BOOKS I NEED TO READ BY AUTHORS I LOVE // dear fave authors, my deepest apologies for being a terrible fan

I am currently an exhausted corpse. That is all.

Jk no. But I’m so over university assignments and have no motivation anymore welp.

This is a really random post idea. But I had this ongoing list (as per usual) and I thought LET’S JUST COMPILE INTO A POST. It’s been in drafts for approximately 1000 years and I’m feeling 0 creativity at the moment so we’re just gonna go ahead and post.

There’s not much else to say really HA. I’m a bit of a mess.

currently me (pooh is just an entire mood always)

Before we get into it, I urge you to educate yourself on what is happening in Nigeria at the moment and to help #EndSARS in any way you can – click HERE


I absolutely ADORE Francesca Zappia’s second novel Eliza & Her Monsters, it’s like my favourite standalone of all time.

I just… cannot even put into words how hard it hit me. I related to the main character(s) on a whole other level. And it just WOW. IT’S SO GOOD!!

I saw this one at a book sale and immediately bought it because I loved her other book so much. And I’ve actually heard mixed things about this one I think? All I really know is that it has schizophrenia rep, which I’ve never read about before.

We’ll see how it goes I guess?


I’ve read like four of Alice’s books so far and have thoroughly loved them all. I read the first two volumes of Heartstopper, the Nick & Charlie ebook and also Radio Silence. They were all so good and Alice is such a cool person.

I love her art style but I think I prefer her novels more, just because they’re like a full story if that makes sense and you understand what I’m even saying?? Probably not. I think she’s a really talented writer and I’ve had this one on my shelf for ages.

I love how all of her contemporary worlds intertwine, I think it’s the coolest when contemporary authors have that. So we’re very excited to read on!! All I know is BOY BANDS and FANDOM CULTURE!!


I,,, have had this book on my shelf for literal years. And I need to get off my butt and JUST. READ. IT. Come on Ruby, we know it sounds weird as heck and you’ll probably seem dumb when you read BUT JUST DO IT.

*insert Nike ad* Incredible.

Honestly, I have no idea what this book is about. Literally nothing. But I do know that I love Maggie’s pretentious writing style.

Wow, I’m bad because that’s literally all I have to say. Go me??

Sorry, we all knew I was a terrible book blogger. Not news to anyone


Ouch, I love this cover so much wowee. SHE STUNNING!!

Okay SO. I’ve read The Poet X, which I thoroughly loved and was my first venture into books written in verse. I actually want to reread it because I think that I’d love it more a second time round. But Elizabeth’s third book in verse just came out and I’m SUPER stoked to read, so I really want to get to this one right here before I get my hands on it. But also it sounds so amazing and I’m super pumped.

Apart from all the stellar reviews, all I know is that this book is written in novel format and that’s it’s about a teen mom. It has been AGES since I read a book about a teen mom, literally I think it was when I stumbled upon one at my local library years ago. But also it’s about a CHEF and cooking and just ahhh I’m very pumped.


Tis no secret that I adore The Darkest Minds with my whole heart. I just can’t help myself. And ever since the lovely publisher sent these bad boys my way, I’ve been waiting for a great time to devour them.

I’ve been getting into middle grade recently, and I know these have spooky and have ghosts and all that great stuff. Idk maybe I’ll get to them now because it’s the spooky season. But also who am I kidding, I don’t do tbrs…

Both my younger siblings have already read and thoroughly enjoyed, so I can’t wait to read them. I’ve always loved Alex’s writing style and she’s brilliant at writing loveable characters. I’m READY!!


Oh gosh, so since this draft is years old, I debated adding this book because I’d only read one of the author’s books. But that has since changed, as I recently read her adult romance debut Beach Read and ugh FREAKING. ADORED. THAT. BOOK.

So, naturally, I want to drop everything and read anything and everything Emily Henry has written, as well as her favourite books.

This one is her YA debut and frankly, that title alone just very much intrigues me. I don’t know too much about this one, but I don’t like knowing because I’ve found going in blind is the best way to read them. I know that the main character speaks to a ghost though and that it’s magical realism. I’M READY!


As of now, I’ve only read the first two books in the Renegades trilogy and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed myself. I’m a sucker for books that have characters with special abilities.

As you probably know. I tend to talk about what I love a lot. Anyways, I still haven’t read this OG series. I feel terrible.

I was never really keen on sci-fi until more recently and now I’m lowkey obsessed, but have FOMO because I haven’t read this yet. I also haven’t read all that many Fairytale retellings, which is something I’d like to change. All I know is that this book has CYBORGS. And there’s ROMANCE.

Sounds like a great time to me amirite?


