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WRAPPING UP 2020 IN FILM // a smol list of 2020 favourite films AND anticipated movies & tv shows of 2021

Hello, and how are we doing today? I don’t know which one of you kept me in your prayers and manifested this but LOOK WHO IS ON TIME WITH END OF YEAR POSTS?

What a crazy time to be alive tbh…

No, but seriously. This is the last of this set of posts that I have planned and I’m quite chuffed with myself.

Before I get on with the films, lemme just explain the title. Now, I don’t know if you heard but the world kind of shut down last year? I mean, it still is in a lot of places. But that meant that a lot of movies also didn’t get released. And also we couldn’t go to the cinemas (AS IT SHOULD BE!!). Plus, I also didn’t watch all that many movies last year anyways? I rewatched quite a few of my old favourites, which shouldn’t shock you by this point. So my favourites list is VERY VERY SMALL. Therefore I thought I’d just combine both my favourites and most anticipated shows. Got it? Good.

Let’s get started.


If you’re new to how I talk about my favourite movies, then I’ll just briefly explain. Though I only posted my 2019 favourites rather recently so you may already understand lmao. Anyways, I like to only talk about recent films, so films released in the last year and a half or so. I count the half because it’s usually quite difficult for me to watch new movies as I don’t live that close to a cinema. Make any sense? Probably not.

My list only consists of 3 films today, so to spruce this post up a smidge, why don’t I just mention the other films I rated highly in 2020. Oh, and a couple of these are ones I rewatched. Though it was a long time ago and half of them I don’t remember, so let’s consider them new *wink wink*



Love, Rosie (2014) // Moonlight (2018) // The Princess Diaries (2001) // Finding Nemo (2003) // Black Panther (2018) // A Room With A View (1885) // Maurice (1987) // The Sweetest Thing (2002) // 13 Going On 30 (2004) // Sweet Home Alabama (2002) // Just Like Heaven (2005) // When Harry Met Sally (1989) // The Cutting Edge (1992) // The Lord of The Rings: The Fellowship of The Ring (2001)


3) Spies in Disguise

This movie was one of my most anticipated of 2018 I believe, but it was pushed back till late 2019. Which is why I only more recently got around to watching it. And I already knew it was going to iconic because like Will Smith AND Tom Holland? You couldn’t have asked for a more iconic duo.

We also all know I’m a huge animation fan and the premise of this sounded so cool. But then I went on to Letterboxd and lowkey everyone hated it? Which I kind of understand and its why I rated it 4.5 stars instead of 5. Also why it’s number three here. WILL SMITH SHOULD NOT HAVE BEEN A PIDGEON FOR AS LONG AS HE WAS.  Mind you I wouldn’t say this is a “kids” film because there are some strange jokes in here also.

But apart from that, I found it extremely funny and was thoroughly entertained. The voices were spot on and I just,,, had a great time. I laughed basically the entire way through and I just really enjoyed my time with it.

2) To All The Boys: P.S. I Still Love You

Yo, this film had a ton of mixed reviews when it came out and I honestly,,, kinda still don’t get it. Okay, I kinda I do. But I still loved it and am so so so so excited for the third one. Which is out in like a few days when you’re reading this. What is life and why are we being BLESSED??!!

I definitely agree that it’s a lot different from the first one. That one felt more indie and whimsical, definitely less mainstream. Probably due to the fact that it was just US who knew about it? I’m making it sound like we’re the most special people in the world but it’s TRUE. It then obviously became super popular and I think why TATB2 has such a different vibe.

But the main reason I loved it so much is that it came at a time when I really needed it. I’m being very sappy but it’s the truth. I was going through a tough time, adjusting to university life (when I was still on campus) and dealing with intense homesickness and anxiety. I’ve talked about how I wasn’t doing anything to bring me joy and watching movies was one of them.

I vividly remember the day it came out. I had been in the library and saw two students in the corner watching it together. And I’d just been so excited to get back to my room to go and watch it. I got some snacks and when I’d finished it, I just started it all over again. And I only do this with these movies because they’re just… THE BEST *insert heart eyes*

Either way, I still had a great time with it and it gave me all the smiles. Like the love triangle in this movie is PAINFUL and done so well. I just had so many EMOTIONS, which is why it had to get a spot on this list. Catch me doing a smol marathon when the third one comes out.

1) 1917

So apparently I just NEVER talked about this movie on here. I know I did on Instagram but on my smol blog?? Nope. Oh well, I’m here now.

This was… a masterpiece. I know the world doesn’t need any more WWII films. It doesn’t. BUT ITS THE WAY THIS FILM IS SHOT AND I CANNOT GET OVER IT. If you didn’t know and have been living under a rock, then you wouldn’t know that this film is shot as if all in ONE take. It isn’t technically all one shot, some of it is edited, if I’m not mistaken. But you wouldn’t know where, because the editing is also THAT good. And it’s this technique that ensures we, as the viewer, are on our toes THE ENTIRE TIME.

