THE FOLKLORE BOOK TAG // matching masterpiece songs with books (kinda) ft. all the heart eyes for the new taylor album

So we can collectively agree that this is Taylor’s best album yet, right? And this is PURE MASTERPIECE GENIUS?

Coming from someone who isn’t the biggest Swiftie. I really enjoy her but her music have always been something I listen to for a bit and then I move on? Not in a bad way, I’m just not a big pop listener. I go through spurts you see.

So when the internet started freaking out and I saw the title I knew that this was going to be MY ALBUM. And it is.

Anyways, I want to give a big thanks to Ilsa, the creator and who is like a whizz and idk how she got it up so fast. But also am obsessed that you did this. Thank you for tagging me, as well as Olivia & Nimika, who are both lovely and I love you all a lot.

Also, you’re cheating if you’re doing this tag and NOT listening to folklore. It’s not a competition, I know, but I don’t make the rules.


  • Link to the original creator: Ilsa @ A Whisper Of Ink
  • Tag at least 3 people.
  • Declare the rules and list of prompts in your post
  • Thank whoever who tagged you and link to their post.

The intro to this song is lowkey iconic and I love the piano and strings (I shall say that too many times in this post, I apologise).

Illuminae by Amie Kaufman & Jay Kristoff

Wow starting this tag with the most basic answer ever. PLEASE feel free to @ me and call me out on my basic taste. However, this book and this series really was the first that came to mind to answer this prompt. Because the twists in this book had me SHOOK and I,,,  speechless is an understatement tbh. My mind could not KEEP UP with all the shiz that went down in this series.

THIS!! FREAKING!! MUSIC!! VIDEO!! Truly as the lyrics say, I get all the Neverland vibes. And I adore this song s

o much. Taylor’s voice sounds so good and the lyrics are *chefs kiss* The production is just as good and JUST AHHH.

Eliza & Her Monsters by Francesca Zappia

I actually struggled to come up with something here so idk if this counts. But this book means a lot of me and I love it a lot, it’s relatable and I love the story, but it’s also sad. So it kinda works? I tend to cheat whenever I do tags whoops. I’ve been wanting to reread this book for ages, and as we know 2020 is my year of rereads. It’s official and I should get a banner or something?  But I never related to a character as much as I did to Eliza, I also loved the relationship between her and Wallace. All the squishy feelings, but it also deals with serious topics. It’s just… so good.


This song is super cute, loved the beat and it’s catchy. Not my favourite, but I do enjoy it.

Daisy Jones & The Six by Taylor Jenkins Reid

Totally hijacking everyone’s Evelyn Hugo answers but didn’t want to seem like a copycat so I’m being a rebel and breaking the rules. When do I not tbh? But this book is one of my faves, and it’s told in such a unique way that really works for the story. Also, love that we chose a Taylor answer for this Taylor book tag. Amazing and iconic. This book felt so real, which I take as a sign that it’s fascinating and well-told. My explanation is rather boring oh well. Read it if you haven’t I guess?

I know everyone loves this song, so Imma have to be slightly controversial and say it isn’t one of my absolute favourites. It’s beautiful and the lyrics and piano ARE STUNNING. I would love to learn to play it. But I don’t adore the ending of the song? It got too much for me. Idk why. Don’t hate me, please.

The Gentleman’s Guide to Vice & Virtue by Mackenzi Lee

Again, please don’t hate me. It’s not necessarily one I WISH I hadn’t read but eh? I read it ages ago, bought it in hardback and everything, and looking back I didn’t actually love it? It’s not a favourite nor did it leave a lasting impression, so it wouldn’t mean much to me if I never read it in the first place? So yeah, moving on. No offence if you like it, I like historical fiction and the time period but just not this one?

This song is one of MY ABSOLUTE FAVOURITES!! It’s so pretty and sad (obviously, tears are in the title). But I guess I like the more melodic and soft songs?

