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    MARCH RECAP // graduation, moving, some reading & other chaos

    Quite chuffed with my incredibly inventive title if I do say so myself *wink wink* We all know that I am a comedian by nature. God I need to shut up now. Anyways, back to your irregularly scheduled belated recap, as per usual, due to very obvious reasons in the title. I honestly don’t remember what happened last month, it was all very blurry but I shall try my best to recount it to you. Into the chaos we go! Last Violent Call by Chloe Gong {★★★★★}: I was never prepared for this book and I have read it and am still not prepared. Chloe never misses and this book…

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    MID YEAR BOOK FREAK OUT TAG // 2022 edition ft. lots of new favourites, backlist books & exciting upcoming releases

    Eyyyyy it’s that wonderful (belated) time of the year and here in book world, maybe better than Christmas. I don’t know what I’m saying either, but at least I’m getting this post up (semi) on time. Lmao, imagine this is future Ruby speaking to you because apparently, I’ve deemed this bookish Christmas in July in past tags AND I FORGOT. Ahaha at least I find this funny,,, Anyways, I shall stop babbling and just get into my second favourite post of the year!!! Though please ignore the fact that I’m behind on my reading goal, I am *trying* to catch up but it is a slow process friends. Absolutely love…

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