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    INTERVIEW WITH AUTHOR CHLOE GONG // chatting to author of These Violent Delights (aka my fave book of 2020) on release day!!

    Hello there friends! Today is a special day as THESE VIOLENT DELIGHTS BY CHLOE GONG is OUT NOW. I read this one a month or so ago via eARC (big thanks to Hodder via Netgalley) and have,,, still not recovered. I adore it so much and I need EVERYBODY to go and read it. And I also need you to suffer with me as we wait for the sequel welp. I’m also so very fortunate to have author Chloe Gong as a guest today and she so graciously answered some questions about her debut. Which is so exciting and I’m so excited to have her!! Let’s just jump right in.…

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    A THOUSAND PERFECT NOTES // author interview with C.G. Drews ft. mini book review

    I’m literally the worst person I know please don’t kill me for disappearing again. Okay now that that’s out of the way. I actually finally read this book and IT WAS GLORIOUS. And I may or may not have begged Cait to answer some of my weird-ass questions and she kindly obliged. Now granted I read this book like 3 weeks ago so the review will be short but hopefully the glory of Cait will make up for that. Anyways, without further ado, let’s get into it. First of all, let me tell ya a teensy weensy bit about Cait. She runs the blog Paper Fury which you all probably…

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    Hi there everyone, Penny Joelson is the author of the YA novel I HAVE NO SECRETS, which is a mystery thriller that you should totally check out. Here is a link to her website http://www.pennyjoelson.co.uk/ I have a review for this book – click here. I’ve had the great privilege to ask her some questions. I highly recommend you go and read this book. Penny is such a lovely person and I really loved speaking to her. I hope you enjoy! *There are a few mild spoilers ahead* Where did this story start and develop? What was your inspiration? I had the idea of writing a thriller in which the person…

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