Clockwork Princess by Cassandra Clare

I’m sorry again for this basic answer but I lowkey couldn’t think of anything else. And this book ALWAYS makes me sob uncontrollably. Even just thinking about this series makes me want to yeet off this planet. Okay, why did I just say that? Feel free to click off the post. Welp. Yeah anyway, I don’t have much else to say but I love this series, it’s like my all-time favourite. Okay bye.

This song is so?? unique? Idk how to describe it. It isn’t my favourite of the album but I get why everyone likes it. Again, lyrics, but most of all the vocals. Taylor’s voice is just so pretty!

Anne of Green Gables by L.M. Montgomery

I almost said a curse word because I for the life of me couldn’t come up with an answer to this question. Literally wtf, I’m dumb. Eventually, we obviously settled on this, because I didn’t want to repeat myself in this tag. But this book has like ALL the elements I love: the setting and the language, the characters are amazing and I just… SUCH a good book. I love the rivals-to-lovers romance and it all just works so nicely. In this household, we love children’s classics and I highly recommend this one if you haven’t read yet.

THIS SONG IS GOD TIER AND IF YOU DISAGREE I WILL FIGHT YOU. Just ahhh it’s by far my favourite and just *insert keyboard smash* I LOVE IT A LOT. The vocals and the instrumentals are perfection and I want to cry.

The Famous Five by Enid Blyton

For some reason, I’m forgetting every other book I read in my childhood before I read this series. The only others coming to mind are Roald Dahl? So idk if this is the correct answer, because if I asked my parents they could probably give me a million books I loved as a child. I remember one I read about A Duck In A Truck, that’s probably its title too lmao. Just look up whatever books were popular in London in the early 2000s and I’ve probably read them all. I read this series a bit later when it was 12 and I talked about in my booktube newbie video, so we’ll be short: this series that got me into reading and I don’t have much else to say. I was obsessed and read it way too many times. K cool moving on.

Idk why but I really want to use the word atmospheric to describe this song?? It’s such a lovely and melodic song <3<3

Heartstopper by Alice Oseman

My mood reading doesn’t really allow me to have a set seasonal tbr and I never know what I’m going to read. Like ever. It’s a fun game my mind and I play. You need to read this specific book, Ruby? Sorry mate, not today.

This was the best that I could come up with and the third volume, which I haven’t read yet, is set in summer, so there we go. We’re just going with the flow today. I NEED to get my hands on that third volume, just waiting for shipping situation to get better, ya know? But this series, you’ve probably heard of it oh well, is the definition of cutesy and wonderful and marvellous. That was a lot of adjectives hi hello. However, I hear more hard-hitting topics start being discussed in volume three so. Ending this rambly answer now. NEXT!


We love the drums in this number and the wow it’s very sad but also relatable. ‘This is me trying’ sums up this entire post for me.

Beach Read by Emily Henry

There are probably multiple other books I could’ve chosen to answer this but apparently, I don’t want to shut up about this book? Do you see how we’re flowing? But also, one of the things that I thoroughly loved about this one was HOW it dealt with grief and the very heavy undertone of sadness that it had, whilst also being balanced out with the more happy, cutesy romance moments which is what I look for in a romance novel. So yeah, this one is a great book. Go read it.

This song is SO GOOD. And so very sad and melancholic but so stunning. The lyrics are amazing and I love this one a lot. Also for some reason, it gives me serious Regina Spektor vibes, idk if anyone has listened to The Call but I was struggling to nail where I’d heard a similar song and that was it.

A Conjuring of Light by V.E. Schwab

Eeeppp if we’re being honest, it’s been so long since I’ve read a book that put me in so much pain™ that I couldn’t pick up another book. Except like Chain of Gold but I’ve already mentioned CC and also talked about it in my mid-year freak out so skipping that. But this book was PURE GENIUS?? I was enjoying the series but this book CHANGED. THE. GAME. Made me full-on obsessed with ADSOM and also just V.E. Schwab and her writing in general. It was just wow mind-blowing and I struggled to find another good book after I read it.

