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MY FAVOURITE BOOKS OF 2022 // top 15 books of the year in an unorganised order

Ahhh it’s my favourite time of the belated year. Let’s ignore that minor detail and focus on the positives today folks. I’m only a week late so not too shameful.

I,,, my list is stunning this year but I’ve also yelled about a lot of them already so you probably know what books I’ll be talking about. Also yes I am aware Chloe Gong is not on this list and there are two reasons for that: 1) I got busy this year and 2) my mental health is not prepared haha. Not even an exaggeration, that book will give me a heart attack. Prepare for all of her books to be on the 2023 list *wink wink*

Oops, Taylor Jenkins Reid has also not made an appearance but can you guess? I’m behind. Yep.

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I’m doing it slightly differently this year because I’m indecisive with the usual honourable mentions list so I’m putting them all together and we’ll rank near the end. Idk just roll with it *hides*

Shall we just get started? Indeed.

TOP 15 BOOKS OF 2022:

(in semi order)

Every Summer After by Carley Fortune

I swear the list is not all romance but I did want to just put in my two cents on this one because I really enjoyed this debut. I loved the setting and the dialogue and the really intense character dynamics that tug at your heartstrings. Perfect dual timeline narrative also! Full of angst and tension and summer vibes and I’m honestly just a sheep lmao

But you should read if you also saw it online because it’s good *wink wink*

A Room of One’s Own by Virginia Woolf

This one’s for you professor. Lmao no because my essay actually didn’t go as planned. We make self-deprecating jokes on this blog if you’re new here.

Alright, as I went through my reads of the year, I snagged on this one because it was just such an enjoyable university reading experience for me. I tabbed the hell out of that book because the commentary Virginia Woolf makes is so so spot on and I thought it was an excellent classic: short but packs a big punch.

I don’t need to sell Woolf to you but I highly recommend if you want to get into feminist literature and I’m excited to read her other work!

Love On The Brain by Ali Hazelwood

I don’t care that you all didn’t like this one, I thought she was better than The Love Hypothesis and You’ve Got Mail vibes always win *sighs*

No but seriously. I thought TLH lacked male character development and I also didn’t love the third act very much. So in my opinion this book righted all of those wrongs. Loved Levi. Stunning ending. Witty writing. What more could you want?

If you’re looking for an adult romance to devour, go ahead and read this one xxx

Blog review here

Heart of Iron by Ashley Poston

I read quite a few books from this author and you’ll hear about why in just a second but ugh so glad that I finally got around to this book *insert space heart eyes*

I’ve had this on my shelf for ages and as a huge fan of Anastasia, I’ve always wanted to get around to it. And honestly, I don’t understand the bad reviews because I had so much fun with this duology. This series really is just a space adventure with all of the best elements from Anastasia and I thought it was superb. If you’re looking for a series to devour that’s fast-paced, set in space with TWO adorable romances, then this is perfect.

Series review here

A Thousand Miles by Bridget Morrissey

This was a spur-of-the-moment read that I had heard next to nothing about so who would’ve predicted this would be a new favourite romance? Couldn’t be me.

Really surprised at how this book ticked every one of my competitive boxes and it was stunning. Second chance romance? Check. Childhood friends reconnecting? Check. Stunning chemistry? Check. Discussions to pull on the heartstrings? YES YES YES.

It’s got everything and I so recommend xoxoxo

Tash Hearts Tolstoy by Kathryn Ormsbee

It’s the way I’ve forgotten how many books I read this year that I’d been meaning to. Love that for me.

Anyways, I started this years ago and had an inkling I would love and my gut is always right. This YA contemporary did everything I wanted it to do and more people need to read it. It’s about a girl obsessed with Leo Tolstoy who directs a web series that goes viral overnight and !!!! It’s about friendship, fandom love and coming to terms with your sexuality and really you need to read. Its discussion on asexuality is just wowowow and I loved it to shreds.

Twice Shy by Sarah Hogle

Ms Hogle stole my first read of the year and also my heart!!!!

This book is just the definition of cosy and it absolutely melted me. Her writing is just top notch effortlessly funny and literally my favourite. These characters were sweethearts. This setting was magical.

Run to the bookstore to read because I guarantee it’ll be great.

*insert heart eyes*

The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern

Guess who FINALLY read this dang book? Yeah me. Only took me a year oops.

