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AUGUST RECAP // absolutely no reading except some fanfic & start of second semester

So um… August sucked.

I went back to (online) uni. Second-semester WHOOP WHOOP. Note sarcasm. And eh my mental health has not been so great. It’s better today, up and down I guess.

I’m also in a reading slump. Again. Meaning, I did not read anything so I can’t show you a wrap-up.

Except… this fanfic.

The Ballad of Big Nothing: I,,, watched Flipped again #sorrynotsorry and then went looking for fanfic, as per usual, whenever I watch this. And I stumbled upon this piece of brilliance, which is 7 chapters long and lowkey the best thing ever??? I’m so upset that I can’t add this to Goodreads because it was SO GOOD OH MY GOSH. Loved it so so much and it’s the type of romance I wanna write. So we loved that. And I just adore that story. It’s on Netflix now btw if you want to watch.

I did start some books though, I just haven’t picked them up in like 2 weeks whoops:

  • An Ember In The Ashes by Sabaa Tahir: 63% in. I was buddy reading with Kerys but she may have finished already so… need to get back to this reread.
  • With The Fire On High by Elizabeth Acevedo: 16% into the audiobook on Anyplay and ah so good so far <3

I also just got approved these eARCS and!! SCREAMING!!

  • These Violent Delights by Chloe Gong
  • The Invisible Life of Addie La Rue by V.E. Schwab

Being ambitious so let’s call this a possibility pile and pray that my slump ends soon xoxo

Hello, this is me from the 20-minute future who forgot she actually hauled books last month whoops

  • Big thanks to Jonathan Ball for the surprise book mail and sending me Five Little Liars by Amanda K. Morgan, The Midnight Twins by Holly Race and Highfire by Eoin Colfer!!

  • And to Penguin Books South Africa for Good Girl, Bad Blood by Holly Jackson and Date Me, Bryson Keller by Kevin Van Whye

  • I bought all of the rest and so excited to get to them <3

Click the images to be taken to the post : )

Going to start off with this before we get started on movies, because this new uni semester I’m taking a Film & Television Analysis course. Which I’ve been super loving. And I’m also taking Gender Studies which has me intrigued.

Though I’ve had some life things going on. I think I’m a bit burnt out and also unmotivated, especially when it comes to university work. I love the work but I just… don’t feel like doing it?? No idea why. And I’ve just in general been more anxious and not feeling it? I’m not sure what to do about it, tbh I just feel like waiting it out and taking it easy. But yeah, there we go. I’ll be fine, just taking it easy.

I’ve watched 2 films for my class so far, including Black Panther and Moonlight. I know, FINALLY. It took me like 2 years. Black Panther was by far my more ‘enjoyment watch’, and I was just super into the action and how fun it was. Also, so terrible that we lost Chadwick Boseman and sending his family & friends condolences.

Moonlight, on the other hand, absolutely BLEW me away and I was in complete shock. It was absolutely brilliant and I truly have no words.

Oh and I watched some old favourites, Finding Nemo and The Princess Diaries. Which both get 5 stars and keep your eyes peeled for a future post.

And I’ve also been watching a whole bunch of Suits. Idk why because I don’t think I like it all that much, but it’s super addictive and I’m?? invested?? I don’t really like all that many of the characters so um… I’m conflicted lmao. Send halp.

I also, of course, watched Umbrella Academy. Which I’ve already talked about, and what I wanted to say was that the soundtrack has put me back in my old music mood. So that’s what’s been on my playlist <3 Especially The Stranglers!! SO GOOD.


Happy reading




  • tasya @ the literary huntress

    I love reading fanfictions too and there are just so many brilliant ones that often puts me in a no-reading mood, so I totally feel you! I’m currently in a no reading mood also, but mainly because I’m obsessed with this cdrama and just… can’t stop reading fanfictions 😀 Actually there’s the novel but I know if I read it I won’t be able to concentrate and I have this huge deadline coming so I’m really really trying to resist the temptation by reading fanfics instead 😀

    Sorry for the rambles haha! Your upcoming courses sounds really interesting and fun, I hope you’ll get over the burn-out soon!

