LOVE, SIMON // movie review ft. me gushing about the adorable-ness

I finally got to see and I’m dying inside. This movie man! It was so GOOD AND I LOVED IT. I had some issues but it was perfection otherwise. The characters are exactly how they should be and ahh just so good! I’ve seen it twice and am definetly going to see it on the big screen.


  1. The representation
  2. The characters are amazing
  3. The pop culture references are awesome
  4. The casts’ smiles are everything
  5. It’s just great and needs to be seen

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To those who don’t know what this movie is about well let me brief you: Simon is gay but hasn’t come out yet. He starts anonomously emailing another gay boy at his school until someone finds them and blackmails him.
The movie stays really close to the book. All the best scenes are in it and it’s a great adaptation and everything you’d want from the book.


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I took notes the second time around so have quite a bit to talk about!!
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  • Emily (mom): Jennifer Garner is amazing and she played the role so well, I loved it!
  • Jack (dad): Also amazing!
  • Nick: I was never a huge fan of him in the first place but I liked him?
  • Martin: I hate him with a burning passion and I truly want to strangle him!
  • Nora: I love Nora so much! She was adorable and I loved her baking and she’s just the best sister!
  • Abby: After reading Upside and watching the movie, I just really love Abby now. I think the actress did a great job!
  • Bram: He’s adorable and I love him!
  • Leah: I actually really loved her in the movie. She annoyed me in the book but she was cast so well and I really loved her.
  • Simon: HE IS SO PERFECT OMG! I just love Simon (hah my puns are truly on point)

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Since I took notes this may be a bit incoherent but bear with me, please!!

Let’s just start off with Simon’s room! And his books! There was Upside and Adam Silvera which is just amazing. His room is perfect. You know this movie is good when I gush about his room!
I loved the family dynamic. The relationship between the four of them was awesome and so well done. I didn’t like that Alice wasn’t in the movie because she and Simon had such a cool thing but I can get over that. Jennifer’s speech at the end had me in tears, she deserves an award for it! She’s just amazing in general. Nora is also awesome although I didn’t get why she started crying at the end? Simon’s dad was a bit weird but that’s how it’s supposed to be and the actor did a great job. Also, omg when he calls Simon for the anniversary video and Simon like gives him shade, that’s just so FUNNY!
I hate Martin!!!! He’s the WORST. The actor gets that spot on. He was in Before I Fall and I loved him in that but as Martin, he’s SO HATEABLE. I loved when Simon swore at him in the end, I was waiting for someone to tell him because HE DESERVED IT! And at the ferris wheel, arghhh SO ANNOYING.
Leah is awesome in this movie. I loved Katherine Langford as her. She was spot on and exactly what I would imagine her as. I didn’t like the change where she made her in love with Simon because that kind of ruins their relationship but it all turned out okay. Leah stands up for him with the video at the ferris wheel scene which is awesome!
Nick and Abby were also cool. I love how Abby gives Simon dating advise and their relationship is great. I didn’t like how Simon sabotaged Abby and Nick’s relationship because book Simon would never do that and really didn’t like how his friend acted toward him at the end.
Bram is THE BEST. His smile warms my heart. The “can I have some fries” scene is adorable. He’s just perfection. They kind of changed how he got hold of Bram at the end. I’m not sure if I like that Simon posted on Creekwood’s Secrets? I loved what he wrote but I feel he’s an introvert and maybe wouldn’t do that? But also its great that he did as well so not sure about that. The ferris wheel scene is perfect, but everyone standing there made it awkward which is why I’m not sure if I like Simon’s post. I had this huge smile on my face when Bram showed though ahhhh he’s the best!!!!! I love when Ms Albright stands up for Simon too.
I loved Simon so much. The actor was perfect! I have to admit I may have been scared but it was all for nothing. He does Simon so well. I do wonder why his email was different? It’s a minor change but still weird? I felt so bad when he got that confirmation email because like shame. Also is it just me or did I picture Bieber as a golden retriever? I don’t remember what dog he was. A small thing I loved was when Simon was making up to Leah and he’s jogging and she says “you’re going to pass out” and thats ME okay!! I love how Simon was inspiring everyone. His Whitney Houston sequence was everything I can’t even, I’m dying. The car songs!! The ending scene was also just everything I needed!

This movie is just perfection and I love it so much.



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  • ioana @dragonwaffles

    I read the book legit back in 2015 so i didn’t remember much (I STARTED REREADING AND YUP ITS STILL SUPER CUTEEEEE) but I loved the movie!! It’s just!!! The dancing scene in college? THAT WAS SO ME OMG I RELATED! THE SET OF SIMON’S ROOM WAS PEFECTION! he had a Hamilton playbill and yup that right there is a sign the director understands the character 😂. And the “I like you boots” had me dying because lol Simon what a disaster gay you are…pfttTTTTTT. And the guy that plays Bram is the cutest thing he’s adorable and i just apreciate how wholesome everybody in this movie is!
    I disliked the ferris wheel though because THERE WERE SO MANY PEOPLE. and nope. nopeee nopity nope nope no nuuh. Any amount of people is too many people and they were watching and ugh. I preferred it in the book because they were alone 😅.

  • Ilsen Leon

    Ok the details are a little murky because last time I watched this was when it premiered in March but I did love it. I do agree that Simon is more of an introvert so I like the intimacy better in the book. Leah liking Simon was my least favorite change ever. Like that was just for petty drama like ew gross. And Simon sabotaging Nick and Abby’s relationship is not something Simon would do. When Nora was crying, I was crying because the minute he was revealed I was bawling. The mom’s and dad’s speech made me cry and it was so beautiful. I liked Nick but I don’t know he was kinda in the background. I liked Abby’s dating advice as well. My friend and I really wanted Alice in the movie so we were a little mad about that. Also we wanted the family tradition of going through Facebook and picking out the lives of the people who go through their feed. That was such a fun thing to do. Martin is terrible so he did a good job of making me hate him. It was a good movie. It still had the essence of it and made me smile. Also the principal was really annoying. I wish they had just left regular moments to make it funny and not just add a character solely for comic relief. But I still like this movie. I need to rewatch it.

    • Ruby

      Yes I agree with everything you said. I disliked a few of the changes BUT it still felt like the book and it was a solid adaptation. Nick was just kinda just there? Leah was awesome and I missed Alice. Anyways, such a great movie

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