FAVOURITE MOVIES OF 2019 // the very late list ft. my top 5 films of last year

Would this be a favourite movies post if it  WASN’T 5 million years late?

And am I just incapable of getting movie content up on time? Yes, yes I am. But I swear I want to try and get better at it and post more frequently. If that’s okay with you all?

This list is EXTREMELY short oh my gosh. I literally only watched 45 movies last year. My 2018 favourites was a lot longer as I watched A TON. I also don’t have a ‘worst movies’ list because I didn’t watch any bad ones last year??

Also since the list of my favourite books isn’t made up of ONLY books that came out that year, I try and make my movies list up of only films that were released that year or late the previous year. So this does have a couple of 2018 films on it but I did watch all of them last year. If that makes any sense at all, which it probably doesn’t. OH WELL.

This also probably a good time to say that you should follow my Letterboxd account because I log all the movies I watch on there. Let’s be friends because I don’t know anybody hehe. It’s also just such a good website with HALF STARS!! A miracle!! COME ON GOODREADS.

I think it’s enough rambling and we should just get on with the blog post.

Sending you over to my Carrd for links on all the world crises that need your attention right now!! Specifically, the gender-based violence happening in South Africa, which needs more global support.

5) Bohemian Rhapsody

Yes, here I am talking about this film like 2 years after it’s come out. I KNOW everybody and their mother and grandmother was talking about it but like IT DESERVES ALL THE  HYPE! The entire internet was SATURATED and it was intense, to say the least. Also, I see all of you who were only into Queen AFTER this movie. A bit late honey. Nah just kidding, but it is a bit much. I’m just an old music fanatic okay SORRY.

But seriously, how is it  THAT good? I truly don’t know. Rami Malek just SERVES and I think he’s an amazing actor. The man is very inspiring and I-C-O-N-I-C. The storytelling is so powerful and the story itself so riveting. Really all the acting is amazing and they did all the music so well. We just love Bohemian Rhapsody in this household.

Funnily enough, my favourite song is not the same as the title of the film but Another One Bites The Dust because of the bass omg. Not that you care but anyways. Okay enough screaming. Moving on.

4) Spider-Man: Far Frome Home

Yeah so apparently I never talked about my most anticipated film of the entire year? I truly am the biggest failure. Whoops?

Yeah, so I went to see this on release date with my favourite people, Amy and Meredith. And we had such a fun time. I went to see it in 4DX which is an EXPERIENCE™ in itself. There’s water spritzing you in the face and the chair rocks back and forth. Yo I was… enthralled, to say the least.

I also don’t want to say that I have mixed feelings about this film, because that’s not it. It’s more like I STILL don’t know what to feel. Listen, this movie made me CRY. And my mind was all!! over!! the!! place!! Tom Holland (and the whole cast) is just FANTASTIC and I adore Peter Parker, MJ and Ned. AND THE PLOT TWIST OMG. THAT ENDING. We also all had a heart attack with that almost cancellation last year. The whole franchise is just a freaking rollercoaster of emotions. Truly.

And this movie was truly so amazing?? But I’m also still so overwhelmed. But I still love it. I should rewatch to solidify my feelings. Maybe I’m the mess. Probably HA.

Also, I did also go and see Avengers Endgame. I didn’t love Infinity War as much as everyone else but this was one was much better. It’s not on my favourites list but it’s worth mentioning here. Also lowkey fitting and predictable that seeing Spiderman was my favourite part. #sorrynotsorry

3) How To Train Your Dragon 3: The Hidden World

Oh my gosh, I just realised that this was also a film I went to see with Amy and Meredith hehe. WE HAVE TASTE!

THIS FILM IS SO FREAKING BEAUTIFUL!! And all you animation haters can LEAVE AND ALSO HAVE ZERO TASTE. I take no criticisms at this hour. Or ever. Mm ‘kay, rant over. Like honestly I don’t know how they did it. But just WOW. I was also TEARING up near the end. I think I’ve turned into a baby now welp. (Now realising it has been a while since I’ve watched this and am struggling to remember it wow fake fan).

Did I mention how beautiful this movie was?? Because WOW. I am a firm believer that animation is not for kids and it is under-appreciated. Because jeez my eyes were just blessed.

I’m currently sad that the franchise is over. And that Christmas short did not quench my thirst. But it’s an amazing film and it just has the purest storyline. Highly recommend. If you haven’t watched this series yet, DO IT NOW. And be prepared for all the warm (and sad) feelings.

