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    TWELVE DAYS OF CHRISTMAS BOOK TAG // yet another tag but there’s books ft. pretty fanart & recent reads

    Here is my formal apology for doing like 5000 book tags recently. I’m just uncreative atm. But also MERRY CHRISTMAS EVE (to those who celebrate). Jk. ACTUALLY, I wanted to do at least ONE Christmas-y post because it’s my favourite season/holiday and since I don’t have like ANY book recs, I was just FORCED to do this one #sorrynotsorry I’m a boring, repetitive potato. This is not new information okay. Also, I first saw Cait do this tag so she’s the one to thank over here for always being the best!! It was originally created by Ashley though. Aka, yes I was not tagged, as per usual. Anyways, enough blabbering…

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    THE PANCAKE BOOK TAG // i’m now hungry ft. beautiful books and mind-blowing reads

    Hello there food-loving friends idk why I said that, please ignore I do not know why I thought this tag was a good idea because it’s making me VERY hungry. Well done Ruby. Great stuff. Also, I do realise that this’ll be the second tag in a row and I sincerely apologise for being extremely unorganised. I was working on this other post but it got frustrating and I literally wanted to pull my hair out. So instead you’re getting this lovely tag ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I saw Caitlin Althea and a few other people do this tag and it seemed fun. I don’t think I’ve been tagged but I wanted to…

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    STRANGER THINGS BOOK TAG // i should’ve done this tag ages ago ft. basically all of my favourite books

    Hi yes hello if you’re new here then you probably don’t know that I am obsessed with Stranger Things. And I basically find any and every excuse to talk about it. You’ve been warned. Also yes I am working on a season 3 review (which is very late but OH WELL). I have done a post about both season 1 and 2 if you’d like to take a look, you can click here. It is quite old though and you’ll probably cringe so uh, enter at your own risk. I need to find the strength to write this post but I promise it is coming. As soon as my exams…

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