• Monthly Recaps

    JULY RECAP // movie theatre mania aka going to barbenheimer, publisher events, back to school & cute reads

    Quite chuffed with myself for being mostly on time with these lately. Who knows if it’ll stick because I have a big fat deadline at the end of August. You have been warned of my potential upcoming hibernation. Let me stop freaking us all out (lmao) and jump right in! — Nothing More To Tell by Karen M McManus {★★★½☆}:I FINALLY picked up this one and ugh Ms McManus always manages to sweep me away with a great time. Unfortunately, this was not my favourite of hers, I usually tend to love her characters but they weren’t my fave in this one. But the cold case was fun and I…

  • Movies,  TV Shows

    2021 & 2022 FILM RECAP // wrapping up all the fave movies and shows, 2022 stats and anticipated 2023 film & tv releases

    I just need to thank you all for your patience and hopefully still caring about these kinds of posts even though I’m more than fashionably late. At least it’s not April aka a time I’ve definitely never posted so late *nervous laughter* Anyways, I have quite a lot to cover today, so I’m keeping it as short as possible. Same as last year, we’ve also got anticipated 2023 releases. As well as an additional section for stats which I’m now obsessed with doing!!! I’m putting three posts into one here folks so I guess grab some popcorn and a beverage of choice because this could take a while. Let’s jump…

  • Monthly Recaps

    JUNE RECAP // some stunning reads and that’s about it because i’m on vacation

    Making baby steps and improving by a couple months with this recap. Let’s not talk about the last time, it’s too sad. In reality not much happened last month, though in my head it feels like a lot, which is a werid conundrum and I’m talking rubbish, so let’s just jump right in xoxo — — Tash Hearts Tolstoy by Kathryn Ormsbee {★★★★★}: Thank the high heavens that I FINALLY READ THIS DANG BOOK!!!! Took me about a bajillion years. I have been excited about this book for the longest time and eeeep am I glad it lived up to my high expectations. I’m in my YA era and I…

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