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PAIRING UMBRELLA ACADEMY CHARACTERS WITH BOOK CHARACTERS // playing platonic (maybe) matchmaking because I actually watched a tv show ft. dysfunctional characters galore

Love that my brand is about never watching tv shows yet here I am watching like a million. Quarantine is making me do it.

I may have disappeared for a while because I forgot that once you scheduled one post you actually had to prepare another one. So that’s fun. I’m also just going with the flow here and doing whatever posts I want to. But also, sorry I abandoned you for like almost two weeks. That was unintentional.

This post could be a disaster and I have no idea how it’ll turn out but I had this fun idea and I just wanted to do it. I recently decided I needed to finally watch this show and wow we had a great time. It’s not Stranger Things level for me, but I thoroughly enjoyed it and was so… surprised?? I didn’t expect it to be as well-made as it was and I genuinely had a good time.

Anyways that’s enough rambling so let’s just get on with it. Also, I’m going to try not to spoil anything and if there are any I’ll be sure to mention it because obviously, not everyone has seen the show hehe.

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Before we get into this post though, I just need to give the BIGGEST shoutout to my amazing friend Kerys @ Everlasting Library who saved my butt and helped out a ton with this post. She’s amazing and I adore her with all of my heart. She also recently posted a pairing post and it was brilliant, as is all her content <3<3

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Umbrella Academy Season 2 Character Posters Are Here | ColliderNumber One: Luther Hargreeves (Spaceboy)

Oh no, so I’ve seen a lot of people absolutely hate him and I feel like I’m missing something? He’s definitely not my favourite and probably last on my list but like there is HATRED?? And please tell me why because I like DON’T KNOW. Okay, wait no I kinda do.

I do think the power is cool. Wouldn’t personally want it but eh it ain’t too bad. I like how loyal the guy is, even it’s his fatal flaw. But also lowkey couldn’t care less lmao. A bit too much masculinity for me, he can chill.

Elias Veterius from An Ember In The Ashes

Okay, before you scream at me, just hear me out. I am not here to bash my baby child I SWEAR. I ain’t out here committing betrayal. The ONLY reason I thought that these two are similar is that both of their relationships with their father(s). Well technically grandfather in Elias’s situation. Or even The Commandant aka the worst person to exist,,, but like she’s was NEVER EVER a parental figure so.

I felt like they kinda fit because even though they’re both loyal, Luther more so than Elias, they also equally rebel?? I can’t speak intellectually today (do I ever anyways??). But also they’re both described to be strong. Wait, wtf I honestly don’t even know what I’m saying.  USE YOUR WORDS RUBY. If you’ve read the book, you might get what I’m saying. The two are both indebted to their father yet also hate the system they’re under. Elias is obviously way more compassionate and KNOWS he hates the system and Luther is well…. lowkey really dumb. But yeah. I hope this is making some sort of sense.

Probably not.

Umbrella Academy Season 2 Character Posters Are Here | ColliderNumber Two: Diego Hargreeves (The Kraken)

I was at first so intrigued by Diego’s character and I saw potential but then I just never connected? So there’s nothing wrong with him, again SUCH a cool power. Literally wtf HOW? I WISH but alas I am scared of knives lmao

I liked his character arc in season two but in season one he was kind of a jerk and so mean for no reason? Like no mate that’s not how you treat your siblings.

Anyways, I was at first going to say Jesper from Six of Crows because they’re SO similar but I’m going to mention another member of The Dregs later so. Also, we need more women in this post so there’s that.

Katniss Everdeen from The Hunger Games

This post is just me finding excuses to talk about my favourite characters tbh. It’s fine, we’re fine.

Katniss COULD step on me and I’d let her though so… Technically she’d shoot me with a bow and arrow but those are just minor details folks.

Anyways, okay I’ll stop. The reason I think they match is OBVIOUSLY the fact that both Diego’s and Katniss’s aims are spectacular. Right?? Idk if that English was correct but the point is they can shoot straight. It works. It’s totally not a stretch. Katniss shoots bows at apples and birds and other things. Unfortunately not Gale though… And Diego flings knives around the room and I WISH I had the talent but also nope, you couldn’t trust me.

