• Monthly Recaps

    JULY RECAP // tons of reading, vacation bliss, st4 broke me & back to uni ft. some new fave books

    I read a lot of books. Like a lot. And it feels so good. Are you proud of me? I’m also fairly on time with this. Double proud. God, I’m conceited and I’m talking too much about myself. This is my blog, but not the Ruby show. I need to get it together. Anyways, let’s just get into this recap!!! — — See You Yesterday by Rachel Lynn Solomon {★★★★★}: I was actually really nervous going into this as I’d seen some average reviews, but I’m absolutely here for college contemporaries and time-loop tales. It’s a great time. This book was just pure escapism and I loved every second. I…

  • Monthly Recaps

    OCTOBER RECAP // essay mania but at least I discovered some new all time fave books and movies

    I AM FREE FROM THE SHACKLES OF ESSAYS AND IT FEELS SO GOOOODDDDD Ugh anyways I did disappear again, so this post is late (as usual) but hey least all of my reads last month were 5 stars *wink wink* Let us just get into it! — The Love That Split The World by Emily Henry {★★★★★}: I declared October Emily Henry month and I’m not mad about it. I finally recovered from my adult romance bender and fell into the beautiful and graceful arms of Emily Henry, who I *was* so behind on but as you can tell, I’ve caught up. Anyways, I did start this at a time…

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