2) Solo: A Star Wars Story / Star Wars VIII: The Rise of Skywalker

Friends, I thought it’d be unfair to have TWO Star Wars movies taking up individual spots on this list. And I wanted to keep the number five but that’s beside the point. This is my blog post, okay, I can do what I want.

I thoroughly loved both of these films. Solo was so great, and just the best space heist movie. It was just such a fun and adventurous space heist. I ~think~ Han Solo is also my favourite character so having a movie all about him is a bonus *wink wink*

And now we can cry because Star Wars is over. I will admit, this movie was all over the place. It is by no means amazing or the best movie ever. But I had THE BEST time watching the final Star Wars film. It had action and I was rooting for like all the characters. I was just highly entertained and my heart was beating. My family and I went to see it on Boxing Day and it was such a cool day. Why do all the fans hate it?? Can’t relate…

1) Frozen II

And let us just take a second to drool all over this film because my mind ~ exploded ~ into millions of pieces. It was SPECTACULAR.

I was SO AMPED to watch this film and I literally watched every single cast interview that existed because they’re amazing. And I just,,, don’t know who I am anymore. I was SO not into Frozen when it first came out. It just felt like too much with all the four-year-old fans lmao. Then I rewatched and actually thoroughly enjoyed and now I’m fully invested in this franchise.

The music, the ANIMATION and omg the CHARACTERS!! I love them all. This movie outdid itself and yes was better than the first one. And I saw it in the cinema and it was truly a beauty to behold. It’s just so heart-warming. I love Sven and Anna and Olaf and Elsa. It’s just *chefs kiss*

Still not over it tbh SEND HALP

And that’s it for today folks. This post was super short, for a change. I’ve been writing bibles lately lmao.

Also, let’s start a petition for Ruby to a) be more on time with these and b) write more movie content.



Happy reading




  • Sumedha

    I like how 45 movies is a low number 😂😂 that’s actually a lot! I probably watch about 10 in a year, MAX. Also, I like how you’re posting 2019 favs now. I’m not alone in putting off posts for so long, phew.

    Also, do write more movie content! It’ll be great. Might push me to actually watch stuff.

    • Ruby Rae Reads

      Yo, I watch more movies than shows so 45 was super low for me haha. Omggggg okay, we can be never on time together lmao

      Eeppp I definitely shall. Glad they can be motivating *wink wink*

  • erin from rinsreads

    Oh my gosh I’ve probably watched, like….ten movies max this year?? I need to pick up my game!!

    I LOVE Marvel omg the spiderverse movies are my favorite, Tom Holland and co. are just absolutely fantastic and I love how he portrays that sweet dumb innocence while also saving the world…like I see you Peter Parker, stop making me love you so much!! I also was avidly following all that drama with the cancellation bc after that cliffhanger if they would’ve left us hanging indefinitely I would have probably shown up at Kevin Feige’s door and threw hands. Thankfully we avoided that fate because I probably would’ve been arrested.

    Yes absolutely write more movie content, I need recommendations and motivation!!! I love seeing other people’s faves and I think we have similar tastes in movies so please help a clueless girl out and gimme those recs!! ♥

    • Ruby Rae Reads

      Hehehe Eri. Well I mean, I watch a lot because I spend like 0 time on shows (funny how I’ve been watching quite a few recently though haha)

      YESSSS SPIDER-MAN!!! Glad I’ve found someone who agres. Tom is just,,, I hate to be that ~girl~ but like ya can’t deny he’s brilliant at it. I love his specific portrayal of “nervous” Peter. Makes the character really relatable and natural. SAME aghhhh. I would be there with you because HOW?!?!? They could never cancel, makes too much money *wink wink*

      Thank you!! Ah now I’m excited and I shall definitely do more xoxoxoox

  • Margaret @ Weird Zeal

    How to Train Your Dragon is one of the best animated movie franchises out there, and that’s that. The animation is so beautiful and I’ll never get tired of watching them!

    Ahhh I also loved Frozen II and Spider-Man: Far From Home 😀 2019 really delivered on the sequels!

  • BernadetteMichael

    So many good ones on your list!!!! I also teared up at How to Train Your Dragon because that movie was WOW. I WAS MOVED. (Honestly those movies are just fantastic and don’t get enough hype). I went to see it in theaters last year which…feels like five years ago (I’m blaming 2020).

