• Monthly Recaps

    SEPTEMBER RECAP // start of spring, I actually read books (one good, one bad) & other shenanigans

    I’m calling it, I would now REALLY like 2020 to end. Okay no, there is ONE saving grace and it was a book. We are all shocked. Anyways, I apologise for,,, not posting for a month. I know I am a terrible person. I intended to, but I just never got around to sitting down and drafting new content. I didn’t read all that much and was also just busy with university work. Actually had intended to have this up like a week ago but ah assignments. I had an assignment due this morning so,,, fun times. Let us get dive right into what happened in September. Oh, also happy…

  • Monthly Recaps

    APRIL RECAP // I read 11 books and may have watched a new show so I must be a new person

    Yes, that is the best clickbait title I have ever come up with. Hi hello, this is me, yet again, trying and of course, heavily failing, to be on time with recaps. Emphasis on failing. I also didn’t have any other posts planned and it was about time I uploaded a recap. So here we are today. I have a very eventful thought process I know. I guess just welcome to my chaotic brain?? I should stop now? Let’s just get into the many books I read. Meet Me At Midnight by Jessica Pennington {★★★★☆}: er my gosh did I super duper love this book. It was just so much…

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