Was that answer well thought out? Nope. Do I care? Double nope.

The Umbrella Academy season 2 gets seven character postersNumber Three: Allison Hargreeves (The Rumor)

She could also step on me and I’d let her. I ADORE psychic abilities, they are superior to all others and you cannot tell me otherwise. But I think she also just has such a unique twist on mind control and telepathy. Like yeah, bish YOU!! HEARD!! A!! RUMOUR!! Slaying it tbh.

Anyways, yeah she has one the coolest powers. It’s like mind control but also she can just SPEAK things into existence?? I do hope they explore her power more because I wonder what else she can actually do or is “I heard a rumour” the extent of it?

Jude Duarte from The Cruel Prince

So Allison was SUPER tricky to place because her ability is so unique. And obviously Jude and Allison are so not similar in a lot of ways HOWEVER I do think they both have this ability to manipulate the truth, to an extent. Jude is a mortal but she’s cunning and can obviously use her ability to her advantage and I feel like they kinda again a stretch fit because the two both use their words.

Right?? Or is this terribly stupid?? Probably Ruby.

Allison’s is way cooler and she’d probably dominate the faerie world. But STILL. Again, the hardest to place welp. Which book character do you think is similar to Allison? I’m open to new candidates.

I'm not a fashion expert by any means, but isn't Klaus' outfit ...Number Four: Klaus Hargreeves (The Séance)

First of all, hi I LOVE ROBERT SHEEHAN SO MUCH. He’s literally the best and although Klaus is a FREAKING MESS, he’s still the absolute best. I just can’t help but laugh. And Robert Sheehan plays the role so freaking well. Agh we LOVE to see it. Probably my favourite? I’m actually so ashamed that I haven’t watched more of his work, need to change that.

Anyways, back to his character. As I mentioned, the man is a complete wreck. An addict who makes terrible decisions and is just so all over the place getting himself into shit. And it’s great. Though I do wish all the best for him and that he gets it together because no more ~SUFFERING~, please.

Zélie from Children of Blood and Bone

This match is fairly self-explanatory, the two of them both can communicate and control the dead. But again, I found Klaus very hard to place because he’s really going through some stuff. Though so is Zélie, so it kinda works.

Zélie is very different in the fact that a) she doesn’t have a constant ghost comparison and b) doesn’t have a terrible father. But they’re powers are so spot on and my explanations truly are terrible.

I don’t know Zélie all that well yet as I’ve only read the first book and I need to get to the sequel ASAP. But I thought she was such a cool character and I’m keen to see where the second book goes but I’ve heard… mixed things so… welp.

Netflix Release Awesome New Posters For The Umbrella Academy Season 2Number Five: Five Hargreeves (The Boy)

Five is like also lowkey a favourite?? I heard some not great things about the actor but I can’t deny how talented he is. Literally YOUNGER than me and I,,, geez feel so unaccomplished. No, we shouldn’t measure our success against others folks. But I mean COME ON SIXTEEN??!?

But yeah, I LOVE Five’s character. I love that he can teleport because like HELLO SO COOL. And though I’d be too petrified to time travel and my brain turns to mush when I try to figure it out, I still think it’s cool. But I also just like how devious and cunning he is. I like the wit and the wisdom and just his overall personality.

Kaz Brekkar from Six of Crows

Yes I KNOW, the two are perfect for each other and I may or may not have been a genius here. Like you have to admit.

They’re both the leaders of the respective groups. Though Five, you shouldn’t have disappeared for like 15 years bro. The two are both cunning and vicious when they want to be. Five is a bit more… crazy though maybe? Just a tad.

I’ve actually been wanting to reread this series for ages now and I’m keen to see if I still love Kaz as much. Probably will whoops. My taste apparently never changes hehe.

Kaz is… well… damaged goods obviously. And I think they’re similar in a lot of ways, except in terms of tragic backstory?? Five has definitely not been through the same. But they still fit *wink wink*

We all love Kaz so I do not have much more to say. We all know and love this broken boy. Even though he’s lowkey evil. Except with Inej my wife.