This STRINGS (!!) in this song are truly slapping and we love to see it. I ADORE this song, it’s so well made and flows so well. I aspire to sing like this. TAYLOR’S VOICE!!

Since You’ve Been Gone by Morgan Matson

Before you get out your pitchforks, please hear me out. This book is arguably not the most amazing thing out there BUT the reason it means so much to me is that I read it at a time I needed it most. Not in a cheesy way I promise. But I picked up this book on a whim and it was so surreal to read a book where I felt like I was going through EXACTLY what the main character was going through. Like weirdly exact, I was going through a similar friendship situation as the MC Emily (is that her name? idk). This book is in no means perfect, like the cheating is not cool, but because I felt so comforted and seen, it will always mean a lot to me. Okay, sappy story over.

This song is one of my absolute favourites of the album eeepp! I love how badass and feminist it is. AND THE INSTRUMENTALS AHHHH!!!! Seriously so great. And ooh I actually want to go with two answers for this one because I’ve been desperately wanting to use the other as an answer welp.

Dani from Take A Hint, Dani Brown by Talia Hibbert

Dani is a recent favourite character but she was just the best?? I just loved her a whole lot and thought she was a brilliant badass character. I loved how forceful she was, but also successful and confident. She’s bisexual and so funny and amazing and it was great. I’m slowly testing out adult romance and although this book wasn’t 5-star for me, it was still very good.

Katniss from The Hunger Games

I feel like I’d be betraying myself I didn’t mention THG at least once. And I’d be disrespecting my queen if I didn’t say Katniss. You don’t need an explanation as to why she’s here. All the ladies from this series could go here, I love Johanna and Prim and Rue. They’re all so amazing. I need not say much more.

Taylor really is going full classical in this album and I’m not mad about it. The orchestral ensemble in this song is next level UGH.

The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde

I am a scaredy-cat and stay away from scary books, so this is all I could come up with. It is a really scary and a creepy premise, the book is about selling your soul for beauty and eternal youth. It’s a gothic classic and I had to read it for school, which I actually would rather not have done because it can sometimes take away the enjoyment. But this is all I could think sksksk.


This song is SO MUCH FUN OMG!! It’s the most “pop” and also “country” of the album and it’s truly a masterpiece of storytelling in songwriting, as there’s SO MUCH to unpack. Love the outro to this song btw. And I have THE BEST answer.

Alex and Henry from Red, White & Royal Blue

This song is very gay so that is why I think this fits perfectly. I read my favourite parts of this book when I feel sad and it instantly lifts my spirits. They’re my serotonin *wink wink*. But also this story is freshly in my mind, because, can you guess? I RECENTLY REREAD IT! Whoah, we’re all shocked. But these two BREAK ME. And they give me ALL THE FEELS. I love them a totally normal amount okay. STOP JUDGING ME!

Here’s my Blue Sargent cosplay

The bass in this song is what gets me though.

Gansey from The Raven Cycle

Yes, this is a Blue cosplay but both Gansey and I love her so I’m going with it. HELLO, I LOVE SIR RICHARD GANSEY THE THIRD WAY TOO MUCH! Yes, you guessed it, I reread this series. Yes, I need to get my reading life back on track. Moving on to MY CHILD. Like it’s not even funny how much I love him. Gansey is like a real person in my mind and I lowkey got mad at everyone who was giving him nonsense. I didn’t know that I still had these FEELINGS but I apparently I’m still the trashiest of trash that there is. Do with that information what you will but you cannot break the bond I have with my baby. Also, don’t get me wrong, I love all the raven boys but Gansey is… Gansey. Enough said.

