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    I BINGED THE ILLUMINAE FILES SERIES // obsidio (book three): my emotions exploded just like this book

    Hi hello, welcome to my review I mean keyboard smash of the final book in the Illuminae Files series that I devoured back in March. I did a little thing when I figured out my series review was like over 3k words and have divided them into separate reviews. More content for you yay!! So the other posts are LIVE if you missed those (as I posted them one after the other). ♦ Click on over to those if you’re keen!! ➵ ILLUMINAE BOOK #1 REVIEW ➵ GEMINA BOOK #2 REVIEW ♦ Obsidio was a ROLLERCOASTER and ajakshsgya Told you these reviews would be a keyboard smash welp. Lets’ just…

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    I BINGED THE ILLUMINAE FILES SERIES // gemina (book two): and the epicness continues

    Hi hello you saw the title. You know what’s happening! This was originally going to be a series review, but um that’d be a million years long SO I’m doing a thing where I post a review for each book each day. For three days obviously because there are three books. ♦ If you were interested in reviews for the other books (note if you are reading these as they come out, one of these links won’t be available till tomorrow) ➵ ILLUMINAE BOOK #1 REVIEW ➵ OBISIDIO BOOK #3 REVIEW ♦ Gemina was A ROLLERCOASTER!! Let the screeching commence. Title: Gemina Series: The Illuminae Files #2 Author: Jay Kristoff…

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    I BINGED THE ILLUMINAE FILES SERIES // illuminae (book one): this book destroyed me… send help!

    Yes, I do realise that I read this trilogy back in March and I am only NOW doing this review. I am a terrible person. But oh well. Better late than never amirite?! Anyways, I binged this series while I was away on holiday and as you can tell by the title: THEY DESTROYED ME! And of course, such emotions need their own entire blog post. This review may be a mess when are they ever not one though because I read them so long ago. And also I’m going to try not to spoil future books since I did binge these books back to back. I don’t think I…

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