    Ford vs Ferrari was a favorite of mine from last year that I got to see in theaters. I am NOT racecar person and basically went to see it because Matt Damon and Christian Bale were in it XD but it was SO GOOD.

    • Ruby Rae Reads

      2020 is just,,, well not a great year to say the least.

      YESSSSS. We need MORE people to talk about this franchise. It’s so wholesome ans joyous to watch.

      Oh I haven’t heard of that one and cars aren’t usually my thing. I occasionally watch FAst & Furious lmao but I shall def look into it bc I LOVE Matt Damon <3

  • emme @ a literary latte

    45 movies wow?! I’ve probably seen like 3 this year haha. I just prefer to watch tv shows (and even then it’s always the same few on repeat!) I do want to see Frozen II though so I might have to watch that on Disney+ at some point.

    • Ruby Rae Reads

      Okay, I literally just checked, and according to my Letterboxd, I’ve seen 50 movies this year so far welp. I don’t watch a lot of tv so that’s why my numbers are so high. They’re only like 2 hours haha

      Ooh please do watch Frozen and then lemme know you think!!!! <3

  • Eleanor J.

    I watched 3 out of the 5 you listed *proud of myself*! I agree, Frozen II and How to Train Your Dragon 3 had really good animation. I really enjoyed the 2019 version of Little Women as well and…suddenly, I can’t remember any more 2019 film names! Ah well. 45 movies is a lot, hope you enjoyed all of them!!

    • Ruby Rae Reads

      Ahaha love to see it. Give yourself a pat on the back *wink wink* (sorry I’ll never say that again)

      I have been DYING to watch Little Women. I just haven’t yet bc I’d really like to read the book first, otherwise I never will haha. I’ve seen the 90s one so know what happens but yeah.

      YES ANIMATION LOVE!! I,,, in awe of how they do it xoxo

  • Joss @ maybeivereadit

    I love these kinds of posts! Bohemian Rhapsody and Spider-Man were so so good! Avengers Endgame was truly one of my favorite too. I’m soo late to the Marvel party but I finished watching the movies this year (except for Captain Marvel and the original Hulk movie) and they are sooo good! Also, I preferred Frozen but Frozen II was a great movie too. Show Yourself gives me chills EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. I have NEVER watched a How To Train Your Dragon movie so I think I really need to do it. Great post!

    • Ruby Rae Reads

      Ah thank you, super encouraging to know people actually want to see it haha.

      Oh yay, glad you enjoyed Endgame too. Idk why but it’s never been my favourite-favourite. I enjoy them but I think I much prefer the individual superhero movies. Ya know, like Spider-man lmao. Predictable.

      Oh wow, I’ve actually never heard anyone say they prefer the first before. It is very iconic. I think I just liked the character moments more in this one. Also yes, amazing song.

      Eeepp please watch it and when you do lemme know as I’d love to hear your thoughts <3<3

      • Joss @ maybeivereadit

        Yeah, a lot of people love the individual superhero movies more than the Avengers ones but I personally always tend to prefer the Avengers ones (even if I LOVE most of the movies on one superhero).

        I guess I preferred the first one because the songs were less forgettable? I don’t know. I loved knowing more about Elsa and Anna’s parents though!

        Thanks! I would love to share my thoughts on it with you!

  • Marta @ the book mermaid

    I HAVE THE SOFTEST SPOT IN MY HEART RESERVED FOR TOM HOLLAND AS SPIDERMAN!! And it’s so cool you got to experience the movie like that, it’s sounds amazing!!! How To Train Your Dragon is also so so great, I watched it on my birthday which was even cooler despite the movie room being full of loud children ((((: AND!! I usually love everything Disney, but Frozen II is something so special, Show Yourself is such a powerful song and I love it so so much <3

    • Ruby Rae Reads

      OMG YESSSS!! All the love for Tom in this household. Oh yes, what a time. Have you ever watched in 3DX?

      Um but that is the coolest and most special experiences. I love going to the cinema for my birthday. But also, being in the cinema with annoying kids is the actual worst. Especially when they kick your chair even though you’ve turned around. Aghhh

      Oof yes Show Yourself is so amazing. Bc I left this post so long and I haven’t actually got the chance to rewatch, I don’t actually remember my fave song welp

      Thank you for your kind comment <3<3

      • Marta @ the book mermaid

        I don’t think so!! We don’t really have 3DX and things like that in Portugal, I think. I’ve watched something (idk which one) when I went to London. One was a Coca-Cola comercial and I had snow falling on my hair, and the second was a Marvel short film and I could feel Hulk’s sneeze on my lap (ew). But it was super cool, I wish we had that here!!