I was SO stoked to read this one when it was coming out, but it arrived in South Africa super late so I haven’t managed to read it yet. I don’t necessarily adore Shatter Me but I do ADORE Tahereh Mafi. Her writing is brilliant and I can’t wait to give this one a go.

I know this book is going to be super personal, which is why I really want to read. And I know her upcoming contemporary book was just announced, which is exciting. Reminded me how behind am I welp.

All I know is that this is about being Muslim in America after 9/11, which I’ve never read about.

So yeah, somebody push me to FINALLY read this.


I’ve read AND LOVED Victoria’s adult Shades of Magic fantasy trilogy. That last book just BLEW me away and I ADORED it. Unfortunately, her YA book This Savage Song was a bit of a miss for me, and I think I just don’t vibe with the YA writing style. Which is why I have no doubt that I’ll LOVE this one since it’s adult.

Everybody raves about it, and I know it’s about these college boys who experiment on themselves to give themselves powers. Which we’ve already discussed is MY SHIZ! Like hello, this feels like it could be 1000% my thing. Xandra and I are actually planning on buddy reading this one, which is going to be so much fun xx

Also yes this edition is lowkey ugly and I want to pretty one to match my copy of Vengeful lmao


Friends, I was,,, so late to THUG and only read it last year, which I am ashamed to admit. And I have an ARC (though it was sent to me way after the release so) of On The Come Up and I??? Haven’t read it yet.

I did start this book and was LOVING it so I don’t even know why I stopped reading. I think it was exam season or I wasn’t in the mood for contemporary. Either way, I MUST get to this one asap. It’s about rapping, and I hear the audiobook is super good so I may go that route. Anyways, I just NEED to pick it up to seep in the gloriousness!!!

Also, very excited about Angie Thomas’s next book which is like a prequel to THUG about Starr’s father which YES! It’ll be set in the 90s and I’m very excited.


I’m a terrible Leigh fan, I’ve been saying that I’ll get to this series for freaking ever. And have I done that? NO. I ADORE Six of Crows and also Leigh Bardugo as a person. I love her magic system and I also think that I will at least have fun with this series. But aghhh.

Myself Caitlin, and Rhi who’s joining in, have a buddy read planned though don’t know when it’s going to happen welp. But I WILL read them before the show is out. The cast is just so perfect and I CANNOT get over how amazing they are. The theme song just got dropped and I HAVE CHILLS AND AM STILL SCREAMING!! Lowkey have feeling that I’ll love this trilogy more than I might’ve because of them?? Is that even possible? Does that even make sense? Not really. But anyway, I WILL READ THEM IN 2020!!!! MARK MY WORDS!!!

And there’s the list.

Here’s to hoping that I get to these.

*truly takes a shot*

That’s it today for today folks. You are hereby granted permission to scream at me to read these books!!





  • Stephen Writes

    Good luck with reading all these books, Ruby! The TBR does seem overwhelming at times. With The Fire on High is an absolute treat, and I only read the Shadow and Bone series this year. Happy reading 🥰

    • Ruby Rae Reads

      Welp Imma need the luck haha. My TBR?? Overwhelming?? Definitely not *nervous sweats*

      haha I know I’m a catch

      So excited to get to them. But also yay glad I’m not the only one a million years behind on S&B.

      Tysm for popping by xoxo

  • ahaana @ Windows to Worlds

    You NEED to read On The Come Up! I think it was one of my favourite books of 2019, and I loved it so much, I can’t even explain! It highlights so many modern day issues, and even incorporates rap culture, and since I love rap, this book was a perfect fit for me. I love the aesthetic of your blog, and the dividers you use too! They’re so pretty! You’re whole blog looks so good!

    • Ruby Rae Reads

      Literally SO SO SO excited to read it, and you’ve made me even more excited!! From the like 70 pages I read, I was already so into the rap she was singing.

      Omg thank you, you are too kind xoxo

  • Kay @ Hammock of Books

    alksdfjaslkfjdsalf The Lunar Chronicles is maybe my favorite series of all time <3 <3 <3 I cannot recommend it enough ahh I loved Renegades too but TLC is even more amazing it's just *chef's kiss* The grisha trilogy is pretty meh especially compared to Six of Crows but aaslfjsdfjslkf I am much excitement for the Netflix series so if ever there was a reason to read those books this is it!!!!

