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INTERVIEW WITH AUTHOR CHLOE LIESE // chatting to romance author extraordinaire aka all things Bergman Brothers & Wilmot Sisters series ft. stunning new covers, bookish playlists and what’s next


What the heck I can’t believe who I get to speak to and I am so honoured to have the wonderful Chloe Liese here today aka the marvellous author of the Bergman Brothers series AND the Wilmot Sisters!!!!!

I have teamed up with the wonderful Berkley team to share the new Bergman covers that I want to cry about for the rest of eternity,,,

Look at them!!!!

And lemme send you to a couple of reviews I’ve done

Anyway, without further ado, let’s get into it <3<3<3<3


Hi hello, Chloe! Before we get started, I wanted to give a big thank you for being here today and a congratulations on the release of not one but TWO releases this year aka If Only You and Better Hate Than Never! They both stole my heart and I am so ready for everyone to love them with me. Without further ado, I have some nosy questions.

First up, can you tell us a little about yourself: hobbies, favourite foods, where you are, how are you? As well as a little about your latest wonderful book out in the world!


I’m a city-living, mid-thirties gal. Virgo, Type A, mom of two, cat and dog lover. I’m neurodivergent and have chronic health issues who loves being cozied up at home with a good book, but I also love to spend time taking walks outside, playing soccer when my body allows it, and cooking a nice meal with my partner. I’m doing well, though I’ve been very busy this year with Berkley preparing to re-release the Bergman Brothers series with new covers and bonus dual point of view epilogues, drafting Viggo’s (the final Bergman Brothers) book, and drafting the last book in the Wilmot Sisters Series, which will continue the series after Better Hate than Never, which is out now!

Better Hate than Never is a reimagining of Shakespeare’s The Taming of the Shrew, a childhood enemies to lovers romance between Kate and Christopher; it’s full of sizzling tension, snarky banter, and lots of longing. I always prioritize underrepresented human realities in my romance and this book is no exception: Kate has ADHD and is demisexual; Christopher suffers from chronic migraines.

What was the best part about writing the latest Bergman book? Did you notice anything different in comparison to the previous books?


Writing If Only You (the penultimate Bergman Book which came out earlier this year) was such a joy because I finally got to be in Ziggy’s head, and she’s been such a special, endearing character to write. I loved writing her journey to more fully embracing her voice, her confidence and presence, and advocating for herself so she could feel seen and respected the way she so deeply ached to be.

How did you first get into writing? Was there a book you read? When did you know you wanted to be an author?


I started writing romance because I loved the genre, but I was struggling with how rarely real human experiences and conditions were featured in these stories. I wanted to read romances where folks with chronic conditions, disabilities, mental health struggles, who were neurodivergent were positively, authentically represented and shown and affirmed as capable of having the rich, joyful, meaningful journeys and happily ever afters I personally know that they do have in real life.

What has the Wilmot sisters publishing process been like? How did you come up with the Shakespeare idea and then get it to Berkley? How’s book three going? Can you walk us through everything?


Publishing the Wilmots has been a fun, engaging challenge. Writing reimaginings takes a particular level of intention and thoughtfulness to meaningfully engage the source text while retelling it for a modern audience, and I’ve really enjoyed that challenge! I love Shakespeare, and I know a lot of Austen retellings are already out there, so Shakespeare retellings seemed like a natural fit and a fresh idea to pitch to publishers. Book three is going well—I’m enjoying the bittersweet satisfaction of winding down a story world and I’m really loving my main characters, Will and Juliet.

Speaking of Berkley, the Bergmans have just been picked up with some stunning new cover designs, and I wanted to know how that started? Were you querying them? Have you done anything to this published version? What has this whole process been like?


I was not querying them—I received interest from publishing houses in acquiring them, and Berkley ended up being our best fit. The updated versions include bonus epilogues with dual point of view, and feature new covers that I think are really lovely while also tying well into the original cover designs’ themes and color palettes.

What was your first favourite romance book, or one that has stuck out to you over the years?


I can’t honestly remember what was my first favorite romance book, but a book that I don’t think I’ll ever forget for how incredibly written it is and its touching, tender, witty storytelling is Talia Hibbert’s Get a Life, Chloe Brown. I cannot recommend that book enough. It is gorgeously crafted, and I have reread it multiple times.

Who has been your hardest character to write across all of your books? And then who is the easiest?


I can’t say there’s been one character that’s harder than another; each time I write and craft a character, I dig into something in my life, my identity, concepts, feelings, issues I’m wrestling with and care about, so there’s always something vulnerable and challenging (in the best way) about writing my characters!

I haven’t found any particular character easiest to write. They’ve all been compelling, delightful personalities to craft and develop, each in their own way.

If you could transport Ziggy and Sebastian, and then Kate and Christopher, into any rom com (book and/or movie), where would they go?


Kate and Christopher would definitely belong in 10 Things I Hate About You. I’m not sure there’s a specific move I’d transport Ziggy and Sebastian, but probably some historical romance/period piece about a reprobate rake and a shy but feisty bluestocking.

What are some of your absolute favourite songs you’ve featured in the iconic playlists in all of your books?


I really couldn’t pick a favorite! I love every song on my playlist, and I love finding the perfect song to tie to a chapter. From the last two books, though, I’d say for If Only You’s playlist, I have a special place in my heart for Rhianne’s cover of Somewhere Only We Know and for Better Hate than Never’s playlist, Vitamin String Quartet’s cover of Summertime Sadness.

Most of the Bergman siblings play soccer and I know you’ve mentioned your history with the sport, so I was curious about what position you played and if you had anything else to share about that?


I’ve played basically all positions but goalie and I’d say I enjoy a center midfielder or striker position most. These days I play on a competitive women’s league that’s a blast, and I love kicking the ball around with my family and enjoying impromptu scrimmages.

How do you feel about the Bergman series almost coming to a close? Do you have anything to tease about our loveable Viggo’s upcoming book? Same for what I can only assume is Jules’ book? What’s happening for you next year with the conclusions of two series?


As much as I’ll miss my Bergmans, I feel like it’s the natural, albeit bittersweet, time to bring the series to an end. This family has been such a joy to write, but I feel at peace that I’ve given them all stories that honor their characters and the beautiful complexity and joy of this big, messy family. I can’t share much about Viggo or Juliet’s books, just that I hope they both feel like really satisfying conclusions to two series I’ve loved crafting, and that I have truly cherished writing these fresh, sexy, heartfelt stories that I can’t wait for you to read!

And that’s all I have to ask. Those are my dying, burning questions that I hoped were not too nosy. Thank you so much for being here today and for taking the time to answer these! Big congrats on the release of If Only You, the 6th instalment in the Bergman Brothers series and the latest Better Hate Than Never, book two in the Wilmot Sisters series. These two bad boys are OUT NOW <3<3<3

Chloe writes romances reflecting her belief that everyone deserves a love story. Her stories pack a punch of heat, heart, and humor, and often feature characters who are neurodivergent like herself. When not dreaming up her next book, Chloe spends her time wandering in nature, playing soccer, and most happily at home with her family and mischievous cats.


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