Taylor keeps coming through with these brilliant orchestral numbers and I,,, want to live in them. I’m a sucker for classical music, yes I am an old person. It’s fine. That piano melody IS SO BEAUTIFUL!! And Taylor’s voice in this one GIVES ME GOOSEBUMPS OOF!!

Only Mostly Devastated by Sophie Gonzalez

I’m sorry if this post is repetitive, I feel like I’ve been talking about how disappointing this book was but it’s fresh in my mind. I had all the high hopes for this book and I thought it was going to be amazing and hit all the buttons: Queer Grease retelling with High School Musical vibes? I was ready. But then I ended up not enjoying it at all and it,,, didn’t hit the buttons. I don’t want to linger on it too much because I hate being negative about books and you might like it. But yeah, this was 2 stars for me and I rarely give 2 stars. Just didn’t do it for me, unfortunately.

And there we have it. Ilsa thank you for making my brain hurt because these questions were lowkey hard. My brain hasn’t been working well recently so it could be that lmao. No shade Ilsa. It’s not you, it’s me.

FAVOURITE SONGS!! (peep the cute edit I made – see Instagram!!)

So I guess I need to tag people? Okay let’s tag some friends who I known have been listening to the album, but feel free to consider yourself tagged if you want to do it:

Now leave me to listen to the album in peace. Jk, that was a joke. Maybe.




  • ilsa

    FOKLORE IS LIKE OXYGEN THERE IS NOT A MOMENT I AM NOT BREATHING IT IN!! it’s on repeat…the entire day i’m so glad you love this album seeing the whole book community go wild over this has been an Experince, let’s say!! Your answers to all these questions ARE PERFECT. God, beach read had me sobbing AND smiling,,, the power of that book. I read Eliza AAAAGES ago but I remember loving it so much!! and OMG UR EDIT FOLKLORE THING IS SO PERFECT i am in love ruby!!! also who would NOT die for gansey is the question

    • Ruby Rae Reads

      Folklore is THE OXYGEN bc hard same. I. CANNOT. STOP. LISTENING. Our ears are just blessed on a daily basis.

      HOW did I not know you were a Beach Read lover?? Also wow love how anytime I saw lover in this tag ITS TAYLOR. The power.

      Oof I remember when we were ALL screaming about Eliza. Fun times.

      THANK YOUUUUUU <3<3<3 I am ~kinda~ proud and me thinks I should just become Taylor Swift now. I agree, if your allegiance does not lie with KING GANSEY, then you've made questionable life choices

  • Ruby (Ruby Reads and Reviews)

    Although I haven’t read a lot of the books you mentioned in this post, this was such a fun post to read, and this tag overall seems so cool! I love cardigan too! Originally, I didn’t like seven very much, but as I’ve listed to the album multiple times since then, I’ve really started liking it! Also your edit of folklore is awesome, for a second I thought it was the real picture!!
    Also, I nominated you for the Sunshine Blogger Award, just wanted to let you know. Here’s the link: https://rubyreadsandreviews.wordpress.com/2020/07/27/sunshine-blogger-award/

  • Kay @ Hammock of Books

    Alkjdflsdjfsd Folklore folklore folklore aldskfjasdlkf folklore (I am listening to exile right now as I type this comment alskfjsd). I get so much yearning from RWRB, Katniss is a phenomenal female character, and I love Anne of Green Gables so much low-key want to reread it now?? I loved reading this post so much, including your thoughts on the songs <3

    • Ruby Rae Reads

      The “Alkjdflsdjfsd” is a whole mood and I’m here for all the keyboard smashing Kay lmao. Also hi thank you for all the kind words. WE FULLY SUPPORT, AND URGE ALL REREADS in this household, especially if it shall be Anne <3<3 (also hi I shall tag you xx)

  • theorangutanlibrarian

    Ahh I adore the new album!! (I’m listening to it right now!! In fact I’m listening to it every chance I get right now!!!) Love seeing your thoughts about it!! Tears Ricochet may be one of my *all time* favourite Swift songs of all time!! I just… it breaks my heart and means so much. and I adore invisible strings as well (that’s what I’m listening to now lol!) There isn’t a single song on this album I don’t love tbh!
    Love Illuminae and Eliza!!! I wasn’t into Gentleman’s guide as well. And so keen to read Beach Read! (as you can see I’m trying to talk about books as well… but for once the music’s stealing the show!!)
    Awesome tag! Love how you answered it!