Umbrella Academy Season 2 Character Posters Are Here | ColliderNumber Six: Ben Hargreeves (The Horror)

Ben is…. I honestly don’t have many feelings towards him. But he’s a very complex character?? First of all, I will say that I feel very sad that he,,, you know died. And his power is SO COOL and I would’ve liked to get to know him better and see him in action more. But I do love that he had a connection with Klaus and I liked his sort of guardian characteristic.

But yeah, he’s also not my favourite character. And yes, I lowkey did almost cry at the end of season two. If you know, you know.

Noah Czerny from The Raven Boys

Ermygosh was Ben hard to place and then BAM I HAD IT. And I’m incredibly dumb for not noticing it because HELLO GHOST. There is only one character that fits.

And that’s this chaotic ghosty boy, Noah from The Raven Cycle. Gives us all the creeps but is a ghost for the exact same reasons. This pasty boi can’t leave because he had unfinished business, just like Ben.

Tbh, I have lowkey the same feelings towards Noah. Some of you all ADORE him and I can see why. Though we all know my loyalties lie elsewhere *cough* Gansey *cough*. I do like Noah, don’t get me wrong, especially in book two, just not as much as a certain someone else.

Yes, I am aware that I am trash. #sorrynotsorry

Umbrella Academy Season 2 Character Posters Are Here | ColliderNumber Seven: Vanya Hargreeves (The White Violin)

Let’s gush about another actor because hi I LOVE Ellen Page. Truly just such an amazing actress and I LOVED Vanya’s character. We love a lowkey anti-hero and also anti-villain. Yes, she is both and I take zero criticisms. I love that you can’t exactly trust her but also feel SO deeply because the girl’s been through a ton.

Also, I’m just a sucker for *highlight to see power* telekinesis as you all probably know. I also just think she’s such a complex character and I really do feel for her. Reggie is an ass and just ugh. Did I mention that I love Ellen Pige??

Juliette Ferrars from Shatter Me

It took me a while to think of someone similar to Vanya and then it hit me. Juliette and Vanya are SO similar ermygosh. They cannot control their powers and have been treated like crap. And they’re also both too powerful for themselves to even handle.

Literally could rip you apart by just looking at you.

I am S-C-A-R-E-D.

But also I do love Juliette, she can be a tad dramatic. By tad, I MEAN A LOT. But she’s still a fantastic character!! The girl’s also gone through a ton and has crappy parents.

Still pretty amazing though.


So before you leave this chaotic blog post that probably made zero sense, I do have some random things that I wanted to say that I really appreciated whilst watching. Here’s a smol list:

➵ One thing I really appreciated was how unpredictable the show was, in terms of sticking to common tropes that instigate character drama. There were so many times I thought the characters were going to do something stupid and EVERY TIME IT DIDN’T HAPPEN. Which I freaking loved.

Two prime examples are the episode at the end of season one between Vanya & Allison, like afterwards. And then another in season two, also at the end between all the siblings when Vanya comes to speak to everyone. There are other times but my memory is hazy and I should’ve taken notes welp. It was just very refreshing and I AM SO GLAD that I didn’t guess the entire plot.

➵ This is kinda cheesy but I also loved how the umbrella appeared at the beginning of each episode. Lowkey a fun game to try and spot them. Yes, I am a child.

cute lil umbrella hangin’ out

➵ I mean the sibling dynamics are brilliantly thought out and I loved the dysfunctionality of them all.

I also loved the episode with the dancing in season two between Vanya, Allison and Klaus. AN ICONIC TRIO!!

I liked how they brought in topical issues and had conversations that not a lot of fantasy shows can bring in. Also refreshing and done well. I think.

➵ And I, of course, LOVE superpowers, it is my kryptonite. Yes, I am aware I made that reference, it seemed applicable.

➵ And humour. We also love some great jokes.

➵ Omg can’t believe I almost FORGOT TO SCREAM ABOUT THE SOUNDTRACK!!!! I,,,, it is AMAZING, FANTASTIC, SHOW-STOPPING, PHENOMENAL. I’m a h** for old music so I mean, of course, I’m OBSESSED. No, but really IT’S SO GOOD I CANNOT EVEN.

you, having finished this post @ me

And that is it for today friends. Hope you enjoyed this post and that it made kinda sense. Probably not.

