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JUNE RECAP // back on the blogging game ft. some new fave reads, a book event but nothing much really oops

Doing pretty well with these recaps lately. Aren’t you proud? It would be mean if you weren’t, just sayin’

Anyways, not much to waffle about so we’ll just jump right in!

Happy Place by Emily Henry {★★★★★}: thank the heavens I got off my butt and actually read this freaking book. I thank you all for your endless patience on waiting like 6 months for me to review this. I’ve done a whole review already so go read that for more in-depth thoughts. But I will say shame on the Internet for making me doubt Ms Henry for a hot minute because I was scared for a second. But that was not necessary because she was as good as I needed her to be and I want to cry on the floor at how good this freaking book was omg!!! I love you Viking Books & Penguin SA, ty for my gifted copies!

Something More by Jackie Khalileah {★★★☆☆}: sad she was exactly what I wanted but still recommend if you’re looking for a fun debut YA romance with some stunning autism rep. Big thanks to Colored Pages Tours & Tundra Books for the eARC! GR review right over here xo

The Seven Year Slip by Ashley Poston {★★★★★}: another almost scare there because the reviews are pretty average. But idk maybe you’re all in bad places because this book was absolutely everything and I want to cry in a hole. Again, got a whole review up already so I’ll you over there because my heart was in a chokehold the whole way through this book which was as wonderful as it sounds. Gosh, I love Ashley Poston. HIGHLY recommend this one!!!!! Huge thanks to Berkley for having me on the blog tour <3<3<3

Thank you to Penguin Random House SA for sending these two my way:

  • The Witches of Hogsback by Sally Partridge
  • The Sun and The Star by Mark Oshiro & Rick Riordan

Big thanks to NB Publishers for having me at the launch and for the review copy of:

  • A Soft Landing by Wisani Mushwana

Bought myself:

  • The Penguin Book of English Short Stories, edited by Christopher Dolley
  • Winnie the Pooh by A.A. Milne ~ Hungarian edition

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Lots of comfort rewatches this month ngl. I restarted my Lord of The Rings marathon but with the extended editions. This means I’m halfway through the second one and have been too scared to finish for like 2 weeks lmao. So yell at me to finish them if you want.

I also saw some fun rom-com types, which were all sweet, including but not limited to TiMer, The Good Year, The Last Holiday, How To Deal and Uptown Girls. Had never seen these before and they were a fun time *sighs*

The most exciting is probably No Hard Feelings aka the new Jennifer Lawrence film which was also a GREAT time. I’ll be obsessed with anything she’s in and I LOVE having my mother back on screen again UGH SHES SO GOOD IM IN LOVE <3<3<3<3<3

I think that’s it hahahaha

Oh, wait. HAPPY PRIDE FRIENDS!!! My moods got away from me this month so I didn’t get around to watching or reading anything queer, but that’s so okay because we should be doing that all year round. Which I shall. But I wanted to mention it here because I have been in the mood to rewatch Maurice and Love Simon lately, which is going to happen soon. Ugh faves *insert heart eyes*

I think I mentioned in the last recap that I just finished the semester in early June. Time is a myth these days hahah. I haven’t been doing much on that front lately. But as of today, as I post this, I need to get to work on research for my dissertation. Holding myself accountable folks. Yell at me if I don’t do it.

But other than that, not much to report. I did go to the book launch earlier this month. And the cinema I think only once haha. I’ve been hanging out at home mostly. Boring stuff.

But I hope you’ve all been well? Sending lots of love!!!!!!



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