    • Ruby Rae Reads

      Ah thank you so much for this lovely comment xx Also, if you’re not listening to folklore 24/7 then you’re doing it wrong tbh. Yesss tears ricochet THE TASTE. And invisible strings is on my top faves too.

      Omg I’m DYING. Music can take precedent you know?? Ah I’m so glad I’m not alone on GG 🙁 READ BEACH READ PLS IM BEGGING YOU (then report back!!)

      • theorangutanlibrarian

        You’re welcome! haha so true!! Ahh yes!!!

        haha it can!! Oh definitely plan to- I bought a copy on kindle the other day and it’s such a summery read, I’m hoping to get to it soon (especially since I won’t be getting anywhere like a beach this year 😉 )

  • Jessica C Writes

    Ah thank you again for tagging me !! I am so excited to read The Conjuring of Light now (hopefully next month) but I’m WORRIED about the ending now!! I also really need to read Dani Brown. I’m waiting to get a copy and I’m so excited 😍 I loved reading all of your answers 🙂

    • Ruby Rae Reads

      Why of course Jessica xoxo

      Omg you MUST send all the ACOL reactions. The ending is… perfect. But the book is just so amazing that you don’t know what to do with yourself when its over welp. Yesss Dani!! Hope you enjoy it, Talia Hibbert is such a queen <3

  • Sumedha

    I can’t pick a favourite but the ones I listen to more often are seven, mirror ball, the last great american dynasty and… the 1. honestly the album is mostly at loop while I work haha. Loved reading your answers!

  • El

    Ahhhh I 100% agree with the gentleman’s guide being one I could live without – Percy is just. So. Annoying! People think he’s a cute chaotic mess but he was just a literal mess 😂

  • Margaret @ Weird Zeal

    COMPLETELY agree that this album is a masterpiece. In fact, I’m listening to it as I type this (peace playing at the moment) 😀
    OH WOW, Eliza and Her Monsters in the perfect answer to the cardigan question!! It’s been a few years since I read it, so I definitely want to reread it soon too.
    You’re absolutely right that seven is god tier!! I think it’s my favorite at the moment?? but that keeps changing so who’s to say! And I agree that betty is very gay 😂 So RWRB fits perfectly!!
    Ahh you’re making me even more excited to read Dani Brown 😀 And YESSS I would also die for Gansey 😀

    • Ruby Rae Reads

      Yessss just ALWAYS on repeat!! Also yes, me too. I did start my reread not too long ago and got like 30 pages in but put it down for a bit, but I’ve really been wanting to lately 🙂

      OMG YES SOMEONE ELSE WHO APPRECIATES SEVEN!! I see no-one else having it as their top and I?? don’t understand lmao. Hope you enjoy Dani eeeppp, it’s such an amazing romance.


  • Tiffany | Quill Tree Fox

    Ohhh what a fun tag! I still have to check out this Taylor Swift album. So many people seem to be loving it!

  • TheOneWhoReadIt

    First of all, YES. This is my favorite Taylor Swift album. I’ve listened to it on repeat since it came out. My favorite songs are exile, this is me trying, mad woman, illicit affairs and hoax. I totally agree for Clockwork Princess, that book DESTROYED me! I wasn’t a huge fan of Daisy Jones but I also have to agree with you on this one because Taylor Jenkis Reid is a fantastic writer and really knows how to tell a story. This tag seems like so much fun, I’ll really have to do it! Great post!

