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2022 READING AND BLOGGING RECAP // last year in review ft books read, 2023 reading challenge, even more social media stats and pie charts galore!!!

Hi hello and happy 2023 friends!!! Eeeep guess this is my first post of the year which is rare for me to be so on time with this. But we love the energy!!!

I’m a tad behind on my fave books of the year post but that should be coming in the next few days, so please feast your eyes on the stats in the meantime.

Let’s get to it xoxo


I’m posting this to Instagram as well because why not? Hence my stunning graphics which I’m obsessed with so I hope you appreciate them *sighs*

Me? Self-obsessed? Definitely not…

Anyways, I’m happy with my 2022 reading but we’re on the third day of the year now and you’d think I’d have all the goals. But I honestly want to go with no expectations this year. I hit my reading goal of 50 books and I’m going to up it by 5 because of that, but 2023 shall remain goal-less. Speaking of reading goals, I apparently read fewer pages than my previous reading year, which is odd since I read 2 extra books??? Oh well. 

2022 turned out well overall I think, but I have a lot of unknowns this year and I just want to take it as we go. So no 2023 tbr, I barely touch them anyways and I will read those books regardless. So leaving those out this time, but I do have stats!!!

That one audiobook is lowkey embarrassing so I guess there’s a smol goal for you, but overall this is alright. I don’t want to lower the ebook number since I read anticipated eARCS in that format but I also need to up the number of the physical books for sure <3<3

I also saw someone do this on IG and I thought it was such a cool idea to look back at my most active months. Not surprised that July and November are the highest since those were my vacation months. Just interesting hehe

Lmao like 1% less romance than last year which is good??? idk but we love to see the spike in fantasy books!!! Tis great going back to my roots. Collectively it’s like 22% of my reading which is stunning if I say so myself. Clapping myself on the back here.

Not in a self-obsessed way. Obviously.

Couldn’t tell you why I combined these, I think because less numbers? But in case it’s confusing, the labels are on the vertical sides of the charts. Anyways, in 2021 I read 50% adult titles so look at me go by decreasing that by 20% and also reading 10% middle grade. No idea what the new adult titles are but those also increased which is great since I am a… new adult (let’s not talk about how I turned 21 okay!!!!!!)

Decades aren’t as interesting this year however I definitely read more 2020s releases apparently. And only one older book which was A Room of One’s Own by Virginia Woolf for class lol

My 5 stars went up by like 10% which is cool and this girl has really been trying not to be a star rating snob. Also, cool that the 4 stars are tied with the 5s.

And luckily nothing under 3 stars, which is also the lowest percentage of the bunch so in conclusion: I read some good books.

Ha love that for me


The one graphic I didn’t feel like designing myself so hey nostalgic green headers over here ; )

Anyways, these are kind of not important but still fun to know. Whilst Bad Reputation is very accurate since this book felt L-O-N-G, so long I shelved it twice as it’s ~technically~ 2 books and she dragged at the end. But The Layover is definitely wrong and not one page long, but I will yell about every single Emily Henry book so ofc I had to review it hahahaha.

I’m sneaky like that,,,

This is also lowkey very funny since these numbers are so opposite one another with a whopping 800 page difference, but fun number I guess?

And finally for the reading stats, we have least versus most popular books, which is quite a good overview of books I read this year. One is a book I FINALLY READ AND I’M SO HAPPY. The other is one that needs more hype and definitely more than 0 people to read. Also, a book that pushed me back into my fantasy era love it!!!!


Switching up a bit this year and chatting all online platforms (mostly) but that technically falls under blogging and I also don’t know how else to label so just go with it.

I added more stats this year too, so I’m not sure how to exactly compare but I posted more on thee blog in 2022? Only a couple more but still. Definitely more reviews haha. Though my tags (ha mid year freak out as the only one) and movies and tv stayed the same. Though I didn’t get around to a 2021 faves so actually that post is dedicated to a show review GO ME!!!

Oh apparently my average word count per post is 1 487 words which is pretty cool? WordPress updated and I’m too lazy to figure out where the other stats are so that’s all you’re getting.

Since this is new, it was very interesting to look at all of my posts and I’m surprised that features got the most? Those were essentially just me talking about a book I had not read yet.

Also, looking at the total number (ha coincidence they’re exactly the same but I did double-check) but I did more or less a post a week. Of course, that is not true since I took a couple of breaks but I made up for the inactivity at least. I’m nothing but generous folks *wink wink*

I love that aesthetics and vlogs are tied together since that’s literally all I post on TikTok and has become such a passion of mine!!!!

Putting these all side by side so you don’t see the zeroes

Haha no, I thought it’d be interesting to also compare platform activity per month which is actually all over the place. February, March, September and October were pretty much meh across the board. Makes sense since I was going through mental health stuff at the beginning of 2022 and I wrapped up my degree at the end of year so ha bye posting.

But I made up by posting lots in June and July, as well as a lot in November on Bookstagram and the blog.

And that’s it for stats!

2022 GOALS

As I mentioned, I’m basically setting no goals this year. I have Honours coming up with uni and other things happening probably. So I want to take this year day by day and see how everything goes. I want to do what makes me happy mostly? Sounds corny but it’s true.

Tentatively, I’d like to listen to more audiobooks, keep up with anticipated releases a tad more and tackle my physical shelves but those are always goals so it’s not the end of the world if I don’t reach those.

I’m setting the reading challenge to 55 but if I start falling behind, I’ll lower it. No shame in that folks! I have actually read 3 books already as of literally today before I upload this post so I haven’t added them yet.

But look at me go!!! Starting the year strong YAYYYYYY!!!!!

And that’s it. Very short today actually. I put more effort into the graphics oops.

But here’s to a fruitful 2023 and I’m sending you all the love!!!

And keep your eyes peeled for my 2022 faves *smirks*



  • Emily

    Happy new year! Good on you for not adhering to any strict goals come 2023. Doing so I think makes reading a chore a lot of times, when it should be fun! I love how you read a one page book this year. That is so awesome. I think the shortest book I read was twenty pages?? But I read a lot of comics which are short and sweet also.

    • Ruby Rae Reads

      Happy New Year Emily!!! Hope it works to have very few goals haha, fingers crossed.

      Gosh I do think goodreads was inaccurate with that page but it’s also funny. Thanks for stopping by xxx

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