You just form this instant connection with the characters, which I think is one of its outstanding characteristics. The beauty of the filming technique lies in the fact that you really get up close and personal with the characters. It literally makes you fear for their lives the whole way through. The actors also do a phenomenal job at making us root for them and feel for them. This mixture of the tragedy of the war and their vulnerability just BLOWS MY MIND.

I seriously need to send this film my medical bills because THE ANXIETY DIDN’T STOP. And if you haven’t watched it yet, well please yourself a favour.

(also lmao that this sounded like an essay I’d hand in for my film class, minus all caps)


I don’t know how 2021 is going to look in terms of movies and tv because who knows what’ll happen. But apparently, these are all coming out this year and we could be in for a great year.

I’ve divided this by genre instead of by release date because I don’t think there are enough for each month. And some of the ones on here are a repeat of my 2019 anticipated films list, I believe, due to delays.

Let’s just get into them < 3



Raya & The Last Dragon (4 March 2021): This was on my list last year but it got pushed back. And ugh it still sounds brilliant. All I needed to know was DRAGONS. And just ~feast~ your eyes on the beauty that is this poster. I already know it’s going to break me,,,

Encanto (24 November 2021): who knows, this movie could suck, knowing Disney. And next to nothing has been said about it except this description I found on Wikipedia: “A Colombian girl grows up as the only non-magical member in her family.” Which sounds EXCELLENT. Crossing fingers.

Pinocchio (2021): I’m definitely not your biggest Pinocchio fan but as soon as I saw THAT IT WAS STOP ANIMATION, I SUDDENLY APPEARED. Because yes ma’am, SIGN ME UP.



The Eternals (12 February 2021): I had this film on here last time also, and like I AM PATIENTLY WAITING. It stars Kit Harrington, Robbert Madden AND Angelina Jolie and is literally about immortal beings with superpowers (!!!!!!). This movie was made for me tbh.

Cruella (26 May 2021): We don’t have much info on this and it could be terrible but like Emma Stone is a queen and of course I need to watch it. That is all.

Peter Rabbit 2 ~ The Runaway (28 May 2021): also on the last post and it still hasn’t come out. I was obsessed with the books as a kid and the first movie is just the DEFINITION of ~serotonin~ so yes I would like to watch this. Though James Corden lowkey is the worst oh well.

Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings (9 July 2021): I literally had not known this was a thing until I did the research for this post but !!! Marvel better not mess this up because it sounds brilliant. Like THAT TITLE HELLO. Hopefully, it’s as amazing as it sounds.

Untitled Spider-Man 3 / Home Run (2021): this could literally not even happen but I mean of course I’m excited regardless. I cried during Far From Home. If this does come out in 2021, well you can pray for me.


To All The Boys 3 ~ Always & Forever (12 February 2021): Netflix had NO RIGHT SNEAKILY DROPPING THAT TRAILER ON ME. The audacity tbh. I WAS NOT PREPARED. But I SO READY OMG. Don’t want this to be the final film but also ready for smiles. I’ll also be feeling very lonely on Valentines oh well. Thanks, Lana Condor.

Moxie (3 March 2021): no I have not read the book (though I’ve been needing to) but yes I did see the trailer and think “I recognise this from somewhere”. Lmao literally forgot this movie was happening. And though I’m not over the moon excited, and actually very wary because Netflix can be a failure when they try to combat world issues, I am willing to give it a try. I hope it’s not some “woke” film because,,, just no, I would literally gag.

Chaos Walking (5 March 2021): oof the number of delays this movie has gone through is INSANE. I still haven’t read the book whoops, but like I’m excited about this film nonetheless. We love Tom Holland and Daisy Ridley in this household. I’m predictable, peace out.

Dune (1 October 2021): again, haven’t read the book and not sure if I ever will but HELLO ZENDAYA AND TIMOTHÉE CHALAMET I COULD SCREAM. And also Jason Momoa and Oscar Isaac!! From all the screencaps I’ve seen, it looks phenomenal and I am READY.

The Nightingale (22 December 2021): sorry, I just have to repeat myself because I also haven’t read this one. Though I really want to as I LOVE historical fiction. This movie may not even come out this year but it stars Elle AND Dakota Fanning, playing sisters. I especially love historical fiction films, so I’m very excited.


Shameless 11 (6 December 2020-): No, I am not stupid this time and yes, I am aware that this season started airing last year already. But like the episodes are airing SO SLOWLY and I wanted an excuse to talk about my fave. Hi, if you didn’t know I am OBSESSED with the romantic pairing that is Ian and Mickey, aka Gallavich. I would jump in front of a bus for them and that is not an exaggeration. I haven’t been obsessed with the past few episodes and Showtime is kinda homophobic if we’re being honest but I’m still EXCITED! And scared because this is the end send help,,,

Locked Down (14 January 2021): I did not know this movie existed until just now, nor that it was already out. Ahahah. But I read the title and was curious?? I’m a huge Anne Hathaway fan so I guess we’ll see. I think it’s a romantic comedy about quarantine?? Could be a trainwreck but could also be golden.