Idk if this post was worth it and it’s very different from me. So feedback appreciated <3


Happy reading




  • erin from rinsreads

    AHHHH yes I love this show omg!! I totally agree that it’s not on Stranger Things level but still an iconic show with some iconic characters.

    I didn’t like Luther in the first season because he was just so broody and controlling but I feel like he turned into a huge teddy bear later on?? Also if anyone touches my baby Klaus in season 3 I will BOYCOTT like hasn’t this boy been through ENOUGH please!! & I never thought of Five having Kaz Brekker energy but you’re SO right! A true King who has to spend 90% of his time corralling his chaotic siblings, we stan.

    I actually cant wait for the next season, that ending just ugh SHOOK. I loved this post!!! ♥

    • Ruby Rae Reads

      YESSS!! You got it spot on. But also very glad to have found a new ST fan eeeppp. ADORE that show

      I for sure agree. Don’t think he had much substance but he kinda redeemed himself a bit in the second season??

      NOBODY IS ALLOWED TO TOUCH KLAUS!! I will protect with my life. Also give him a not-dead boyfriend puh-lease

      OMG YES. Truly just sits back and lets everyone argue. Iconic and we do stan lmao

      This is why I’m terrible with showssss. Because THEY END AND I FEEL EMPTY

  • Craig

    No I haven’t watched this show yet but I’m definitely planning on. I have been watching alot of Star Wars: Clone Wars & Brooklyn Nine-Nine lately.

  • Joss @ theonewhoreadit

    Okay but this post was so so good! To be honest, I have NeVer watched this show (even if one of my friend absolutely loves it) but you made me want to watch it soo badly! Also the fact that you paired characters from the series to some of my favorite book characters is the cherry on the cake (is that how you say it??) ANYWAY, I’ve had an idea to pair book characters with *something* but I just don’t know how to pull that off. So yeah, this post was great and I absolutely love your blogger’s voice (OMG is that how you say it too? I don’t even know what words are anymore as it’s currently 1 A.M where I live 🙃).

    • Ruby Rae Reads

      Omg thank you so much! Hehe don’t worry, as you can see it took me ages to actually watch it. When you do though, please feel free to shout at me with reactions *wink wink* Oooh please do a “pairing” post! I like 10% regretted this one but it was fun at the end haha. You are literally the kindest <3<3

      (also not to be THAT person but I think it's cherry on top ashjahdgahab)

      • Joss @ maybeivereadit

        You’re welcome! I’ve actually watched the first episode since I commented and it’s very good!! Also I love Merlin (the TV show on BBC) so I am soooo happy that Tom Hopper is in the series. I can’t wait to watch the rest of the series! (Yeah I knew it sounded weird so thanks!)

  • pinetree_lou

    omg this post made me so excited to start this show???? my dentist recommend it so I wasn’t sure at first (I try so hard to trust dentists but they horrify me lol) but now I’m going to drop everything and start watching tonight

    It has so many things I look for, like siblings and an amazing soundtrack. I can’t wait to meet Five because Kaz Brekker is one of my favorite characters of all time <3 amazing post!!!

    • Ruby Rae Reads

      Omg thank you for your kind words. Ahh love that it was a dentist rec hehehe. YESSS DO IT. I think you can trust the dentist on this one.

      Yo that soundtrack is SPECTACULAR. So if anything, watch it for that. Oooh yes, if you like Kaz (as we all do hehe) then I’m sure you’ll like Five <3

  • Marta @ the book mermaid

    One of my irl friends has watched Umbrella Academy and can’t stop recommending it to everyone, so I’m very curious! At the same time, though, I have a million shows to catch up on, so I have NO idea what to do hahaha

  • theorangutanlibrarian

    haha yeah I definitely feel like Luther needs to chill. haha yeah I can see not loving diego… even though I love Diego 😉 Katniss is such a good pairing for him. Love Allison paired with Jude!!! YES to Five and Kaz as well. Agree with ben/noah and vanya/juliette too. Love this list!!

    • Ruby Rae Reads

      Luther is just,,, a bit too much welp. Ah I LOVE that you love Diego though. Thank you for your kind comment. And so glad you loved the pairings, I was actually a bit nervous about them

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