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    MINI MOVIE REVIEWS // Greatest Showman, Paddington & more

    Why is the ratio been movies and reading so drastic? This is my cry for help to pick up a book. I went into a mini crisis and didn’t feel like reading anything for week one of March and then when I did want to read I couldn’t because of I had to study… it’s a hard life. Anyways, I’ve seen a couple movies recently and really want to talk about them so here we are. Paddington 2 I was so excited for this omg. Loads were saying how cute it was and I couldn’t wait. I love Paddington so much, especially the audiobooks we had and this movie was…

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    My Most Anticipated Movies & TV Shows Of The Year

    So yeah this is late but I thought it’d be fun anyway because ya’ll know I love my movies and tv.  There’s also so much good stuff coming out this year and I’m PUMPED! Also, I LOVE BOOKS OKAY! But I also love me some good tv, pizza and popcorn so of course I have an unhealthy  list that I need to get to this year. Don’t judge me TV SHOWS Riverdale: I have to admit that although this show isn’t amazing, it is very entertaining and I always look forward to it every week. It’s not explicitly said that it’ll be back this year but there’s a good chance.…

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    Voldemort Origins Of The Heir // review, likes and dislikes

    [Disclaimer: I watched this for my own pleasure and am giving my honest thoughts because of my love for Harry Potter. All opinions are my own and I am in NO way criticising the work put into this film] To those of you who don’t know Voldemort Origins Of The Heir is a fanmade movie that has had some buzz going around since the trailer dropped (click here for the link). It was produced by Tryangle Films and all the other details are in the description of the movie which is available on YouTube As soon as the trailer dropped, man was I patiently waiting for this to come. I…

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