    • Ruby Rae Reads

      It’s just SO GOOD!! Hoax is my most recent on-repeat song and I,,, speechless. Nobody survived Clockwork Princess tbh. Ah sorry you didn’t love Daisy as much, I can definitely see why it doesn’t work for everybody, it’s not plot-driven. Omg yes PLEASE do the tag, consider yourself tagged by me xx

  • Nimika @ wordhaven

    idc how basic illuminae might be, it’s god-tier and that’s on TASTE 😤

    so i remember back when eliza had all the HYPE and i was excited to read it but then,,, i didn’t,,,, but i keep hearing all these amazing things about it now and then and like,,, should i? read it? tell me more about this wallace dude 👀

    mA’AM 🥺 enid blyton is my childhood in a nutshell. i grew up reading her books. the naughtiest girl series was my first hardcover that my dad got me from an exhibition and since then i was a goner for her books. i have a whole shelf dedicated to them and i can still rant about them???? like, famous five- timmy was the best dog ever, full stop. i think my favorite series of hers is definitely the adventure series. i loved the kids and bill. god, just thinking about it makes me go back to my school library where i hunted for a separate famous 5 book (or nancy drew, occasionally) that i hadn’t read before.

    RUBY,,,, that blue cosplay i am CRYING how are you this perfect???? ma’am???? iconic. really, tho, i ❤ gansey,, he is my absolute fave of trc. absolute bby with his mint leaves and boat shoes and emotional dating life with a welsh king,,, what’s not to love

    • Ruby Rae Reads

      wow we be illuminae trash in this household

      YES ELIZA!! Omg I?? think you’d enjoy?? If we have the same taste. Wallace,,, is a smol bean who can’t talk in big crowds and must be protected at all costs. He also writes fanfic for Eliza’s comic and YES. I’d be um SO DOWN for a buddy reread with you btw *wink wink*

      I am OBSESSED with your enid blyton histoy because RELATABLE. YES Timmy was the best dog ever and I was always hungry when I read the FF books. I also LOVED The Naughiest Girl eyyyy and The Secret Seven. Enid was… not great, but THE MEMORIES eeeekkk

      NIMIKA PLS STOP IT BC I LOVE YOU TOO MUCH FOR MY OWN EMOTIONS TO HANDLE IT. I kid you not that as I was rereading I PICKED AND SUCKED ON THE MINT LEAVES FROM MY SALAD. If that isn’t dedication to my child then idk what is. But also yes Gansey has like 7 ongoing relationships, including Glendower. There was this one scene in TRK where he opens up his blazer for Blue and I may have died a slow, painful death inside.

  • Olivia @ Purely Olivia

    I think we can all also just collectively agree that this post is amazing!!!

    Wait the Neverland vibes on Cardigan are real. I listen to this song to Feel (what am I saying this whole album makes me sob). I kind of forgot about Eliza but I did really like it when I read it and I remember thinking Wallace was so sweet.🥺

    I felt the same way about A Gentleman’s Guide! I was disappointed because I actually do love historical fiction so I had really high hopes. It’s not that I didn’t like it, but it just wasn’t really for me, which is a shame because I wanted to like it so badly. I might read the other books in the series though sometime?

    ANNE SHIRLEY ANNE SHIRLEY- and Gilbert Blythe, that’s it, that’s all I can say without combusting from love for these fictional characters.

    I love mad woman so much too! The piano at the beginning gets me every time. The subtle feminist power and just the lyrics…I cannot deal. Even after a week of this week being out I still find myself shook every time I listen to this song.

