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    I BINGED THE ILLUMINAE FILES SERIES // gemina (book two): and the epicness continues

    Hi hello you saw the title. You know what’s happening! This was originally going to be a series review, but um that’d be a million years long SO I’m doing a thing where I post a review for each book each day. For three days obviously because there are three books. ♦ If you were interested in reviews for the other books (note if you are reading these as they come out, one of these links won’t be available till tomorrow) ➵ ILLUMINAE BOOK #1 REVIEW ➵ OBISIDIO BOOK #3 REVIEW ♦ Gemina was A ROLLERCOASTER!! Let the screeching commence. Title: Gemina Series: The Illuminae Files #2 Author: Jay Kristoff…

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    I BINGED THE ILLUMINAE FILES SERIES // illuminae (book one): this book destroyed me… send help!

    Yes, I do realise that I read this trilogy back in March and I am only NOW doing this review. I am a terrible person. But oh well. Better late than never amirite?! Anyways, I binged this series while I was away on holiday and as you can tell by the title: THEY DESTROYED ME! And of course, such emotions need their own entire blog post. This review may be a mess when are they ever not one though because I read them so long ago. And also I’m going to try not to spoil future books since I did binge these books back to back. I don’t think I…

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