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2023 READING, WATCHING & BLOGGING RECAP // last year in review ft reading stats, content posted, movies i watched, pie charts galore & launching my substack!!!

Anonymous caller: Hello? It’s 2023 calling. She wants her stats sent over.

Me: No problem, here you go.

Hope you enjoyed my little improv back there. As you can tell, I am an actress. Also ACTING like it’s not a week into the new year and I’m only now getting to the stats (and yearly faves next up shhhh).

Folks, I was writing my thesis all of November and I was tired okay,,, So hence the lateness. Take it as a reward that I’m combining all the stats this time around even though it’s due to laziness. Anyways, yup, we’re recapping everything I read, watched AND all the content I posted in one post. Let’s dive in!


What do you mean my goal was lowered from 55 to 50 books on the 29th of December? I think you’re imagining things man,,, #ihavenoshame

It was the year of graphic novels AND equal amounts YA and adult. Also a lot of friends-to-lovers, and whilst the bar is lower than the others, also a fair amount of second-chance romance. Was living my best life tbh.

For proof of Kay Claire and Chloe Gong, see below:

Read mostly really great books, which we love. Unfortunately for the physical TBR, they were all new releases I read on my Kindle so my bigger-than-life TBR suffered. Not sure how to fix this problem. Any suggestions? I’m being serious.

I read quite a bit of fantasy apparently? I think they were mostly graphic novels but hey, I ain’t questioning that. Not sure how page length affects that *shrugs*

Finally, I think January deserves a moment of appreciation for being THE reading month. I started my degree in February so it went downhill from there,,,



Speaker: And I wanted to thank Letterboxd for the beautiful graphic. Sorry for cropping you out of this gorg photo *winks*

I thought counting 50 books was hard. Jokes on me because going through almost 150 films on Letterboxd was equivalent to torture some may say. But look at the variation in my ratings!!! So diverse right? I can be critical.

For those who struggle with sums (aka me), my calculator tells me that 259 is also equal to 10.8 days and just to scare you, 15 540 minutes. In my defense, I’m a film student so a portion of that time was spent in class *flips hair*

See why we love Letterboxd? For some reason, these two stats tickle an inch in my brain. I am far too lazy to figure out most watched days and weeks but these graphs did something for me that I didn’t know I needed. I’m available for hire FYI! Sidenote, not going to find out about the day, but I can show you all the films I saw in a single week:

Also really interesting to compare the monthly watching numbers. No idea what I was doing in May. And I watched a shiz ton in July *cough* Barbenheimer *cough*. We’re also ignoring September. Definitely not procrastinating my thesis month. No idea where that idea is coming from,,,,,

You can’t say my taste is limited now, can you?! As I was going through all 140 films, I noticed a few things:

  1. I watched a few of the exact same movie more than once in 2024 alone
  2. I went through various moods

Okay, that list is short but I thought it was interesting.

Is it evident that I watched Hunger Games a lot?




I heard something about Letterboxd bringing shows to their platform in 2024 and I hope this is true because I don’t really track those. But I somehow remembered the small number of shows I did watch and made a smol graphic. I’m ranking all of them in my next blog post so hold out for those. They were all pretty great though!

Once again, for the gals who don’t do math, my calculator tells me that 72 hours is the equivalent of 3 days (obviously) and also 4 320 minutes.


As you may have noticed, the content was few and far between in 2023. I went out a lot this year and was spending my time socially and academically for the better part of the year. I also moved, which affects my photo taking and it now requires more work to go to a location. Therefore blog and grid photos took a lot for me to put together BUT I was active in video form aka on Reels and TikTok. Mostly since I was documenting when I went out to the cinema and book events etc oops

I just like to reflect on what I posted most really, so this bit is kinda boring this year.

2024 GOALS

I’m keeping this section short and sweet because I sincerely have no expectations for the year. Haven’t received grades yet and I’m also looking for jobs. So it’s a year of unknown.

But I have some small goals!!!


Not sure how it will go since I want to go into book publishing and idk how many manuscripts I’ll be working on. My sub-goal is to read more carefully, which I mostly did last year so I’m just going to continue on with that. The only deviation from that is to go to the physical TBR,,,


I was on Tiktok the other day, as one is, and someone mentioned staying academically stimulated after graduation which is something that really resonated with me. I have a friend continuing studies so I’ll still stay in touch with academia that way. But what I would like to stay learning in 2024… if that makes sense? It’s a rather small goal but I want to squeeze in some of the non-fiction that is on my shelf and maybe some articles here and there. Should be fun.


Mostly self-explanatory as I’m begging around for anybody to give me a chance. Hopefully this includes me reading all the books and a bit of freelance content creation. Maybe you’ll see more of maybe, maybe the same amount, who can say?


We have a real logo now - On Substack

I’m not going anywhere but I thought it’d be fun to start using my Substack for anyone who uses that platform to read posts. I’ll mostly be using it to repost my posts here but perhaps you’ll get some exclusive content? Not sure yet


And those are the goals, here’s to 2024!!! Sending you all love and light and stunning books <3<3<3



  • tasya @ the literary huntress

    What a fun opening, I love it! Also I need to start using my Letterboxd more since that is such a cute graphic! I hope they do bring shows to the platform, as I watch more shows than movie 😀

    Love all your stats, especially the green color! I think you did amazing, especially with starting your degree and writing your thesis 😀 I’ve yet to watch Barbie so I’m definitely late to the train, but everyone seems to love it and they definitely have THE marketing of the year!

  • Kristina

    Woah lots of recap! I do love the trope stat though, that’s awesome!

    As Ive read alot of nonfiction last year as part of broadening my genres, I’ve just gave myself the goal to read more of those this year! And going for a redo for 40, as I failed by a bit last year

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