I don’t have much else new to say about this masterpiece that has not already been said but this circus arrived in my heart without warning and I’ll be forever in awe. Idk who gave Ms Erin Morgenstern the right to write such beautiful words but she whacked me over the head honestly.

Truly truly stunning and I urge you to read this faster than I did,,,

Two Wrongs Make A Right by Chloe Liese

I knew she would come for me and come for me she did UGH I LOVE CHLOE LIESE!!!!!

I’ve some talk on this book but really not enough because it’s so good and you would EAT THIS UP!!! It’s a Shakespeare retelling with fake dating opposites attract and these two main characters are,,,, OMG I ADORE THEM. Why are we sleeping on this book?

It really hits so please just drop everything and read *cries*

Blog review here

Today Tonight Tomorrow by Rachel Lynn Solomon

Yeah, I remember how shocked I was and love that she’s still up here. Before I yell, I want to also mention that I read See You Yesterday which I LOVED too but they’re the same genre so I thought no. But honourable mention for you.

Anyways, got back into YA and this book had everything I love and you definitely need to read. We love academic rivals falling in love with Jewish representation and sex positivity *sighs*

Blog review here


These are hardly in order but are definitely stands out for 2022 so there you go

5) You Have A Match by Emma Lord

Took me far too long to read and I should never have doubted Ms Emma Lord. Won’t make that mistake again.

This is a YA contemporary with everything I love. It’s about a teen who finds out she has a secret sister and goes away to summer camp to get to know her. It’s got friends-to-lovers romance, witty writing and great discussions on family READ IT PLEASE!!!

Blog review here

4) The Dead Romantics by Ashley Poston

Told you we’d talk about Ashley again aka my new favourite author for writing this genius book. SO genius I sometimes wish I could have written it but alas.

I always describe it as kind of whacky? It’s literally about a ghostwriter who can see ghosts, her dad passes away and she returns to her hometown to find her new editor as a ghost. And it’s brilliant. My heart literally came out of my chest I was so in love and this book is just my perfect book, I love it to death!!!! You’re truly missing out if you haven’t read *sobs*

Blog review here

3) Alex, Approximately by Jenn Bennett

I mean are you surprised? I talk about this book non-stop because I’m obsessed.

I was in heaven when I read this book and that’s not an exaggeration. Nothing will beat my reading experience with this beautiful YA contemporary right here. It’s literally perfect and I will continue to shove it down everyone’s throats. This is a You’ve Got Mail retelling about movie geeks that chat online and very much dislike each other in real life and !!!!! Literally couldn’t ask for more. It’s also sex-positive and the romance made me giggle on basically every page. Also deals with parental relations and trauma and just drop everything you’re doing right now!!!!

Blog review here

2) A Lady For A Duke by Alexis Hall

I’m just as shocked as you are about this one but this book is always on my mind and I’m still obsessed so here we are.

This is literally a historical romance. I know. Crazy. Who would’ve thought I’d love? Bridgerton and Emma maybe had something to do with it. But anyways, this book was like the biggest hug and it touched every single part of my heart at how stunning it was.

The writing was brilliant, the setting was transportive and the romance was a punch in the gut. In a good way obviously. It’s childhood friends to lovers with a trans main character and they were literally everything. DID I MENTION THE YEARNING????? BECAUSE WOW *CHEFS KISS*

I just,,, review coming so I can scream about this but I NEED MORE PEOPLE TO READ SO WE CAN TALK!!!!!!

1) Book Lovers by Emily Henry

Honestly don’t know if this is actually my favourite of the year but my brain is saying it belongs here so you’ll have to trust me.

As we all know, I adore Emily Henry. She can do no wrong. Everything she writes makes me cry. As did this book, which was filled to the brim with everything I love. She held my heart in her hand and squeezed real hard. Nora’s pain was my pain, Charlie was too stunning for this world, the sister relationship hits very hard and I don’t have to even say anything about the writing. We all know it’s amazing.

Truly a showstopper and I loved it. As expected.

Blog review here

I do apologise if this was more unorganised than usual but that’s the outlook for 2023 and is all I’ve got for today. Tried to keep it short since I’ve got reviews up already. New for me hehe.

My list is amazing but makes no sense really lmao. Oh well.

Wishing you all a wonderful 2023 filled with new favourite books <3<3<3<3<3



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