        Ooooh you gotta rewatch it!! I’ve loved the movie even more the second time I saw it and I’m always listening to it on Spotify haha

  • Sabrina @ Wordy and Whimsical

    I love that you are posting your favourite movies from 2019 in August! I am always looking for more good movies to watch no matter when they were released. I am so happy to see you have a Letterboxd account – there are not enough people in my life utilising that website!! And I see you’ve got Stardust as one of your favourite movies so that makes me even more excited to follow you on there 😀
    The 4DX experience you had with Spider-Man: Far From Home sounds so, so cool! I did watch this movie, but honestly I can’t remember how I felt about it – I think I liked it more than the first one though!
    I haven’t seen any of the other movies you mentioned, so I will have to add them to my watchlist!

    • Ruby Rae Reads

      Welp thank you Sabrina. My tardiness has become an ongoing thing now lmao. Omg Imma go follow you there bc YES!! Love that platform so much. The reviews are A++++ (also hello I see one of your faves is Stardust and HELL YEAH!)

      Yeah lowkey feel the same. I truly need to rewatch them, maybe back to back?? To compare Far From Home. Oh if you do watch them, lemme know as I’d love to hear your thoughts xx

  • Tiffany @ String of Pages

    I’ve watched all of these movies and I love every single one of them!! Frozen 2 is wonderful, especially the songs. I still listened to them until now. Also I agree that Star Wars IX’s plot was all over the place, but the special effects were amazing so I’m okay with that 😀

    • Ruby Rae Reads

      Oh yayay!!! Ugh yes the Frozen songs are so good eeeeppp. Oh yeah totally, the effects were brilliant and it was just m I’m general super fun to watch❤️ tysm for your lovely comment Tiffany xoxo

  • El

    Bohemian rhapsody was so good! *pretends I’m not eons late to this post* but I’ve always been more a fan of the How to train your dragon books bc that was my childhood (also one of my cousins stole one of them and they swear they didn’t BUT I KNOW THEY DID 😒) you know toothless is an ickle tiny dragon in the books? He’s not for riding at all 😂 ALSO dragons are a thing in the books? Like everyone has a dragon – not sure who thought of the movie plot 🤷‍♀️


    • Ruby Rae Reads

      Omg El, better late than never!! Also you are the best <3<3

      Ahhahah your cousins DYING. I know the feeling. Also yes, I used to watch HTTYD as a kid, but I think I've fallen more in love with it now. Ahhh I did not know that, I never read the books. Though my sister owns like the whole set, maybe some day. So interesting to hear all the differences, I had no idea.

  • Lais @ The Bookish Skies

    i followed you on letterboxd but i URGE you not to follow me back because i am such a mess in that app i can’t lmaoooo

    i only watched bohemian rhapsody once and i thought it was really good, but i need to rewatch it! this movie is compared a lot to rocketman and i personally enjoyed rocket man a lot better simply because i’m a musical trash, but i remember finding rami malek’s performance outstanding!

    i have yet to watch how to train your dragon 3 and i don’t know how i haven’t done the yet! i think it’s just one of those movies that i know i will cry a lot watching, since i love these characters and it will be sad saying goodbye to them. ):

    • Ruby Rae Reads

      um hello Lais, you can’t tell me you have an account and expect me NOT to follow back. Gotta get that quality content

      Oh yes, I did try Rocketman but wasn’t into it at the time. Maybe I just wasn’t in a musical mood hehe. I think I just preferred the original songs so I was like eh. But do want to give it another go. Also omg we should buddy watch some things!!

      AHHHH WATCH ITTTT!! It’s the absolute best and will give you all the warm fuzzy feels <3<3 and yes tears. I cried *nervous laughter*

      • Lais @ The Bookish Skies

        UGH SAME when i first watched rocketman i was so frustrated at the fact the songs were not the original ones and it was the actor singing all of them? hahah now i actually appreciate the effort and i understand the change, but when i watched the movie for the first time i was just???? why would you do that?? hahhah

    • Ruby Rae Reads

      Right?!?! Frozen 2 was seriously such a surprise, especially that they managed to pull off it being better (in my opinion). YES THAT TWIST OMG?!?!?!? I SCREAMED. AND NEED MORE. ALWAYS!!

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