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    THE ANTHROPOCENE REVIEWED BY JOHN GREEN // spoiler-free book review: new to non-fiction but this collection of essays on obscure topics was top-notch!!

    Didn’t know I’d be living in a world where John Green has written a book of essays about the state of the planet but I’m truly not mad about it. Honestly, this book was just such an experience, an enjoyable one at that, and we love to see it. I have no idea what I’m saying throughout this entire review, apologies in advance, so without further ado, let’s just get into the rambling! *hides* Title: The Anthropocene Reviewed: Essays on A Human-Centered PlanetAuthor: John GreenPage count: 304Date published: 18 May 2021Genre: Adult non-fiction ✎ Synopsis: The Anthropocene is the current geological age, in which human activity has profoundly shaped the…

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    OCTOBER RECAP // essay mania but at least I discovered some new all time fave books and movies

    I AM FREE FROM THE SHACKLES OF ESSAYS AND IT FEELS SO GOOOODDDDD Ugh anyways I did disappear again, so this post is late (as usual) but hey least all of my reads last month were 5 stars *wink wink* Let us just get into it! — The Love That Split The World by Emily Henry {★★★★★}: I declared October Emily Henry month and I’m not mad about it. I finally recovered from my adult romance bender and fell into the beautiful and graceful arms of Emily Henry, who I *was* so behind on but as you can tell, I’ve caught up. Anyways, I did start this at a time…

  • Monthly Recaps

    JUNE RECAP // assignment mania, audiobooks & end of semester

    Hi hello there and how are we doing today? You’re probably bored by the number of times I open recaps with “I’m trying to stay on top of these” but I really am trying. Better than posting midway through the month with a double recap. Anyways, let’s just get started! Act Your Age, Eve Brown by Talia Hibbert {★★★★☆}: Would you believe it if I told you that I actually listened to this book on audio? Because I wouldn’t. I technically read it alongside the ebook, but still! *pats self on the back* Anyways, this book was for sure my favourite of the Brown Sisters series. She was so so…

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