    HAHA okay being trash for Gansey is something I completely relate to, we’re all in this together. As if I don’t already talk on my blog and with online friends about how much I love him, I roped my close friend irl into reading The Raven Cycle and now she has to deal with me constantly sending her pins and memes about Gansey, because what else are friends for?🙃

    THIS POST WAS SO LOVELY, RUBY. I adored it and by the way your Instagram photo with the folklore vibes is seriously the greatest. xx

    • Ruby Rae Reads


      “Peter losing Wendy” TAYLOR KNEW WHATY SHE WAS DOING!! Ah Olivia, we feel EXACTLY the same about GG omg. At the time I thought I liked it lmao but actually?? eh??


      yess mad woman is art and we take no other answers

      Omg was that HSM reference intentional👀 Olvia, feel free to send those memes on over to me because I will glady accept and cry with you. BECAUSE I LOVE HIM. And I don’t understand haters, incl. lowkey the rest of the gang welp

      THANK YOUUUUU FRIEND I LOVE YOU xoxoxoxo ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • May @ Forever and Everly

    i also wish i hadn’t read the gentleman’s guide to vice and virtue! i don’t think it was anything special and definitely let the hype affect my opinion of it, and mackenzi lee has turned out to be such a trashy person so 🙂🙂 and ooh i’m even more interested in the picture of dorian gray after what you said about it in this post! it sounds just like the type of dark book i’d love 😎

    • Ruby Rae Reads

      Hard same May 🙃 I read it and thought I enjoyed it at the time, but the hype influenced my opinion and now I like don’t care anymore welp. I def think you’ll enjoy Dorian Gray. Just don’t read it for school lmao

      • aina

        Okay I have Gentleman’s Guide on my tbr and so far I’ve heard both positive and not-so-positive response about the book. And now I’m reconsidering about reading the whole thing…

        It seems to me like Only Mostly Devastated can be a hit-or-miss case. I’ve read mixed reviews from people about the book.

        • Ruby Rae Reads

          Yeah… eh. I think there are maybe better authors to support? But it’s up to you

          I seem to be one of the few that disliked it so it could be a hit for you. Just wasn’t a fan of the execution welp. Again though, you do you. You might love it 🙂

  • Lucie @ Wishes and Pages

    Ooooh this tag is amazing and I loved reading all your comments on the songs! I kinda want to do this tag now, haha. I’m not 100% sure about what my favourite songs from folklore are, because I love them all, so it changes every day???? It’s an amazing problem to have for sure haha. That being said, at the moment I’d say my favourites are: my tears ricochet, exile, cardigan, epiphany, the last great american dynasty and illicit affairs.
    Now, for your answers: Clockwork Princess destroyed me as well, and I cry every time I reread it, even though I know what’s coming. I finished Beach Read a few days ago, and I loved how it dealt with grief as well, it was one of the highlights of the book. Dani Brown is also my newest favourite character, she is the best, and I would love to be a bit more like her (which is interesting, because I related a lot to Chloe!). I’m also trying to read more adult romance right now, though my heart belongs to fantasy. ❤️

    • Ruby Rae Reads

      Ahhh omg Lucie DO IT. I TAG YOU!! Would so love to read your answers. Also yes relatable, so hard to choose. LOVE all of your faves though.

      Let’s not talk about Clockwork Princess tbh because we’ll both burst into tears welp. YESSS another Beach Read lover!! SO glad ya loved it <3<3 Chloe and Dani are quite similar in some ways so totally understandable *insert heart eyes* they're both very headstrong and also witty.

      I am WITH you on that. Though I'm more of an urban fantasy person, high fantasy scares me whoops hehe

  • theperksofbeingnourablog

    Ooh I absolutely love this! Seeing Illuminae made me remember that I need to get to that book soon 🙈 Got the audiobook so I’m ready. I’m also planning on reading Anne of Green Gables soon because of you. I remember you telling me you loved it and I’ve taken it upon myself to give it a try. I need to do this tag soon!

    • Ruby Rae Reads

      Thank you friend <3<3 oooh yes YOU MUST read it. I physically read them but have listened to a good portion of the audiobook and it's just as good (would actually recommend you readalong for the full experience *wink wink*

      YESSS ANNE!! Omg so hounoured. But also yes please, I'd love to know your thoughts when you do xx

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