    • Ruby Rae Reads

      Omg Kay, the fact that it’s your fave makes me SO SO SO excited. I’m ready to devour this *chefs kiss* series hehe

      Ah no, I’m hoping S&B will at least be a fun time. Not expecting to like it more. And yes my only motivation at this point is the show lmao

    • Me Myself and Books

      I already read the Grisha trilogy and Cinder and I really like them!
      I read Shatter Me series and I really want to read A Very Large Expanse of Sea 😃
      I want to read Angie Thomas, V. E. Schwab, Elizabeth Acevedo and Francesca Zappia but my reading slump is not helping 😂
      My favorite author is Cassandra Clare and Malec is my all time favorite couple and I still have to read The Red Scrolls of Magic 🤦‍♀️

      • Ruby Rae Reads

        So sorry for this late response, but thank for your comment <3<3 so excited to read them all! Hope you get to them asap & love.

        Omg yes I need to get to Red Scrolls too *nervous sweats* haha. And the sequel welp

  • Sumedha

    As I was reading this post, I made a note in my mind to tell you to pick up I Was Born For This. But then I saw A Very Large Expanse of Sea. And then On The Come Up. RUBY!!!!!!!! READ AVLEOS AND OTCU PLEASE. THEY ARE PRECIOUS BOOKS WHO TALK ABOUT IMP THINGS BUT ARE ALSO WHOLESOME AND WONDERFUL.

  • Lais @ The Bookish Skies

    RUBY!!!!!! i am so sorry i’ve been such a mess i feel like i haven’t checked out your blog in ages. BUT i hope you’re fine even though university is kicking all of our asses.

    i didn’t really like i was born for this, butttt hopefully you’ll enjoy it more than i did! i think the only book by hers i have yet to read is solitaire, meaning that i also haven’t read the nick & charlie novella because of it. i think it’s pretty awesome how all her books are intertwined! it’s really cool, honestly.

    it took me this post to figure out that emily henry was both the author of this contemporary as well as beach read, so that’s embarrassing, hehe. i know that the cover for the love that split the world is stunning!

    i really want to read renegades. i was just recently thinking about how i have no more series to read? i mean, i do still have to catch up on ember in the ashes, but that’s pretty much it? and i kinda miss reading a YA series, so i’ll probably pick up renegades for that!


    • Ruby Rae Reads

      OMG LAIS HELLO YES GLAD TO HAVE YOU I MISSED YOUUUUUU. And hope you’re also okay, I think we’re kinda in the same boat welp

      Oh no, okay *fingers crossed* I like it. I’m honestly not too sure, I just want to read it because it’s Alice Oseman. But ah you MUST read Radio Silence and Heartstopper, they’re both grrat xoxo

      Lmao haha, well I glad I could be of educational aid. Also you def need to read Emily’s books and I can’t wait to get caught up ; )

      oh yes I NEED MORE SERIES TOO. Marathon-ing them is my absolute favourite thing ever. Very coincidental that I’m currently rereading Ember so I can FINALLY get past Torch and get caught up. Sabaa scares me you see.

      Renegades is a def a fun series. It has mixed reviews but I like it for the super abilities. My thing. Though I still need to read book three *hides forever* btw hmu if you need any series recs, I don’t have all that many but I have a few


  • Jessica C Writes

    On the Come Up & With the Fire on High are INCREDIBLE reads!! You have to get to them ASAP! I also need to read Made You UP. I’ve owned it for a few years now so I’m embarrassed that I haven’t read it yet 🙈

  • Caro @ bookcheshirecat

    Soo many great books on your list! I loved I Was Born for This, it’s such a brilliant book about fandom and I liked it even though I was never big into boy band. The book is so comforting, and I loved the main character 🥰 I also highly recommend Vicious!! I had a similar experience with This Savage Song (I didn’t like it at all), but I was surprised by how obsessed I became with Vicious 🖤 It’s a fantastic book full of morally grey characters!

  • Kal @ Reader Voracious

    Great list!!! I’ve only read Vicious from this list, but Cinder is on my list of books I need to read as well. I actually bought the WHOLE BOX SET for the series and haven’t read it. Why am I like this lol

    • Ruby Rae Reads

      So sorry for this late response. Ah I need to get the last two in the series but lowkey really love those new covers 😍 but also lmao don’t feel bad because I,,, may be crushing under 20000 tbr books welp

  • Clo @ Cuppa Clo

    Ah your list reminded me about books I still need to read. I’ve got the last book in the Lunar Chronicles to read and I’m planning on doing a blog post around them sksksk but honestly, I loved Scarlet the most out of the three I’ve read. Aaaah With The Fire On High is such a good book, I adored reading it earlier this year <3

    • Ruby Rae Reads

      Sorry for this late response but so glad to have you here <3<3 Ahaha do I need to apologise?? Didn’t mean to remind you of all the books lmao

      OMG SO EXCITED TO READ! But also, if I’m remembering correctly, that one is everyone’s least fave whoops

      So pumped to get to more of Elizabeth Acevedo’s boos eeeeppp

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