• Monthly Recaps

    AUGUST RECAP // absolutely no reading except some fanfic & start of second semester

    So um… August sucked. I went back to (online) uni. Second-semester WHOOP WHOOP. Note sarcasm. And eh my mental health has not been so great. It’s better today, up and down I guess. I’m also in a reading slump. Again. Meaning, I did not read anything so I can’t show you a wrap-up. Except… this fanfic. The Ballad of Big Nothing: I,,, watched Flipped again #sorrynotsorry and then went looking for fanfic, as per usual, whenever I watch this. And I stumbled upon this piece of brilliance, which is 7 chapters long and lowkey the best thing ever??? I’m so upset that I can’t add this to Goodreads because it…

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