    • Ruby Rae Reads

      You know, it was such a shock to find like an AMAZING fanfic. I feel like I’m in the club now and I get why it’s so popular. And also the anger when you find it’s incomplete or in my case too short lmao.

      Hope we both get out of this slump sooonnnnnn. Tv and fanfic have been taking precedence and I think it’s time to get back to reading hehe. Also yes totally get it. I have some uni work for instance, and I haven’t been wanting to draft a blog post bc I know I’ll feel guilty for doing that instead.

      Thank you for you kind comment!! xx

  • Sumedha

    August was a very eventful month for me. It’s unfortunate that yours wasn’t so great! I totally get how university sucks your soul even if you like things. Hope September is much better for you! And wow the 2 books you got accepted for are HUGE ones. You’ll definitely enjoy them, I think.

    • Ruby Rae Reads

      It’s such a… weird feeling. Like I do want to be at uni and I chose all my courses and I like them, yet I feel so meh and unmotivated about it 🙁

      Thank you, Sumedha. Holding fingers on those ARCs hehe. You’re the best <3<3

  • Caro @ bookcheshirecat

    Sorry to hear that you’ve been in a reading slump, I hope your reading motivation will return in September ❤ I’ve just started watching the second season of The Umbrella Academy with my friend and we’re liking it so far 😊

  • Ali

    Ahhhh I was SOOO obsessed with Flipped many years ago, it has such a special place in my heart. I’ve never seen anyone that also loves it! I avoid watching it because I know it’s going to squeeze my little heart, but I think it’s time I rewatch it and try out that fanfic.

    Hope your mood improves a little bit with the new month. Even though you didn’t read a book, looks like you still got a lot done!

    • Ruby Rae Reads

      asghagsfgagd YOU’VE SEEN FLIPPED??!?! That came out very enthusiastically but so few people have actually seen it that I am shocked whenever someone has haha. Ahhh please do rewatch and then come scream at me. And then READ. THE. FANFIC. So we can scream more because it like tore me apart welp.

      Thank you the loveliest comment <3<3 hope you have an amazing September!!

  • erin from rinsreads

    Thank you for including me in your favorite posts *sobs* ♥

    I get what ya mean about feeling burnt out – school always ~sounds~ fun for about five minutes and then once you actually start you’re just like…okay when can this be over?? Though Film & Television Analysis sounds SO fun, hopefully you get to watch some really good things in that class!!

    I have to watch Flipped now!! I’ll watch that while you read Addie LaRue *sobs again* omg I hope you love it, I can’t wait to get my hands on it!!

    • Ruby Rae Reads

      You are the absolute best and I LOVED that post so of course💞

      Ah glad I’m not alone. It’s such a strange feeling hehe. Eeepp that class has been so cool, so far I’ve loved what we’ve done. Even did an analysis of a Nemo still frame lmao.

      Omg yes you do and then MESSAGE ME AND SCREAM PLS. And I shall also keep you posted on Addie. Wishing you a wonderful September!!

  • Marta @ the book mermaid

    I took a gender studies online course last month and I had so much fun with it, I’d love to*actually* study it! I hope you have fun in your class!! 😀 And I’m still screaming about These Violent Delights, I can’t wait to read it, Ruby!!! I’ll beg you for spoilers, if needed ))): (also, just subscribed to your channel <3 ) I hope you have a lovely September! happy reading 😀

    • Ruby Rae Reads

      Oh yay, that’s so cool! I’m not sure how I like the course yet, I’ve been doing well but yeah.

      Ahahahah hope I love These Violent Delights lmao. And I mean, if you really want spoilers *wink wink*

      Omg thank you!! You’re the best. Need to check out yours asap 💞

      Hope you also have a lovely September!!

