t want to see my ugly theme either ew

      I am SO with you on the difference between 4/5 stars. Sometimes I adored the book but if I like there’s something missing (usually my dumb brain can’t identigy it wow) then I can’t give it a 5 star. I’m trying to be more genuine with my 5 stars you know??


      also, you don’t have to do it but i just love you and want to mention you at every given moment xoxo (hi ily have THE BEST day k bye)

  • emme @ a literary latte

    This has reminded me that I need to write my answers to these awards because I am so bad at getting to them oops and I have a backlog. So don’t worry you’re not alone in getting to them late!😬
    Yes to the Six of Crows answer!! I’ve never had a solid answer to what book would you read for the first time but it would 110% be that duology. My reading experience was totally different to any other book I’ve read because I’ve never been so invested in the characters and plot?? I love that crew with my whole heart and I also love the found family trope which I feel like SoC kind of had?

    • Ruby Rae Reads

      I’m behind too ahhh. Need to pick up the game haha.

      I kinda struggled to pick that answer really because I like to think I read most books at the same time. Because it’s not like I read Six of Crows and disliked it you know? YESSS FOUND FAMILY FOR SURE. The whole gang is amazing!!

  • aina

    Past me would think 3 stars rating is for books that’s average and I felt meh about but present me think it’s a good rating! Like you I’m starting to learn using 2 stars more for books that’s okay? and/or I don’t like that much.

    Also not really related with blogging but I feel you about the embarrassment with my younger self. Mine’s mostly on Facebook and Twitter since that’s the teo platforms I used to use before and oh goshhh when I read the shitty posts I made at the time, I wish I could disappear right now and then 😂😂

    • Ruby Rae Reads

      YES! We’re exactly on the same page. I also think average just has such a negative connotation and some of the 3 stars have been far from average, the story just didn’t do anything for me ya know?

      AHAHAH I feel you on the Facebook posts. I’ve actually deleted my FB app and hardly ever check it now, only when I stumble upon it on my computer welp

  • ahaana @ Windows to Worlds

    Congratulations on the nomination! I completely agree with you!! 3 stars is a good rating, and the elements were great – just the story wasn’t for me. I don’t really give out 5 stars, because I feel nothing I’ve come across yet has been completely “worthy” of it, you could say? But I usually give 4.- for most of my posts. (oops!)

    I haven’t been blogging for a long time – but I’ve stumbled across videos of my younger self and died of embarrassment – HOW IS IT POSSIBLE FOR ANYONE TO BE THAT CRINGY!!

    Anyway… I loved your answers! And your blog is the prettiest thing ever!

    • Ruby Rae Reads

      Thank you!! And yes, SAME. My year has not been full of many 5 stars this year as none have them have really reached THAT level you know??

      Oh gosh, I,,, wow. I would die if I went back and watched like old Instagram stories haha.

      Literally STOP!! But also THANK YOU <3<3<3<3

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