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    MY FAVOURITE BOOKS OF 2022 // top 15 books of the year in an unorganised order

    Ahhh it’s my favourite time of the belated year. Let’s ignore that minor detail and focus on the positives today folks. I’m only a week late so not too shameful. I,,, my list is stunning this year but I’ve also yelled about a lot of them already so you probably know what books I’ll be talking about. Also yes I am aware Chloe Gong is not on this list and there are two reasons for that: 1) I got busy this year and 2) my mental health is not prepared haha. Not even an exaggeration, that book will give me a heart attack. Prepare for all of her books to…

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    JUNE RECAP // some stunning reads and that’s about it because i’m on vacation

    Making baby steps and improving by a couple months with this recap. Let’s not talk about the last time, it’s too sad. In reality not much happened last month, though in my head it feels like a lot, which is a werid conundrum and I’m talking rubbish, so let’s just jump right in xoxo — — Tash Hearts Tolstoy by Kathryn Ormsbee {★★★★★}: Thank the high heavens that I FINALLY READ THIS DANG BOOK!!!! Took me about a bajillion years. I have been excited about this book for the longest time and eeeep am I glad it lived up to my high expectations. I’m in my YA era and I…

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