Shadow & Bone (23 April 2021): Is it universal that we’re ALL ETERNALLY SCREAMING ABOUT THE RECENT NEWS. I think I can make that bold statement. Did you SEE the posters?? And the teaser trailer?? I NEED THIS SHOW INJECTED INTO MY BLOODSTREAM. Ah, I literally cannot wait. I can’t speak for the S&B part, though I HAVE to read them before April, but I can CRY OVER KAZ, INEJ AND JESPER!!!! This day shall be my funeral and the saying “no mourners, no funerals” shall be on my tombstone.

Infinite (28 May 2021): I think this is also technically a book-to-movie adaptation but oh well. I didn’t know about it but it stars Dylan O’Brien and it deals with schizophrenia?? I hope that it is done well but I’m intrigued…

Don’t Look Up (2021): I HOPE this one comes out this year because I NEED IT IN MY LIFE. I had no idea it existed but it stars not only Jennifer Lawrence and Leonardo DiCaprio, but also Timothée Chalamet and Cate Blanchett. So HELLO, I LOVE all of them. I believe it’s going to release on Netlfix and it appears to be a political satire and it involves these two astronomers who have to warn the earth of an impending comet!!!!! I could scream, that sounds SO GOOD.

Umbrella Academy 3 (2021): this could also not happen but hopefully it does *crosses fingers*. I finally got around to watching this show last year and oof WHAT A GRAND TIME. I even did a fun lil post about it if you’d like to check that out, click here. Anyways, THAT CLIFFHANGER. Oof NEED to know what happens next.

Stranger Things 4 (2021): this might not even happen but I do know that they’re filming right now and of course it’s on HERE I AM SO READY I COULD JUMP OFF A CLIFF. Yes, that was dramatic but come on, it’s Stranger Things. Do you even know me??? Also we do know some things and like *screams into eternity* !!!!!!

And that’s it for today, my friends.

I hope you liked it and that it wasn’t too confusing.

Here’s to the hopefully great year of 2021 things out this year. I’m ~tentatively~ excited.






  • Sara @ Words With Wings

    RUBY!!!! i have been mia forever (forgive me !!!!) but i have been binge-reading & catching up on your posts, so get ready for a shower of comments 😌

    i love this post so much?? recently i’ve gotten into watching english films (like i’ve always watched them and i live in america so i don’t mean that i’ve *just* gotten into them. but just that i never cared about them unless they were disney/pixar before and watched more bollywood movies lmao!) anyways i needed recs so this post SAVED MY LIFE and i cannot wait to watch 1917!!

  • BernadetteMichael

    1917 was AMAZING. I wasn’t sure if I would like the “one shot” look but it MADE that movie.

    (also, if you want another war move that never let’s the anxiety stop, Dunkirk is sooooo good)

  • Lais @ The Bookish Skies

    ugh 2020 really was a tragedy for movie releases. apart from enola holmes, i also watched wonder woman 1984 and unlike the critics, i actually loved it. but those were probably the only 2020 releases i watched all year, so not a lot to compare to, hahah.

    i also DO NOT understand people who didn’t like the ps i still love you movie. it was the one i was the most hyped for since it is my favorite book from the trilogy, and even though my favorite scene from the book was not in the movie, i still loved it! i love how they kept so many of the asian references and even john ambrose was more likable in the movies. likewise, this story has a big importance in my life. i remember when the first one came out so vividly, i can’t remember we’ll have always & forever lara jean in just two days now!

  • juli

    They we didn’t get many movie releases in 2020 is so sad but also not because I wouldn’t have watched most of them. Last year I just wasn’t motivated at all and ended up not watching much of anything.
    As a film student, I was looking very closely to find the editing on 1917 and despite seeing it twice I just couldn’t tell you where it was cut. It’s so good!

  • White Rose Stories

    Ah, so many great films and series I can add to my list! 🥺 You always have the best recommendations! I’ve not been in a mood to watch anything lately as I’ve been more in a reading mood but will definitely check some of these out soon ✨

  • Marta @ of waves and pages

    The Lara Jean movies are always amazing!! And OMG I re-watched The Princess Diaries so many times, it’s truly my comfort movie (both the first and second, actually hahaha). <3 And I didn't know there were so many amazing movies coming out this year, I'm so excited now!! Thank you for the list, Ruby 😀

    • Ruby Rae Reads

      Ah Marta, thank you so much for stopping by. Catching up on all the comments as you can see oops.

      Anyways, RIGHT THEY’RE SO GREAT!! I have since watched the latest one and might have died. And I also just ADORE The Princess Diaries omggg. I didn’t get a chance to talk about it but after my rewatch last year, I just HAD to add to to my all-time faves list!!! *insert all the heart eyes*

      Hopefully this year is going to full of great movies xoxox

    • Ruby Rae Reads

      See? Catching up on all the comments today oops. Glad to see you again hehehe

      OMG RIGHT IT IS SO GOOD!!!! Really need to rewatch it actually. Thank you for stopping by Stephen <3<3

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