      • Sofii @ A Book. A Thought.

        Sweetie!! I don’t know what happened but I just received the notification of this post like a thousand years later 😭 anyway, I LOVE your blog, you know that, I love how you structure your posts so let me be your fan for a moment 😍👏🏻✨ & thank you for mentioning my post, it’s such an honor that you liked it. 🥺
        I hope you’ve loved all the books in An Ember in The Ashes’ series, is one of my favorite ❤️

        • Ruby Rae Reads

          Omg no, don’t worry. Glad you stopped by!! And STOP MAKING ME CRY I LOVE YOU. Your blog is so stunning, I admire you so much <3<{ I haven’t finished book two yet, but I MUST start Torch asap 🙈

  • aria @ matcha and memoirs

    Loved reading this post, Ruby! Totally understand being in a book slump, for me it tends to happen more when I am less busy?? When I’m extremely busy I have high motivation to pick up book after book lol. I watched the latest season of Umbrella Academy a few weeks ago, and I enjoyed it as well 🙂

    Congrats on the the ARCs, hope you will enjoy them! I’m looking forward to These Violent Delights as well. Wishing you the best on your studies, remember to take breaks 💕 Hope you will have a fulfilling September xx

    • Ruby Rae Reads

      Thank you so much Aria, you’re too kind xx

      Luckily I just read a book so I hope I’ve finally broken my slump lmao. Also YES ME TOO. I get slumps when I literally have nothing else going on

      Ah yay, glad ya loved season 2. I found it to be a ton of fun!!

      Seriously hoping I ADORE those two. I think I will, they sound really up my alley. Wishing you a wonderful September also <3<3

  • Lais @ The Bookish Skies

    not being able to add fanfics to goodreads is just outrageous tbh the amount of time i’ve spent reading fanfics should count for something you know hahah i just spend an unhealthy amount of time in archive of our own, seriously

    ahh, i really hope you feel more motivated when it comes to school. i know i’ve been in a slump since quarantine started and have been super unproductive at keeping up with the online classes. but it’s super cool you’re taking a film & television analysis course, moreover if it allows you to watch amazing movies like black panther. the news we got this month were shocking and heartbreaking, because i absolutely adore black panther and it was definitely one of my favorite movies of 2018 and one of the best ones in the marvel universe in my opinion.

    i have not watched umbrella academy but i’m happy to hear the soundtrack is filled with old music, hahah. i love it myself and this month have been listening to a lot of george michael 😌

    thanks for the shoutout, ruby! hope you have a great september!

    • Ruby Rae Reads

      TRULY Lais!! Lowkey considered adding it to GR myself bc it had a cover and everything lmao.

      Ah no, I hope we can BOTH get to being more productive when it comes to school. Deadlines are the only thing that motivate me so ummm need to fix that.

      It is truly so incredibly sad that we lost him, and such he will be so missed!! That movie really was phenomenal though, and I definitely agree that it’s one of the best Marvel fims!!

      Ya know, honestly you could just watched Umbrella Academy for the old music hehe. It’s THAT good and has so many amazing songs. GM is such a classic

      Wishing you a wonderful September also xx

  • Stephen Writes

    I’m so sorry that you didn’t have such a great month, Ruby 🥰 I hope September is going better so far. With The Fire On High is amazing, one of my favourite books I’ve read this year! Good luck with your classes, too!

    • Ruby Rae Reads

      So far, I have actually READ A BOOK hehe so I hope it just continues going up haha. Oh yay, super ready for WTFOH *insert heart eyes*. Thank you so much Stephen, hope you enjoy your September too <3<3

  • trufflereads

    I can’t believe you got approved for so many amazing eARCS – ADDIE LARUE OMG. I hope you have an amazing reading month in September <3 Take it easy and HAVE FUN! Looking forward to our buddy read 😀

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