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    MY FAVOURITE BOOKS OF 2021 // a whopping bizarre top 8 ft. some honourable mentions

    Life is currently a mess and I really wanted to get a lot more end of year posts out this month, but alas, 2021 will just have to close on the messy path it was already on. I have no idea what I’m writing but we’re rolling with it *nervous laughter* Apologies as I did have a fun idea for a Christmas recommendations list, but I just had no motivation to get it done. You’ll have to wait until next year folks. As usual, lowkey doing this post is stressful because I leave it till the very last day of the year JUST IN CASE a new favourite needs to…

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    NOVEMBER RECAP // I turned 20, listened to red tv, watched 2 new fave movies & read 4 books

    Manifesting that Ruby makes time for posts other than recaps and miscellaneous reviews. Honestly slapping myself across the face for it. It’s terrible. I have time but I don’t have it in me to do any of the 100 end of year posts I am usually doing this time of the year,,, Praying that a productivity wave hits me at some point in the near future. Big yikes. I’ll stop talking now though so we can get on with what happened in November. — Sick Kids in Love by Hannah Moskowitz {★★★★☆}: Welp it’s been a second since I read this one as I finished it on the very first…

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